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This is the fourth chapter of the "God is a Slut" series. Rachel has changed since she was the scared, virgin Jesus-Freak. Now, she'll face her toughest challenge yet: getting gang raped by demons.

I sat in my office with famous psychologist Sigmund Freud and sexologist Alfred Kinsey. We poured over the dossier I had on Rachel, trying to figure what made this pure girl tick. Smoke filled the air as we inhaled pack after pack of cigarettes.

“…I think you’re overestimating the controlling nature of Rachel’s sexuality.” Freud said, “All humans desire control, but Rachel seeks to put that control in the hands of an idealistic interpretation of God.”

“That’s where I think you’re wrong, Sigmund.” Kinsey replied, “I think Rachel’s lack of control in her childhood and teen years has manifested itself into her sexuality. Her domineering sexual nature with God suggests that she might actually have animosity to the almighty, and part of her resents the control she has given God over her life. She sought to take back that control yesterday, by abusing God during intercourse.”

“I stipulate that her lack of control in her younger years may have impacted her sexuality,” Freud said to Kinsey, “but I don’t believe that it manifested itself as an underlying disdain for God. You see, children often place their parents in the same echelon as an unseen God. If you’ve read my books, you’ll note that I often relate a human’s sexuality to the relationship with their parents-”

“Yeah, we all know Sigmund,” Kinsey said, rolling his eyes, “you think every son has an Oedipus complex, and every daughter secretly wants to fuck her dad.”

“…and if you let me continue, you fucking twat,” Freud said angrily, “I was going to say that Rachel actually has two father figures in her life. Her father, who was a righteous, abusive man, and her brother, who was a kind, loving protector. Now, where did Rachel seek out sexual gratification? Her brother, Alfred. Rachel’s darkest fantasy was the comforting, protecting sexuality of her older brother, not a desire to be sexually controlling.”

“I think you’re focusing too much on her relationships, and not enough on her actions.” Kinsey said, “Let’s look at the three times Rachel has engaged in sexual activity, and extrapolate a pattern. In the succubus club, Rachel was meek, vulnerable and apprehensive, but she grew more confident as the acts went on. With her brother, Rachel was the one who initiated the sex, but she allowed her brother to take control because she was still inexperienced. And then we get to the hermaphrodites, where Rachel is sexually combative, and even dominating. I see a trend here, Sigmund.”

“Where would you place Rachel on your scale, Kinsey?” I asked the sexologist.

“I would put her at a four, I think.” Kinsey said, “she is mostly heterosexual, but does enjoy the company of women. I think that her reaction to Caitlyn-”

“Your scale is bullshit, Alfred,” Freud scoffed, “you can’t put a numerical prison on a something as free-flowing as sexuality. You have to factor in the relationships, and the maternal and paternal power dynamics of the-”

“Not everyone wants to fuck their parents, Sigmund!” Kinsey growled, “I never wanted to fuck my mom, not once!”

“But you sought out women who were like your mother,” Freud said, “or you purposefully sought out women who you thought were the opposite of your mother. You see, the relationship a young boy has with his mother-”

“I think we’ve heard enough, Sigmund,” I cut off the old psychologist before he went on another incestuous rant, “thank you. My next trial is usually a gangbang, but I think I might change it.”

“I don’t think you should.” Kinsey said, “I think that placing Rachel in a sexually vulnerable position where she lacks control would be an interesting experiment that could reveal much about her.”

“I agree,” Freud said, “but I think you’ve been too soft on her, Lucy.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You’ve given Rachel too much leeway, too much preparation,” Freud said, “I think the fourth trial needs to be unexpected.”

“Like, a rape situation?” I asked.

“Exactly,” Freud said, “Rachel is starting to think these trials are a game; you need to rip that perception from her to get a truly genuine reaction from her.”

“Interesting…” I said as I pondered the suggestion, “the only problem is, God will be there too, and if God is there, Rachel will still feel that she has someone protecting her.”

