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This is PART 3 of “Mrs. Taylor (THE MILF). To all the new readers, feel free to go back and start from the beginning! Thanks for rating my series so far!!
PART 3: The Double-Penetration Vacation

SUMMARY: Luke buys Violet a round trip airfare to Cancun Mexico with him and his friends. They are enjoying their vacation living the resort life. Luke and Violet have sex again. His best friend, Jacob, walks in on them two. Instead of being embarrassed by the surprise presence of Jacob, Luke and Violet let him stay and watch. However, Jacob gets to do more than just watch. Violet is going to enjoy being double teamed by Luke and Jacob.

We landed in Cancun. Me and Violet walk through the airport and get through immigration customs and all that TSA bullshit. When we reach the hotel at the resort, we are greeted by Jacob. He's my best friend and the reason I'm even on this trip.
"Hey Luke!" He approaches me with a high five and a bro hug.
"What’s GOOD my dude!!" We catch up quickly and then I introduce him to Mrs. Taylor.
"This is Violet. She's a close friend of mine. My neighbor actually. I invited her to come along and relax with us." Jacob was cool with that. I could tell by the smirk and the way he stares at her that he's perfectly ok that I brought her along.
"Nice to meet you Violet," Jacob says to her while he gives her a warm friendly handshake and smile.
"It's great to meet you too. Luke has told me a lot about you," she exclaims. He laughs and helps us with our luggage to the lobby of the hotel.

We both check in and head to our room. When we get to the room, I open the door. A fresh smell of tropical fruits and soap greets us. It's that nice hotel smell that I love walking into that tells me I'm on vacation. Our room is joint connected to Jacob's room.
"What a great room we have Luke." Mrs. Taylor walks around getting a good feel of our quarters for the next week. I point to the window. We walk right to it and look out. We were both amazed. We were on the fourth floor of the hotel. We had an ocean view. The coast looked beautiful with the clear ocean and the palm trees that surround the coast line, and a SPECTACULAR sunset on the water!
"I could look at this view forever," Violet says. I agree with her. I then turn around and look at our beds. Or bed, I should say.
"Hey uh Violet...when I brought you along with me, it was last minute. So I couldn't get us a two-bed room." She looks at the bed and just shrugs.
"It's fine Luke. We can work it out. I don't mind sharing a bed." I liked hearing that. Sleeping with Mrs. Taylor is going to be great. I hope she wants to have sex again. It’s been a long day. We are both really tired from all the traveling and we end up going to sleep shortly after.

The next day, we met up with Jacob and some of our fraternity friends on the beach. The other guys that came with me and Jacob were from our fraternity back in Cali. They are Ethan, Greg, and Tim.

I sat on a beach recliner drinking some beer with my buddies. Mrs. Taylor decided to go into the water and enjoy herself. She's wearing a teal bikini with a small bra that makes her boobs look bigger. I could tell my friends were turned on by Violet.
"Dude your neighbor has a nice ass," Jacob tells me.
"I could stare at that woman all day long bro," Ethan says. I just smile with pride.
"You bang her yet dude?" Tim asks me.
"Hoping I can bro. Maybe I will. Who knows?"
I wasn't going to tell them that I already fucked Violet. Twice! I don't need anyone pressuring me into sharing her. If she knew I told them we had sex, I probably won't stand a chance of getting laid again.
Violet took a nice swim in the ocean and then joined me and my friends by the sand.
"You boys should all go in. The water is amazing!" We all looked at Violet who sits down in her recliner enjoying the view of the beach.
"Maybe later. We're all just here relaxing and enjoying the view," I tell her.
And a view it was. As we sat there, a group of incredibly sexy college girls walk down the beach and set up a volleyball net. They look over at us and see me and my friends staring at them.
"You guys wanna play volleyball?" All the guys look at each other.
"We’re up for it!" Greg replies to the girls. The girls giggle and finish setting up.

There were four girls. Each of them looked to be early twenties or late teens. All of them were wearing Florida State t-shirts and bikinis.

"What are you guys waiting for? Lets go!" Greg stands up and joins the girls. Tim, Jacob, and Ethan all stand up. Jacob turns back at me.
"Aren't you coming Luke?" I looked at the set up. There was already an even number of players.
"You guys play. I'll watch. I'll play next round." Jacob just shrugs and walks to the volleyball net.

