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what I would love to happen to me
Another Way I Want/Need It to Happen

It wasn’t clear why she was so nice to me and seemed interested in really getting to know me. I was new on the job and welcomed her friendship. I was married and she mentioned she had a boyfriend or two. So at first it seemed like she was just a friendly and open person. I didn’t know that she, Kathy, had plans for guys like me.

I am married, sexually frustrated and opened up to her prying questions. Questions she would ask me at lunch time or break time, whenever we were able to be off to the side by ourselves. She led the questions onto the subject of sex by mentioning she was bi. So I felt comfortable admitting I was also bi and open for some exploring.

She of course at this point knew about my non-existent sex life.
She asked when I could get away because she knew a guy or two that would help me explore and with a wink and a sly smile said they would introduce me to a whole new world.

She even knew through her questioning process that I liked to dress in lingerie so she told me come over dressed real slutty under my street clothes. We eventually arranged for a meeting on a Saturday afternoon, I told the wife I was going hiking.

I entered the modest home at the address she gave me. The guy that opened the door was very large compared to my 5’- 10”. He had on some very revealing leather clothes on, a vest that didn’t cover much of his muscular 6’+ frame. His leather chaps and black silky undies did little to cover his very large bulge.

“You must be Kathy’s friend, come on in,” he said.
I blushed at being greeted by such a hot leather stud and then stepped in. I heard Kathy’s voice and walked towards the familiar sound of it. The leather guy followed me
“Go on in, and get real comfortable.”

I turned to thank him, and noticed a very evil leering look in his eyes, something about it made me feel uncomfortable but also turned me on as well. I began to feel my cock harden against the silky lace trimmed girl panties I had on underneath. There were about seven guys in the room all dressed provocatively, at least those that were dressed. Two guys were already on one of the couches in a 69 position sucking each other. I hadn’t expected an all out group situation based on her invitation.

Kathy greeted me and started some introductions. Without asking what I would like to drink, a glass with beer in it was handed to me by a sickly looking thin guy. “Drink up and enjoy,” he cheerfully said.

“As you can see some of the guys are a bit impatient,” Kathy said nodding towards the two on the couch. “Maybe you need a bit of a jump start so you can get started too,” she continued. And then she began giving me a real sloppy wet deep french kiss. She was dressed real sexy with a very short black skirt, black stockings and a white blouse that showed her black bra underneath.

I was a bit surprised at her quick and direct approach but having been so long without any close contact it was what I desperately needed.

“Let’s see what you got on.” She continued to kiss me while unzipping my pants. The leather guy approached me from behind and slid my pants down exposing my stockings and panties. My shirt was soon off exposing my bra and cami that I had chosen to wear.
“Very nice, what do you think guys?” she asked the group.

The leather guy was already running his hands all over my silky clad butt. Some of the other guys approached and voiced their approval.

For a few minutes Kathy continued to kiss me and grind against my bulging panties. She stepped aside about the time I was getting really horned up, and I think she sensed it. She let another guy step up and he began to kiss me. He reached inside my panties and began to stroke me.

While I was kissing and playing with this guy I watched Kathy when I could, mostly out of the corner of my eye. She approached the sickly thin guy, whispered something to him, and led him to the end of the couch where she bent over the end. The sickly guy lifted her skirt exposing her black thigh top stockings, red garter belt and without any panties and exposed her open pussy. The thin guy wasted no time in pushing his hard cock into her raw and start fucking her from behind. I was surprised she let such a guy do her without a condom.

The leather guy had his hand down the back of my panties and a spit lubed finger starting to work up into my mancunt. The other guy kept making sure I finished my drink while playing with my nipples and rubbing my cock and kissing me. This was moving a little too fast for me but it all felt so good I really didn’t want it to stop.

The guys 69’ing on the couch were really moaning and Kathy was talking dirty to the thin guy ramming her cunt.

From all the motion and moans the two guys on the couch were going through both must have reached a climax and shortly after came over towards me.

My first kisser stepped aside, and the first guy from the couch held the back of my head and began kissing me deeply. I was bit shocked at first and attempted to pull away but he held my head tightly and passed the cum in his mouth into mine. “Drink it up and enjoy,” the leather guy urged me on. I loved the taste of man cum anyway so I got into it and when the first guy was done the guy that had sucked him stepped up and passed the load in his mouth to me. My lips and chin were smeared with man cum which gave me an urge for more.

Things started getting a little fuzzy and I started wondering what had been in the drink. The leather guy must have sensed my relaxed state and led me to an oversized ottoman and laid me down on my back. It was just the length of my body with my legs hanging off one end and my head just hanging off the other end. I watched Kathy for a few seconds, the sickly thin guy had stiffened up, his head thrown back and was quivering in an obvious state of orgasm, shooting into Kathy’s pussy.