“God is usually open to extensive role-play,” Kinsey said, “have God subtly drop a hint that her power is limited somehow. This will crack Rachel’s confidence in her omnipotence, and her ability to save her.”

“Make God vulnerable,” Freud chimed in, “and Rachel will feel like she’s on her own.”

“Yeah,” I smiled, “God would totally be down for that.”


Please God, let me win this next lottery, I promise I’ll be good-

Nope, go back to school and stop procrastinating and masturbating, Craig, you’ll thank me later.

Good Father, please spare the life of my son, he’s a good boy, he just misguided-

Sorry Dave, but little Bobby committed triple homicide; he’s not getting off.

Oh, Lord, just let me lose twenty pounds before my wedding, all I need it a size ten dress-

Hit the treadmill and put down the P.F. Chang’s, Stephanie.

Our Father, who art in heaven, convince Sara to do anal. She’s been holding off on me for years, and she promised me for our anniversary, but when the time came around, she ‘had a headache.’ Amen.

Oooo, this one’s interesting. Sara, Sara, where are you? There you are! Hey, Sara, John wants to put it in your butt, and you should totally let him! It feels awesome.

Hmmmm, I think I’ll let John put it in my butt tonight. I wonder why I thought of that?

Make sure to use lube.

I should buy some lube.

“Hey God, am I interrupting you?” Lucy’s voice asked as she appeared next to me on my cloud in heaven.

“Just answering some prayers,” I said, “nothing too important. What’s up?”

“I need you to act out a rape fantasy.” Lucy smiled.

“That sounds fun!” I giggled, “Do you want me tied up in the back of a truck, or am I in a dark alleyway with nothing but my purse to protect me?”

“My fantasy’s actually more on the realistic side of things.” Lucy replied, “I want you to pretend I have an ancient biblical artifact that renders your powers useless. I want you to be very convincing when I show it to you in front of Rachel. I actually wrote a whole screenplay, and you’re the supporting role.”

“Hmmmmm,” I frowned with narrowed eyes, “been having late-night talks with Sigmund Freud and Alfred Kinsley, Lucy? You guys doing some psychoanalysis on my precious Rachel? You want me to partake in her abduction and gangrape? And you want to film it all for a movie?”

“Yeah,” Lucy smiled, “You down?”



“Where is Lucy?” I asked as God and I sat in our chairs and got our nails done.

“She’s letting you take the day off,” God said, “so we’re just having a girl’s day today.”

“I’ve never had a ‘girl’s day,’” I said, “do we just get our nails and hair done?”

“And then we go to a bar, get wasted, and make a complete ass of ourselves.” God smiled at me.

A blast of fire sent God and I flying back into the wall as our chairs were ripped from the floor. A swarm of muscular, large demons appeared out of nowhere and grabbed us. Lucy’s silhouette faded into view from the clearing smoke. She was wearing an all-black leather one-piece that clung to her body tightly, accentuating the bust of her chest and the thickness of her ass. Her black hair was done up in a ponytail, and her horns looked like she’d had them polished and sharpened. In her hand, was a pair of chainless-cuffs that she immediately clasped over God’s wrists.

“Now I’ve got you, you bitch!” Lucy sneered at God.

“Oh, no!” God cried in the worst acting job I’d ever seen, “not the Fetters of Zedekiah! I’m powerless with them on!”

“Ok, cut!” Lucy said as she sighed and rubbed her brow. The demons collectively groaned and let go of me and God.

“God,” Lucy said, “saying ‘oh, no, not this,’ is like, anime-level dialogue.”

“Well how is Rachel supposed to know I can’t help her then?” God said, “We need exposition!”

“You were supposed to give her exposition in your conversation, God!” Lucy growled, “It needed to be subtle, not a full-blown plot revelation when it was convenient! That’s just lazy screenwriting!”

“Hey,” I whispered to the demon next to me as Lucy and God bickered about the semantics of screenwriting, “what’s going on?”

“God was supposed to tell you about an ancient artifact call the Fetters of Zedekiah that would render her powerless in hell, and then sometime later, Lucy and the rest of us would kidnap you and gangrape you. God went off-script and screwed it all up.” The demon whispered back.