Violet looks at me. "You can play with them you know. I'm fine here just relaxing." I reply to her. "Yeah but I would have made it an odd number. They're fine playing four on four." She looks at me and grins. "If you want to play I can join you know." I tell her it's fine and to just enjoy the view. We end up chilling on the beach for the entire afternoon.

I wake up. I ended up taking a nap. I look to my left and see the net and the volley ball. Nobody was there. I guess they left without me. I look next to me. Violet is napping. I can't help but look down at her ass. The way she fell asleep on her side, her butt is facing me. I start to get hard but I stand up before I get a full erection. I wake her up.
"Psst...Violet." She wakes up and stares at me.
"How long was I out?" I tell her about an hour. I tell her it's early evening and that we should get ready to head back to the hotel to change and get ready for dinner. We grab our stuff and head out.

When we arrive to our room, Violet tells me she's going to shower. I lay down in my room and text Jacob. "Where you guys go?" I wait for a response. While I wait I hear the running water. I'm horny again and all I can think about is fucking Mrs. Taylor again. I get a response. "Went to the pool with the chicks sorry we left your sleeping ass behind lol. You’re welcomed to join us." I text him back with a no thanks and tell him I'll see him at dinner. With that, I put my phone down. I pull my pants down and my cock is rock hard. I start to stroke myself slowly, thinking about Violet. I hear the water stop running. I keep stroking myself thinking I still have time to have an orgasm while Violet dries herself off and does her make up.
What I fail to realize is that Violet left her make-up bag on the edge of her night stand. I hear the bathroom door open.
"Luke can you pass me my-Oh my!" It was too late. Violet saw my huge erection. I didn't even have time to hide it.
"Oh uh...sorry Violet. Didn't realize you were done so quickly."
Violet just sighed loudly and walked to her side of the bed.
"Don't be sorry Luke. I can't tell you how horny I am too. Especially after the orgasm you gave me yesterday." Hearing this, I laugh.
"So uhh...dinner isn't for another hour. Can we satisfy each other again until then?" Violet just grins and takes off her bath robe, revealing her entire naked body to me. I stand up and take off the rest of my clothes. I walk over to Violet and bring her in for a kiss. We kiss and feel each others bodies. Violet pulls away.
"Lay down," she tells me. I do as instructed and lay on the bed. Violet grabs my cock and strokes me slowly. She then starts to deep throat, taking my cock down her mouth as far as she could go before choking. I just moan as Mrs. Taylor continues to suck my dick. I feel an orgasm coming. I pull myself up. Violet looks up at me confused why we stopped.
"69," I say. Violet grins and sits up and turns herself around on me. She puts her pussy in my face. After her shower, she smelled fresh of lavender and vanilla. It was an arousing moment. I dig into her pussy as she strokes and sucks my cock in front. My nose is deep in her as I eat her cunt out licking the folds all around her vaginal walls.
"Mmmm..mmm...right there baby...fuck that feels great...yessss!"
Violet lets out groans and grunts of pleasure as I eat her out. I start to taste her juices in my mouth flowing down my chin as my tongue lashes in and out and around Mrs. Taylor's vagina.
Violet releases her orgasm into my mouth as I continue to eat her out. In the process of that, I take two fingers and soak them in her pussy juice. I then slowly insert them into her ass and finger her butt slowly. I had plans for anal with her again. I love fucking Mrs. Taylor in the pussy but I'm a big time butt fucker. I needed my dick in her ass again. Violet groans as I eat her out and enjoys the sensation of her ass being finger fucked.
"Yes Luke...lick my puss...yes eat me out! I love your fingers in my ass baby...mmmmmm...yeah baby...mmm."
I then release my face from her pussy. My tongue needed a break from the epic oral I was giving Violet. I kept my fingers going though. In and out of her ass. I was picking up the pace as Violet sucked me harder while furiously grunting. I feel my orgasm coming hard and without warning, explode into Violet's mouth.
"Ohhhh Shiiiiit!"
Violet strokes me hard until ever last drip of my jizz is swallowed.
"That was great Luke! Your oral skills are phenomenal!"
I smile and thank her. I'm still fingering her ass at this point which leads Violet to asking me a question.
"So I'm guessing you want to take me in the ass now huh?"
I reply. "I really do."