My view of her was blocked by the leather guy’s muscular thighs straddling my head. I looked up and saw his monstrous cock heading for my mouth. I’m not sure which one, but one of the guys had my cock pulled out of my panties and was beginning to suck on it.

So it was very clear what the leather guy wanted and I made my lips into an “O” and took the head of his cock eagerly. With some cum still lingering in my mouth it made it delightful.

I hoped that the leather guy didn’t expect me to deep throat him, which I would never have been able to do. But as I was really getting into working on his knob we were interrupted. Kathy came into view, she had her skirt hiked up and stocking clad legs opened wide and was bringing her used pussy down onto my face. Her pussy glistened with her juices and drops of white cream hung on her pussy lips. It was both revolting and sexy at the same time. I knew what was wanted and I had little choice in my relaxed state. Her pussy pressed down hard onto my lips. I opened up and began licking her clean.

“That’s it, feed him some dirty seed from your dirty pussy,” I heard the sickly thin guy say. Others joined in on the urgings. With a cum filled pussy in my face and someone sucking my cock I was in heaven.

With all the talk about dirty seed and all the cum exchange I wondered why there hadn’t been one condom in sight in such a large group. But after eating two loads and taking on a third worrying about it now seemed a little futile and everything was feeling and tasting so good. I decided to trust Kathy on that matter as her pussy juice smeared my face and I scooped man cum out of her pussy with my tongue.

After several minutes of me licking her used pussy Kathy stepped away from my face and brushed the guy sucking me aside.

She swung a leg over top of me and while straddling me she quickly guided my hard cock into her juicy pussy. She took charge and slid up and down on my shaft. The sickly thin guy was right there urging her on with more talk about coating my cock with dirty seed. The leather guy resumed his position and I began sucking as Kathy rode my cock with an evil grin on her face.

The guy that had been sucking me had been fingering my butt just as the leather guy had before him for awhile. My ass was really begging to be a cunt at this point and I guess they knew it. Of course I had little choice with Kathy and the leather guy both on top of me.

I felt my legs being lifted up against Kathy’s back. My panties were yanked aside and the back of my black panty hose was ripped open. I felt more than one spit lubed finger working on my cunt. It was a bit uncomfortable and I began to squirm and think that a condom about now would be a good idea. But the leather guy kept my mouth full and Kathy kept pushing her body down onto my hard cock.

Then I felt it, it was one but not a finger that began pushing into my ass. Kathy starting talking dirty and telling me how I wanted it and needed it. I could hear the other guys gathered around and urging on the guy that was entering my ass.

“Be the first to convert him.”
“Give him the bug.”

And such things like that. I was getting worried and stopped sucking on the leather guy. He told them to get something, I wasn’t sure what.
A small brown bottle arrived and it was held by my nose.
I was of course breathing heavily and couldn’t help but take in some of the fumes. The leather guy held my head and pushed his cock into my mouth and after a minute or so I began to feel relaxed again and really focused on my ass and cock.

My fucker had really started banging on me and Kathy was grinding her used pussy on my hard cock. I hadn’t cum yet but was about to.

Kathy sensed it and announced it to everyone. This put the guy in my ass into overdrive, which really put me over the edge. I began meeting Kathy’s humping, trying to thrust up into her as the guy fucking me rammed my ass hard and deep.

I had a real powerful orgasm adding my cum to the sickly thin guys cum into her pussy. My ass clenched and squeezed the cock in my ass tightly, causing a chain reaction. He rammed deep and held still with his cock pulsing, shooting his seed deep into me.

I was barely done shooting when the guy in me pulled out and another slightly thicker cock worked its’ way into my ass. The first guy was congratulated and the second guy urged on.
“We got him now. He’s in the Club for sure by now.”

The leather guy had pulled out of my mouth while I was in the middle of my orgasm but his patience had obviously worn out. He held my head tightly in his huge hands and started fucking my face with determination. He told the guy in my ass to switch that he wanted to plant his seed too.

They swapped and the leather guy began to insert his cock into me. Even with the previous fucking and cum in me as lube it was uncomfortable with such a huge cock ramming me so hard. He stretched my ass cunt to new limits. The guy that had been in my ass mounted my face and fed me his cock. Cleaning the cum off of it that had been up my ass.

Kathy was still straddled over top of me I guess just holding me down since my cock was limp for the moment. I noticed she was sucking on a guy standing next to us. The cock was long, thin, curved and had a piercing in it. The brown bottle was occasionally held next to my nose as I sucked.