Gangrape me?!” I hissed, “How is that a test of temptation?”

“You’ve never had a rape fantasy?” the demon asked, “They’re surprisingly common.”

“I mean…” I said, “I guess I had a fantasy of the priest just…grabbing me in the confession box and having his way with me, but a gangrape? That seems a little harsh.”

“Oh, I think you’ll enjoy it,” the demon said, “we’re professionals; we adhere to a strict code of conduct. I’m Alex, by the way, and I’ll be one of your rapists for today.”

“Rachel,” I whispered back, shaking his hand, “I guess I’m your rape victim.”

“…look, it’s called a Chekov’s Gun, it’s a famous plot device!” Lucy screamed at God, “If a gun is shown in act one, it better be used in act two. Now, you can’t just show the gun in act two and then immediately shoot it! You have to build the tension!”

“Ok,” God grumbled, “fine. I’ll wipe Rachel’s memory again, and then we’ll start from the top.”

“How many takes have we done?” I asked Alex.

“This our fifteenth take,” Alex sighed, “The first few times, God just burst out laughing. We’ve had this exact conversation three times now.”

“You’re very patient.” I smiled up at him.

“Thank you,” Alex smiled, “How’s my acting?”

“Convincing,” I said, “I was truly terrified.”

“Great,” Alex beamed, “after this, can you put in a word about me to God? There’s a movie coming up, and James Dean dropped out of the starring role. I think this is my chance, but theatrical politics is keeping a nobody like me from having a shot. If you could just-”

God and I were getting our nails done in a beauty salon. God was rambling on about some ancient artifact called the Fetters of Zedekiah that would render her powerless in hell. Apparently, it had gone missing or something. I wasn’t sure why she brought it up, but I soon pushed the thought from my mind. God and I talked about innocuous things for a few more hours, and then the spa burst into flame. A large, muscular demon grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me to my knees as Lucy appeared from the smoke in a leather one-piece.

“Now I’ve got you, you bitch!” Lucy sneered as she clasped God’s hands with a pair of chainless cuffs.

“Lucy what are you doing?!” God exclaimed in shocked fear.

“You know what I’m doing,” Lucy laughed, “I’m taking what’s mine!”

“Lucy,” God sobbed, “I’ve been good to you, I’ve-”

“You’ve taken your eye off the ball, God,” Lucy sneered, “and now you’re paying for it.”

“Lucy…” God whimpered, “please!”

“Keep begging,” Lucy smirked, “it’s music to my ears.”

“At least spare Rachel!” God sobbed.

“Spare Rachel?!” Lucy laughed cruelly as she sauntered over to me, “Do you hear that, Rachel? God thinks I should spare you!”

“Why are you doing this?!” I cried in terror.

“I think you’ve gotten too comfortable with me,” Lucy smiled in my face as she traced a finger across my lips, “I think you’ve forgotten who I am.”

“Lucy,” I cried, “we’re friends, we-”

“We were never friends, Rachel,” Lucy sneered, “you were a means to an end. I needed you to keep God distracted while I plotted my little take over, and now your usefulness has run out. The only thing you can do for me, Rachel, is abandon your God and join me.”

“I will not!” I yelled defiantly, “I will stay with God, no matter what!”

“Then you will suffer her fate!” Lucy laughed, “And spend eternity moaning like a whore in my dungeon!”

“No…” I said frightfully.

“Yessss,” Lucy hissed as she caressed my face, “but don’t worry, Rachel; after today, I’ll give you a second chance to reconsider.”

Black smoke obstructed my vision, and the next thing I knew, I was naked and surrounded by stone walls. The room was lit by torches that lined the walls, and in the middle, was a throne made of brimstone. I looked to my right to see God naked and in chains. Her wrists were still clasped with the Fetters of Zedekiah, but now there was a link between them. Her ankles were chained to the floor, and an iron ring was clasped around her neck. I was in a similar predicament; my ankles and wrists bound to the floor in loose chains, and my neck clasped with an iron ring.