Violet pulls up and lays down on her back on the bed. She then reaches into her hand bag on her nightstand. She grabs a bottle of lube and pours a handful and runs it around her asshole.
"I figured I'd bring some lube. I knew that we were going to have a ton of sex out here."
I laugh and take some of the lube myself and rub it on my dick. We were ready.
Violet lays down on the edge of the bed and spreads her legs up high. I rub my dick up and down her ass entrance and then begin my way into her tight ass.
"Mmmmm...fuck!!! Oh my Godddd!!"
Violet screams with pleasure as I keep going further into her butt. Today she's unusually tight. As her ass wraps around my dick, Violet moans and grins at me.
"You gonna fuck my tight ass baby?" I grunt enjoying this super tight moment (literally).
"Yeah baby. I'm gonna fuck dat ass real good!"
When I'm fully jammed in her ass, I start to push in and out. Slowly at first then I pick up the rate in no time. I'm enjoying the pace as I fuck Violet's ass roughly. She moans as I shake the bed violently, rapidly pushing in and out of her ass.
“Yes Luke!!! Oh my God!! Fuck my tight assssss!!!!" As we fuck, I hear a door creak open. From my side view I see a figure standing still gazing at us. I quickly pull out of Violet and turn towards the figure. It was Jacob! He was standing in the doorway that connected both our rooms.
"Oh shit Jacob!" Violet shrieks and covers her naked body with the blankets.
Jacob freaks out.
"Shit! Luke, Violet! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to barge in on you like this! I just came to check in on you both because no one was answering back to my texts!"
Jacob turns around awkwardly getting ready to close the door. But then Violet calls out to him.
"Wait Jacob." He turns around and looks at us.
She stands up and looks at him. "Umm...I don't want to make this awkward but your welcomed to sit and watch us." I look at Violet, giving her a bizarre look.
Jacob stutters and clearly he's as shocked as I am.
"Uhh...thanks...er...I uhh...I don't think I ya...this is too awkward." Violet walks up to Jacob and closes the door.
"Sit and watch Jacob. I know you've been checking me out since I got here. Watch me fuck your best friend."
Jacob just sits down in a chair. He gave up trying to leave. I could tell though that he was excited to watch. He looked at me and smirked, giving me a "you lucky son of a bitch" grin.
I personally didn't know what to think of it. The fact that my best friend walked in on me and the hottest MILF I know having sex, and that she lets him stay to watch us continue.
Violet grabs my dick. "Fuck my pussy now." I do as told and line my cock with her vaginal entrance. I slowly insert my character into her and start thrusting. In and out. In and out. Faster and faster.
"Yeah baby. Fuck this cunt. Fuck this tight pussy of mine! Oh yeah Luke! Oh shiiiiitt!!! Fuck meeee!!" I grab her boobs as we fuck like wild animals. As I fuck Violet, I turn to look at Jacob. He has his hands down his pants rubbing himself. He was obviously aroused and turned on. His erection made it clear.
"Fuck me Luke!" I was pounding Mrs. Taylor's pussy as hard and deep as I could. The dirty talk, sounds of our bodies slamming against each other, and the tightness of Violet was too overwhelming for me. I felt a rush of an orgasm approaching.
"Violet I'm going to cum," I tell her pounding her furiously.
She's too caught up in the ecstasy to even care.
"Cum in me Luke! Piss in me for all I FUCKIN CARE!! Do whatever you waaaaaannttt!!!"
That was all I needed to hear to lose it.
I grab her tits as they bounce all over the place as we fuck, for support. I felt the rush coming up. I started to slow down the thrusting. Then I came.
"Ohhhh shit Violet!!"
She screams in shock and with pleasure as my loads shot deep into her womb. The noise of her moaning and the squishy sounds of my juices exploding in her were enough to keep me hard. I wasn't finished with Violet just yet. She was not done with me either. As soon as my orgasm subsided, my cock slipped out of her pussy. I collapsed on top of Violet exhausted.
"Fuck that was amazing!"
Violet just stared at the ceiling trying to regain her breath. She started to giggle.
"That was the most intense round of sex we've had yet Luke!"
I pull myself up and look over at Jacob. He stands up and looks at us.
"That was amazing! I got super hard watching you two." He rubs himself and stares at Violet. Violet stands up and walks over to him.
"You want some attention don't you?" She brings Jacob in for a kiss.