The leather guy had started going deep, I had to push the cock in my mouth aside just in case I bit on it. The cock in my ass was really starting to hurt me. The leather guy was getting close and not being careful. His large cock would go just a little too deep. It felt like he might be doing some damage in there.

“Here it comes, gonna make you one of us,”
the leather guy announced.

That was just too much talk about about dirty seed and such. I squirmed and told him to pull out. But he slammed into me and held it there, with his cock pulsing inside of me he let out a loud moan, and I said with a laugh,
“Sorry, what did you say?”

Kathy stopped sucking on the guy with the pierced cock and knelt beside me as the leather guy finished his dirty deed. She told me how good I was and how much they all liked me, and how they would like to have some more fun.

I tried to get up while telling her I would like to use condoms from now on. But a few guys held me down by the shoulders. The leather guy that was holding his now softening cock deep in me pulled out and the pierced guy stepped up to take his place.

Kathy held the brown bottle to my nose and said we are all going to be fine and have lots of fun together from now on. She asked if I’d like to fuck her pussy again and if I wanted some more girls to join the club. All her suggestive talk started getting me horny again. She stroked me and kissed me. And then I felt it.

A sensation like nothing else, the pierced guy had entered my well worn and cum lubed ass. “Let him watch,” he told Kathy. She moved her face away from mine.

The pierced guy had my legs over his shoulders and he had bent forward so his face was close to mine. He had a wicked grin on his face and a gleam in his eye.

And then I saw the biohazard tattoo on his chest.

I realized then that this was my POZZING party and Kathy was a part of the planning. I squirmed some but it did no good .
They all saw my reaction to the tattoo and laughed evil laughs.

“That’s right sissy panty guy, your worries are over.”

A camera began flashing alongside of me.
Me dressed in lingerie with a POZ stud deep in my ass must have been a sight, I had come here willingly, had taken their cocks raw willingly and now the price was being paid.

The pierced POZ stud was fucking me hard and fast and telling me how much he liked my bi married ass. Kathy was just beside us taking off her blouse, then her black bra. I looked at her ample breasts and saw she had a biohazard tattoo on each one. She was all part of this and had led me into this.

“Be one of us, it can feel this good every time.
We can make you feel good anytime you want”

She was saying the right things because I didn’t want it to stop. The pierced cock in my ass was feeling so good, the taste of pussy and man cum on my lips, the silky lingerie I was dressed in, the cocks I had sucked, it was all so hot and good I wanted more even if it meant risk.

“Do me, fuck me hard,”
I told the POZ stud.

“That’s it,” Kathy said as she held the brown bottle near my nostrils. The other guys joined in urging the pierced stud to poz me.

“He’s got a 100% infect rate, everyone he has fucked raw with his piercing comes down with the flu,”
I looked into the eyes of the evil guy fucking me. His gaze pierced deep into my eyes almost hypnotizing me, making me beckon to his evil desires. I pushed up into him to help him go deeper.

“POZ me,”
I heard myself say in my buzzed state of mind and I saw a video camera in the thin guys hands recording the whole thing and everything I had said. I was going to be a member like it or not, and right now I was liking it. I decided to make the best of it for now.

Off to the side the last guy that I had sucked was now fucking Kathy from behind. She had a cock in each hand stroking the guys, keeping them hard. They were all urging the stud in me to charge me.
All I was thinking about was my ass and cock. I wanted this guys seed regardless.
“Fuck me, give it to me,”

And he did. He roared, continuing to look directly into my eyes, slammed his cock deep and held it there. As his cock pulsed everyone watching voiced their approval. The POZ stud held his cock in me until it went soft. The others began to playfully argue who was going to shoot in me next.

Kathy was getting another POZ load in her pussy as the guy shot his load and told her to feed it to the neg sissy bitch, me. She straddled my face again and the cum dripped out of her sloppy pussy on to my eager busy tongue.

As she did the other guys shot their loads in me quickly one after another. They all loved my used and cum filled bloody ass and all let me know I was getting their very own special dirty seed.

A few of them, as they fucked me, bragged about all the nasty guys that had fucked them.

And about some of the gang bangs where they had been the pussy and how I was getting a bit of all those guys seed.

I was dressed in slutty attire and getting gang banged by cocks just as I had fantasized.

This is what I wanted and needed and would be willing to take and do again and again.

I would do whatever these people wanted to keep experiencing this level of sexuality again and again.

The afternoon passed quickly to evening,
they had bred me time and time again.

My man cunt was sore and leaking red streaked cum.

They had accomplished what they wanted me to have in an afternoon.
I was in the club.
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