“Rachel,” God said somberly, “you should give in to Lucy and make it easier for yourself.”

“I will not abandon you!” I cried, “We will get through this!”

“There’s no hope for me,” God smiled sadly, “Lucy will show no mercy; I’ll be raped until my mind is broken, and become her slave. You, Rachel, have a chance to join her before she does the same to you. Either way, you’ll join her. The only question is: will you do it willingly and be spared the brutality, or will you be broken, and become a mindless harlot?”

“I will stay with you,” I whispered hoarsely, “your fate will be my fate.”

“That’s quite the noble gesture, Rachel,” Lucy laughed as she strutted into the room, “but it will all be for not.”

“You evil bitch!” I screamed, “We trusted you!”

“Language, Rachel,” Lucy smirked as she walked over to God, “you wouldn’t want to demean yourself in front of your savior. Of course, the things she’ll be saying pretty soon will pale in comparison to your profanity.”

“Do with me as you will, Demon,” God said to Lucy, “I’m tired of your gloating.”

“So impatient,” Lucy chuckled as she grabbed one of God’s nipples and twisted. “I think you just want my demons to take you as soon as possible.”

“No, Devil,” God replied stoically, “I will demonstrate to Rachel that your temptations have no power over me.”

“Temptation?!” Lucy laughed cruelly, twisting God's nipple even harder, forcing a small moan from God’s mouth, “This isn’t a test of temptation, God; this is torture.”

Five demons entered the room, their bodies rippled with bulging muscles and their cocks large and rigid.

“God, I believe you know these men,” Lucy smiled, “There’s Dorian, Brutus, Jack, Homer and Ryan. I believe they were banished to hell for…rape? Was that it? No, rape and torture. They’d like to repay you for your judgement.”

“Lucy!” I sobbed, “Please don’t!”

“Oh, don’t worry, Rachel,” Lucy smiled as she walked to me, “we have more for you.”

The demons laughed cruelly as they circled the chained and naked god. God knelt before them, her fear betraying her defiant façade as she quivered under their gaze.

“Hello, God,” Dorian said with a cruel smile, “Do you remember me?”

“Dorian Bronson, torturer in the tower of London,” God said, her voice wavering, “I remember you.”

“Then you must remember this,” Dorian hissed as he brandished a whip, “and all the things I used to do with it. I’ve been waiting…so very long, for this opportunity. You’re such a kind, and benevolent God to give me this chance.”

“Rachel, don’t look!” God screamed at me.

“You will watch!” Lucy growled, and forced my gaze to the right.

God was forced upright by two demons holding her arms. Two other demons held her legs spread as Dorian slid the whip threateningly between God’s breasts. The demon threw his hand back, and brought the whip down on God’s breasts. God let out a scream as her back wrenched in pain. Her whole body quivered as a thin welt formed over her large, supple breasts. The demon brought the whip back again, and sent it across God’s thighs in a sickening crack. God’s head flung forward and she screamed out again, her body tensing in stress. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched them whip her again and again, each blow forcing a pained tone from my beloved God’s mouth. The demon moved behind her and traced thin welts across her back, before moving down and lining her thick ass with more of them. By the time he was done, God's beautiful, tan skin was etched with crisscrossed welts from her neck to her thighs, front and back. She panted with heavy, pained gasps, and her pussy leaked fluid down her leg.

“I think she’s had enough,” Lucy laughed, “now hurt her from the inside.”

“Lucy, please!” I cried, “Make them stop; I’ll do anything!”

“Oh, I know you will,” Lucy smiled, “you’ll do everything.”

Five more demons appeared from the door and made their way to me. They were all red, with large horns protruding from their brows. Their bodies were bulging with muscle, and between their legs, were the largest cocks I’d ever seen.

“This is Alex, Ron, Jake, Rick and John,” Lucy said as she pointed to my future rapists, “and they’ll be your entertainment for tonight…maybe forever.”

“You’ll never break me!” I whispered unconvincingly.

