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John's sister, Megan, learned about jacking off from a friend at school. After school, Megan asks John about his experiences with jacking off. What follows is a wonderful learning experience for the both of them.
John and Megan were both fifteen years old. They’ve always been very close. In fact, Megan and John both discovered masturbation together.

Back when they were thirteen, Megan was talking with her friend Alice at school. Alice was fourteen years old, and she had walked in on her brother Brian jacking off the night before. Brian was sixteen years old. Alice wasn’t embarrassed or anything; she didn’t know what Brian was doing. Brian made her leave, but once Brian finished, Alice had come back and asked Brian what he was doing. Brian felt very awkward, but he explained to her what jacking off was. And now Alice was excitedly telling Megan about it.

“Boys do it because it feels good”, Alice explained. “It isn’t hard. They just get their dicks hard, and then they rub them until white stuff comes out of the tip.”

“That sounds weird,” Megan said. “Why would they do that? What’s the white stuff?”

“Brian said that it’s because they get horny, and that jacking off feels good. Brian said that the white stuff coming out was actually just called ‘coming’, and that ‘coming’ felt the best.”

“I wonder if John jacks off,” Megan giggled. Something about this was very intriguing. It made her feel sort of tingly inside, and she really liked the feeling.

“He probably does. Brian said that your dick has to be hard for it to work, and that you sort of stroke it like this,” Alice moved her wrist up and down, holding her hand in the classic pose.

Alice had also said that apparently girls can do it too, though she didn’t know how.

That night, John and Megan’s parents were at dinner with a friend, so John and Megan had the house to themselves. They were hanging out in John’s room, sitting on his bed.

“I have a question”, Megan said.

“What’s up?” John leaned back, kicking his legs up and down.

“Have you ever jacked off before?” Megan didn’t fully understand what she was asking John. She especially didn’t understand that she was asking something rather inappropriate. They were both barely starting puberty. Megan’s breasts were fairly big for her age, though. She had solid B cups; firm handfuls if you were generous with your definition of “handful”. John had hair under his arms, though he had none around his genitals yet. Megan had long, blonde hair that fell below her shoulders. She had a cute button nose, and she had pretty green eyes. John had blond hair that he kept relatively short. Other than that, he looked like your average thirteen-year-old.

“No, but some of the guys talk about it on the school bus. I don’t really know what it is though, admittedly.”

“Okay cool. Well, I was talking to Alice at school today, and she apparently walked in on her brother jacking off. She didn’t know what it was either, but she had Brian explain it to her.”

“So what is it?”

“Alice said that jacking off is when guys rub their dicks until white stuff comes out of the tip. Apparently it feels really good.”

“Yeah, Mark said that he jacks off almost every night, and that it feels really good. I’ve been sort of curious about it, but I guess you aren’t supposed to get caught, so I don’t want mom or dad to see me. I also don’t really know what I’m doing.”

“Well, they aren’t gonna be here for a while. You could try jacking off now!” Megan said. Although she didn’t fully grasp what she was suggesting, she felt her heartbeat get a little faster and she felt excited.

“That’s a good point; you’re right,” John said. “So what do I do? I just rub my dick?”

“Yeah,” Megan said, “Alice said that you have to be hard.”

“Oh,” John said, “well alright. I get boners pretty often actually, so that shouldn’t be an issue.”

“Gross,” Megan said, punching John jokingly. She noticed that John had a very slight bulge in his pants. She felt that tingly feeling in her tummy again.

“You’re the one telling me about ‘jacking off’,” John said, sticking his tongue out. “Is it okay if you’re here while I do this? You seem to know more about this than I do.”

“Uhm, I guess so,” Megan said, “though I think if mom and dad come home, then I should definitely leave.”

“Okay, cool. So do I need just take my dick out, or should I be naked?”

“You just need your dick I think,” Megan said, “but I think it would be easier if you were naked.”

“Alright. You haven’t seen me naked in years, so I hope you’re ready”. John pulled his shirt over his head.

“Eww, you have a hair under your arms now!” Megan teased.
John laughed and unbuttoned his shorts. He slid them down and kicked them off. He was just sitting in his boxers now. The outline of his penis could be seen through them just slightly. “I feel weird being the only one naked. Can you at least take some of your clothes off with me?”

“I don’t know”, Megan said hesitantly.

“I’m about to be completely naked,” John protested, “and I’m gonna jack off. You could at least take off something!”

“I guess you’re right,” Megan said. She stood up and pulled her t-shirt up over her head. She pulled her shorts down and kicked them off. She was wearing a pair of pink panties and a regular pink bra; nothing fancy of course.

“You’re starting to get boobs”, John noticed. “Is it bad that I think they look nice?”

“Awh, do you really? That actually means a lot,” Megan said, cupping her breasts in her hands. She looked down at John’s crotch, the bulge growing bigger. “It looks like your dick is getting harder. Is that because of me?”

“Yeah, I think so. You look nice”, John said, “I really like your boobs”.

Megan smiled and gave them another squeeze, “Go ahead and take your dick out. We don’t have all night.” Her tummy was tingling like crazy, and she felt a warmth down between her legs.

John nodded and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers. With one swift movement, he pulled them down to his knees. He rolled onto his back and slid them off his legs, throwing them to the ground. He leaned all the way back, propping himself on his elbows. His circumcised dick was about 4 inches now, and it was nearly all the way hard. It was flopped over off to the side. One vein ran up from the base of the shaft towards the head. Beneath his shaft rested his hairless sack; it was hanging down slightly, each ball neatly outlined by the thin skin. They were a good size.