I'm shocked and a little jealous that she was getting close with someone else but me. But I quickly came to realize that if their was anyone who should be jealous and concerned, it's her husband. Violet has cheated on him big time with me. The worst part is that I don't even feel guilty at all. In fact, I couldn't give a single fuck about fucking this goddess. The way I see it, I'm just keeping her pussy warmed up and ready for the hot sex to come when he reunites with her.
Violet breaks the kiss and looks at both of us.
"Ok boys I can't tell you how horny I am right now! My menstrual cycle starts next week and I need to have all the best hot sex I can get! I want double the fun you hear me?!?"
I was stunned. Looking over at Jacob I could tell he was the same. I was the first to ask.
"Violet...are you suggesting DP? You want both of us to fuck you at the same time?"
Violet just grins. "That's exactly what I want. I want two big fat cocks in me! My ass and my pussy both need a good fucking right now!!!"
Jacob just stares at her for a second then starts to strip down. Violet turns to me and grabs my cock.
"I want this cock first in my ass. Then switch. Got that Luke?"
I sorda nod, still hesitant about a DP with my best friend. Violet then reached in and grabs me. She kisses me. Hard. My lust finally kicks in, and I kiss Violet back hard. It's a sloppy dirty kiss. My tongue deep in her mouth. Her lips smacking against my mouth all over. Eventually she's licking my lips and my face. Yeah, we were pretty much like animals right then and there. I pull away when I see Jacob sitting on the bed in his boxers.
Violet glances over at him.
"You ready Jake?"
He nods and grins. Violet walks up to him and pulls off his boxers, revealing his full hard erection. His dick was big! He was a little longer than me but I was so much thicker. Violet just giggles and gets started on his aching hard cock.
I sit down next to Mrs. Taylor and rub her clit. I reach down into her ass and start fingering her butt hole again. This time, I use four fingers. Violet just moans while sucking Jacob. Jacob looks at me with this goofy grin. I roll my eyes and quickly focus on Violet's ass. Not for nothing, but to me, a DP with two guys and one girl is a little gay. Yeah I know it's not technically gay until we both have intercourse together...which is a sickening thought. The fact that both of us are so close to each other naked and that our dicks are going to be VERY close to each other, one in her front yard, the other in her backyard, is just a little uncomfortable for me. I snap myself out of it and forget about it. Especially when I'm about to fuck Violet AGAIN hard in the ass.
I hear Jacob grunting. When he throws his head back and let's out a huge sigh of relief, I knew he reached his orgasm. Violet continues to suck him as I finger her ass. I then finger her anus as hard as I can, making Violet scream but her voice is muffled with Jacob's dick in her mouth. She then let's go of his cock as she grunts. "Yeahhhhhh Luke! Finger that asssss!!" I finger her ass until she cums. Her juices flow onto the bed. She catches her breath.
"Ok boys. I'm ready for a good deep fucking. Now this is how it's going to go. Luke your going to lay down on the edge of the bed. I will face forward. You're going to fuck my ass while Jacob, you will put your legs over Luke's and fuck my pussy. Understand?"
We both awkwardly go into our positions. I lay down on the bed. Violet grabs my dick and positions it with her ass hole. When I'm in her ass, she sits down on my cock. I spread my legs wide so Jacob has space to get into Violet's pussy.
Once I'm totally up in her ass, and Jacob is able to insert his dick into her pussy, we try to find a rhythm together to stay at and fuck her. Finally after a few awkward minutes, we both start fucking Violet. Me, up and down her ass. Jacob, in and out of her pussy. Violet was going ballistic screaming and moaning with intense pleasure.
"Fuck me boys!! Yes oh shiiiit!!! Fuck my ass. Cream that pussy!!!!! Fuuuuuuck!!!"
Violet just kept shouting and talking dirty to both of us. I was having a blast! I've never felt so horny in my life! Here I was, with my best friend. Both of us fucking this Goddess! I knew I wasn't going to last long. I pounded Violet's tight ass while Jacob was on top of me ramming her pussy. He was going at it! He was fast and just kept picking up the pace in and out of her pussy. He was grunting and laughing from the pleasure.
"You like this bitch huh? You like it when me and my best friend fuck you like a little slut?!?"
Violet through all the riding and fucking groaned.
"Yeah babes. Fuck me! Pound me hard! Deep!!! I need it!!!"
We both continue to fuck Violet as hard as we can until Jacob pulls out. It takes me a couple seconds to register this as I thrust up and down deep into Violet's ass. I eventually stop and look over.