“We’ll see how long you last, Rachel,” Lucy smirked as the demons surrounded me, “I’d like to taste you while your still pure; before you become my wretched, sullied slave.”

Lucy wrapped her hand around my throat and picked me up by my neck. She stared possessively into my terrified eyes and snaked a long, forked tongue from her mouth. I screamed in terror, but my voice was viciously cut short. Her luscious, wet lips pressed against my own, and her long, forked tongue invaded my mouth. She curled it around my tongue and sensually stroked back and forth along it as her lips sucked my mouth. I’d never been kissed like this before, and I was ashamed to admit that I felt butterflies in my stomach. Lucy turned her head to the side, smearing her black lipstick across my lips. She released her grip on my tongue and snaked her own down my throat. Her invasion was domineering, but pleasant. Her wet tongue parted my tender throat and gracefully explored it, before she withdrew from the kiss and stared at me with eyes half-closed. I’d been kissed by the devil, and it was the best kiss of my life. Her lips curled in a smile; she knew.

“Do with her as you please.” she said as she dropped me to the ground. Lucy walked away, her thick ass bulging from the black leather that constrained it. She sat upon her brimstone throne and took out a cigarette, lighting it and blowing out a cloud of smoke as she watched me.

“Alright pure-girl,” Alex growled as he grabbed me by the head, “put your mouth to good use.”

I closed my lips defiantly as the demon pressed his tip against my face.

“Oh, she’s still got some fight in her,” Ron sniggered, “I think we need to beat that out of her.”

“Get the clamps,” Rick sneered, “we’ll get that mouth open one way or another.”

Four of the demons grabbed my wrists and ankles and held me spread-eagle on the ground. I whimpered in fear as Alex stood over me, his cock bulging from his groin, his hands holding two metal clamps. He smirked down at me as he opened the clamps and slowly lowered them to my nipples. I thrashed against them to no avail, my body squirming in horror as their torture devices neared me.

“Stop!” I screamed. They just laughed.

I felt the cold metal closed against my nipples. Alex slowly loosened his grip on the clamps, making them tighter and tighter. Soon, I was trashing and screeching in pain. The metal pinched into my flesh and held my nipples erect and throbbing. Alex laughed in my face and then twisted his wrists. My back arched and my body trembled. The stinging sensation shot into my breasts and permeated throughout my chest. I screamed out as tears formed in my eyes, but I wasn’t crying just because of the pain. I was crying because my pussy was leaking with excitement, and I was so ashamed.

“You kept saying ‘no’ and ‘stop,’” Jake laughed in my ear, “but I think what you really meant was ‘yes’ and ‘keep going.’”

“This ‘pure girl’ is nothing but a whore in disguise,” John laughed, “let’s give her what she really wants.”

“Lift her up,” Ron said, “I’m taking this girl’s little shit-hole.”

“And I’ll take her cunt.” Jake smiled.

“And when she starts moaning,” Alex grinned down at me, “I’ll fill her mouth.”

Alex picked me up by the chain of my wrist shackles as two others held my legs in lateral splits, painfully stretching me. Ron and Jake moved below me until their rigid cocks were aimed right for my holes.

“Please…” I pleaded with the sneering demon lowering me down, “please stop!”

“Do you want me to let you go?” Alex smiled.

“Yes!” I whimpered.

Well, I walked right into that one. Alex lowered me to within an inch of the two cocks below me, and then let go.

I'd never felt pain like this before.

I tried to scream, but my mouth failed to make sound. I plunged down their lengths, feeling my holes stretch to agonizing levels as their rods mercilessly parted my tender insides. They pressed together against the membrane that separated my holes, their girths forcing me so tight I thought I’d tear through the middle. The cock in my pussy stopped abruptly as its tip smashed against my cervix, forcing my head to wrench back in pain. My ass kept sliding backward on the man in my rectum, until I felt my glutes squish against his pelvis. I stayed there for a moment, frozen in paralytic agony, my body trembling, my eyes writhing in their sockets, and my mouth quivering agape.