Megan stared at her brother’s slowly-hardening cock. She was absolutely mesmerized.

“You good, sis?” John asked, waving a hand in front of her eyes.

“Yeah, sorry”, Megan said, “I’ve never seen a dick in real life before, not since we were kids. You’ve gotten way bigger; your balls have, too. I like how they look”

“I guess I have,” John said, cupping his sack in his hand. It felt nice holding them like that, “wow, just holding my balls feels good. So what do I do exactly?”

“You just grab your dick and rub it until it feels really good and white stuff comes out of the top”, Megan said. She felt herself getting a little wet between her legs. She was breathing heavier now.

“Like this?” John rubbed the base of his dick with the palm of his hand, “this doesn’t feel like anything. Hey, I think I can see your nipples, Megan”.

Megan looked down and saw that her nipples were quite hard, poking through the fabric of her bra. She looked back at John and noticed that his dick was now completely erect. “Did my nipples make you harder?”

“Yes, they’re really hot”. John stared at his sister’s chest.

“My nipples are hot?” Megan giggled, “well, alright. Do you want me to just take my bra off?”

“Would you?” John asked excitedly, “I would really like that. Boobs are really great.”

“Yeah, sure,” Megan said, smiling. She reached behind and unhooked the bra. She pulled it off her arms and tossed it on the edge of the bed. Her firm breasts stood perkily, nipples rock-hard. She had small areolas surrounding each nipple.

“Wow sis,” John said, “your boobs are fantastic.”

“Thank you”, Megan blushed. “Also, you weren’t doing it right. You have to, like, grab your dick I guess and go up and down.” She mimicked the hand-gesture.

John nodded and grabbed ahold of his dick. He tried to pull it up and down, but he was squeezing too hard. His hand didn’t slide up and down his shaft, instead he was just trying to pull the base. “That just kind of hurts”, John said.

“No, that still wasn’t right. Goodness, there’s no way it’s this difficult. Here, just let me show you.” Megan leaned over and wrapped her hand around John’s dick. That alone made John moan. She began to slowly slide her hand up and down John’s dick, savoring the feeling of it in her hands. It felt incredible. The flesh was smooth and soft, but her brother’s cock felt big and powerful in her hands. “Does that feel good?” Megan looked at John.

“Uh-huh,” John said, watching his sister's hand slide up and down his dick. He glanced back at her chest and looked at her boobs hanging down, nipples still rock hard. “If you’re gonna touch my dick, can I touch your boobs?”

“I guess so,” Megan smiled, “that would be fair, wouldn’t it?”

Megan continued to slide her hand up and down her brother’s cock, squeezing slightly. John moaned and reached over, cupping Megan’s right tit in his hand. Her squeezed and felt it. It was firm, but soft. Her ran his fingers over her nipple, this time making Megan moan. “Does that feel good?” John asked, rolling his sister’s erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“Yeah,” Megan breathed, “just you squeezing my boob felt good, but when you rubbed my nipple, it felt great. Can you keep doing that?”

“Yes of course, this is amazing,” John said. He continued to grope his sister while she gave him a handjob. He massaged her boob, going back and forth between each one. He rubbed and pinched her nipples, pulling and tugging on them gently. Megan squirmed and moaned with delight as he did this.

“You said it felt good when you held your ballsack, right?” Megan asked.

John moaned, “yes, why?”

Megan reached over with her free hand and cupped John’s balls. They felt wonderful in her hand. She squeezed them gently, massaging them with her palm and fingers and she stroked her brother’s dick. “Your balls feel so good in my hand.”

“Oh,” John moaned, “oh god. That feels great, keep doing that. And rub me faster.”

Megan quickened her pace, jerking her brother off faster and squeezing his prick harder, “keep rubbing my nipples, please. It feels so nice.”

They stopped talking now and just enjoyed the feelings they gave each other. John adjusted himself so he could play with Megan’s boobs with both hands. He rubbed them, squeezed them, massaging them with his fingers. He ran his thumbs over his sister’s erect nipples, and then pinched and squeezed them. Megan’s hand flew up and down his cock, stroking it and making it feel amazing. She squeezed his balls and continued giving her brother a handjob. This continued for another two minutes before John moaned, “oh God, it’s starting to feel really good. Don’t stop, please. This is so amazing.”

“I think you’re about to come”, Megan said. She quickened her pace, massaging John’s balls, jacking him off hard and fast. John began bucking his hips, and then twenty seconds later, he began to moan loudly. Megan felt his cock twitch and pulse, and she felt his balls tighten. Thick white streaks of semen began shooting out of her brother’s cock. John was moaning like crazy, so Megan just kept doing what she was doing. The first strand of cum landed on her arm. Megan felt John’s cock throb, and another stream erupted out of John’s throbbing erection, this time landing on her left breast, a streak landing across her nipple. She loved the feeling. She watched lustily as another stand of cum erupted out of her brother’s cock, landing on her hand and wrist. The cum got smeared all over John’s cock as she jacked him off. John’s hips were bucking like wild, and he was moaning his sisters name as she made him come. One last final strand shot out and splattered against her right breast, hitting just above her nipple and dripping down. It was warm and wet. John stopped bucking his hips, breathing hard, so Megan released his cock and balls. “How was that?”

John took another twenty seconds to compose himself. “That was awesome”, he said. “That felt so freaking good. It looks like some of the white stuff got on your boobs, which is really hot for some reason.”

“I like it too,” she said. She lifted a finger to her mouth and tasted some of the cum. John gasped a little and watched as his sister began to lick her fingers clean of his semen. She mopped up the come from her tits and sucked it off her fingers. “That’s really yummy”, she said.


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