"What's up?" I ask him.
He strokes his cock.
"I want some of dat ass now. Let's switch so I can fuck her ass now."
Violet moans. "You want some of my ass baby? Here come and fuck my ass." Violet bends over and opens her asshole wide.
"Fuck yeah that's what I'm talking about!" Jacob jumps onto Violet and without any issues, rams all of his nine inch of cock into her ass.
Violet doesn't even scream. She just groans and giggles.
"That feels so great baby. Fuck me Jacob! Fuck my tight ass!"
Jacob just groans. "This feels so much better than pussy!!" I laugh. I sit and watch. I needed a break from all the sex! I just had some epic orgasms in the period of less than an hour! I was worn out! I just sat and watched Jacob fuck Mrs. Taylor while I gained my strength back for the next round of Violet's DP session coming up.
Jacob kept fucking Violet, with no sign of an orgasm coming anytime soon. She moaned as he thrusted in and out of her ass. He slapped her ass as he pumped faster and faster. He was fucking her with such force that her tits were flying all over the place and her big ass jiggled.
"Yeeeeesss!! Oh God Yessss! Fuck my ass Jacob! Fuck this big butt of mine! Faster!!! Yaaasss!!"
Jacob grunted as he pounded her as hard as he could.
He eventually stopped and pulled out.
"Ok Luke. Round two. I get ass, you get pussy." I nod and get ready.
Violet gets up and looks at us.
"Now I say we change positions. Luke you’re going to sit down on the couch instead," Violet tells me pointing me over to the couch by the window in our room.
"You sit down, I'll get on top of you. I'm going to ride you cowgirl style while Jacob, you stand behind me and fuck my ass from behind."
Once again we get into our positions, but not as awkward this time. I sit down on the couch. Violet comes over to me and gets on top of me. When she's in, she stays put on my cock.
"Jacob before you get ready, I want you both to know that for this round, I want you both to cum in me! Jacob cum in my ass and Luke in my pussy."
We were both thrilled to hear that.
With that being said, Jacob inserts his cock into Violet's ass. Then we take off.
Violet rides my cock while Jacob fucks her ass from behind. I’m just enjoying the sensation, as I thrust up and down into Violet.
"Yeah!!! Fuck me boys!!! Cream me!!! I want to taste both of your semen!!! Yeah fuck me!!"
At this point, Jacob isn't going to last much longer. He grabs her thighs and fucks Violet as deep and hard as he can.
"I'm going to cum Violet!!!" he screams as he fucks her hard.
Violet just screams for him to cum in her ass. Without any warning, Jacob screams.
"FUUUUUUUCK!!!" He came. Hard! Violet screams too in unison as he shoots his loads up her ass. When his orgasm subsides, he pulls out of Violet exhausted.
"Luke, I'm still waiting for some cum in my pussy," Violet tells me.
I then take control and pull Violet against me as my cock bounces up and down her pussy. She moans as I fuck her as hard as I can, feeling an orgasm coming very fast!
"Oh shit Violet! Here I go!!!!" I slam deep into Violet's pussy one last time as my spunk goes deep into her vagina. Violet screams from the intensity of my orgasm. Her orgasm hits hard at the same time. Her juices squirt all over me. I'm loving this moment. I wait until my dick shrinks to stand up.
When I stand, Violet gets down on the floor. She spreads her legs wide and smiles.
"This is for your boys!"
She pushes her pussy and ass out. Jacob's spunk comes first, squirting out of her ass like a faucet, with some remains dripping down her asshole. Next is my spunk. Violet has to stick a finger in her for my cum to squirt out. Eventually my jizz drips out of her vagina down her ass.
I take my finger and take the jizz from her butt and pussy. I make her lick it all up.
"Mmmmm...so yummy! Here's a taste baby." Violet kisses me and spits into my mouth. She does the same to Jacob. Damn, she really is a dirty slut!
Violet thanks both of us for the amazing experience and rushes to the bathroom. Probably needed to take a shit after all the intense anal. Jacob slaps my back.
"Bro...that shit was AWESOME!" We are both still standing naked.
"I know dude! I say we get our clothes back on now...right?"
Jacob looks down and laughs.
"Damn right!"
He puts his clothes on and heads over to the door to his room.
"Hey I'm going to take a quick shower. I'll meet you and Violet at dinner."
I nod and lay down thinking about what just happened. I smile.
This is going to be one GREAT vacation!


As always, I appreciate feedback! Keep these Ratings coming!!! PART 4 is in the works!
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