“Holy fuck, this cunt is tight!” Jake exclaimed.

“This shit-hole is top notch,” Ron growled, “a perfect little hole for a perfect little whore.”

“Look at her!” Alex laughed, “She looks like she’s going to pass out!”

“Well, her mouth is open,” Rick smiled, “and I remember you calling dibs.”

“You’re not going to bite me, are you Rachel?” Alex sneered down at me. In my state of shock, his words were nothing but an indiscernible collection of distant sounds.

“I’ll take that as a ‘no.” Alex smiled, and pushed his head to my trembling lips.

Ron and Jake started thrusting inside me. They alternated their movements so that one would pull out while the other pushed in. My body swayed back and forth to their rhythm, my mind still numb to the shock of the initial pain. Alex’s cock forced my mouth so wide my jaw ached to accommodate him. I didn’t even register what he was doing, but my body instinctively closed my lips around him. He sneered at my supposed acceptance of his member and grabbed the top of my head with a strong hand. My mind came rushing back to me just before he drove his cock deep into my throat, and then it went blank with pain once again.

My eyes rolled in my head as my throat constricted and gagged around the massive, throbbing piece of meat driving down it. The cocks in my nethers grinded brutally together as they took their turns piercing my depths. Parts of my body I’d never felt before were mercilessly invaded. I felt my cervix start to open up with each stabbing thrust of Jake's rigid member. I could feel my abdomen stretching and bulging with the imprint of the demon in my cunt, and my insides forced upward from the demon in my ass. It was excruciating, the worst pain I’d ever felt, but…there was something else.

There was an aching, burning pleasure that begun to rise from my depths. They were so deep inside me, touching me in such soft, vulnerable areas, places I didn’t even know existed. New nerves that had been neglected for so long, were finally crying out with rapturous glee as they were invasively stimulated. The agonizing stretching of my holes remained ever present, but my body was adjusting to the strain. My gaping rim still seared with pain, but it also began to tingle with unbelievable pleasure. My gorged pussy was still stressed beyond its limits, but the pressure was no longer overbearing, but delightfully filling. An involuntary moan seeped from my chest and flowed from around Alex’s driving cock.

Oh no, I thought as I finally gained control of myself, Am I enjoying this?

Oh yes, Lucy’s voice sneered in my mind, Yes you are, my new little whore.


Dorian linked a chain to my neck clasp and strangled me as I was sandwiched in the air between Jack and Homer. If you ever wondered what God’s favorite position is, it’s this one. Dangling helplessly in the air between two hard, muscular men, my body being lifted and then dropped as I was mercilessly impaled in both holes at once, my juices flowing from my desecrated womanhood and dripping to the floor below me. Homer was pulling the skin of my rectum out of my ass with each retreat, my tender inner flesh sheathed to his cock like a condom. Jack’s cock was smashing against my cervix with each thrust, partially opening the last resistance of my womanhood, sending bouts of delectable pain deep inside me.

One thing porn never seems to get right about gangbangs, is consistency. Constant changing of positions doesn’t really allow the woman a chance to savor the brutality. Sure, a few transitionary periods where man after man takes a few pumps inside you is fun, but you need drawn-out, slow-building moments to really drive a woman crazy. And that’s what these guys were great at. Dorian was slowly increasing the pressure on my neck, making it harder to breathe with each passing moment. Homer was keeping his pace in my ass, but adding more and more force with each thrust. Jack was locked in with Homer’s rhythm, driving together and pulling out congruently. This allowed my holes a moment to relax before they were ruthlessly stuffed again, forcing my innards upward into my body and my nethers to feel so fucking full. I was driven to the precipice of maniacal pleasure, my body warping in frenzied ecstasy as the sweet pressure in my depths expanded and burst. Strained gasps and cries sputtered from my constricted throat as I orgasmed for the second time in a fountain of my own juices.

You about ready for the climax of our little movie? Lucy asked as I shrieked a pained cry of ecstasy.

Yeah, I responded, Give me a chance to get in character.


Holy shit it felt good to get gangraped. Yeah, I was still resisting, but it was getting harder and harder to stay defiant with the overwhelming pleasure blasting from my defiled holes. Oooooh, the feeling of them grinding together inside me, the way they brutally parted my tender depths with each thrust, the way they felt pressing against all sides of my stretched entrances…

I stayed static and limp, desperately trying to make it seem like I wasn’t losing my mind in pleasure. I wanted my rapists to think they’d broken my will to fight back, but not that they were effectively seducing me. But it was so hard not to participate. I wanted to shift my hips back and forth and ride them like the stallions they were, I wanted to rotate my lips around the demon in my throat and look into his eyes as he reacted to my pleasure, I wanted to stroke the demons at my side and prepare them for when they had their turn inside me. I wanted to be their whore, their slut, their slave.

Hey Rachel, Lucy’s seductive and threatening voice whispered in my mind, I want you to see something.

God was lying on her back on top of the demon sodomizing her, while one railed into her leaking pussy, another drove his cock between her supple tits, and the last two took turns in her mouth. God’s defiled lips yielded muffled moans of lechery, and her body writhed in whorish exuberance. It appeared she was enjoying her rape as much as I was. I didn’t blame her, but I was disappointed she’d allowed her rapists to see her like this. She should have stayed limp and stoic like me.

“Release the whore,” Lucy said to the gangbanging demons, “I think she’s ready to submit.”

The demons pulled out of God, leaving her holes gaping, leaking and ruined. She rolled on to her stomach, coughing out semen onto the ground, before getting on her knees before Lucy.

Don’t submit, God, you’re stronger than this! I prayed to her as I fought the euphoria of my own pleasure.

I’m sorry Rachel, God said back to me, her eyes full of shameful lust, but it feels too good.

“God,” Lucy said as she ran a hand through God’s blonde hair, “do you submit to become my slave, in mind, body and spirit?”

DON’T DO IT! (Oh my god, Ron, ruin my asshole!).

“I do,” God said, dropping her head in shame, “I..I submit to you…Master.”

NO! Take it back! Fight it, God! (Oh Jake, fuck me harder!)

“I need you to want it, God,” Lucy sneered, “I want to hear you beg to become my slave.”

You’re better than this! Don’t do it, don’t fail me now! (Hhnnnnnng, Alex, the way you’re throbbing in my throat…)

“I want to be your play thing,” God moaned as she disgracefully touched herself, “I want to be your possession. I want to be on my knees for you where I belong! Please Master, make me your little sex-slave! Become the master of heaven and earth; I don’t care about them anymore! Just let me serve you!”

“Then bend over, slave,” Lucy hissed as she unzipped her leather one-piece, and revealed a massive cock, “and concede your power to me; make me…GOD!”

“Yes, Master.”


I stared in shock as God was taken from behind by Lucy. I was afraid that I would soon suffer a similar fate. The cocks inside me continued to pound mercilessly, driving my pleasure to unbelievable heights. The pain had subsided to pleasant stings that scorched beautifully into my depths and only elevated the euphoria. It took every ounce of my will not to succumb to the demons and actively join in on my own rape.

“Tell Rachel what you are!” Lucy screamed as she rammed into the disgraced deity’s pussy.

“I’m your whore.” God whimpered through gasps of lust.

“Say it again!” Lucy snarled as she slapped God’s ass with a vicious blow.

“I’m your little whore!” God sobbed as her body flailed back and forth on her knees.

“I can’t hear you, bitch!” Lucy said with another slap, her hips driving brutally against God’s perfect ass.

“I’m you little whore!” God screamed, “Please come inside me! Let me give birth to the anti-Christ!”

“That’s a good girl!” Lucy laughed, “You’re nothing but a vessel to bare my child!”

NO I screamed, God, you must fight it! Don’t let Lucy impregnate you with an abomination! (But I hope these guys come inside me).

It’s too late for me, Rachel, God’s mental voice quivered in pleasure, I’ve been seduced by evil; I want to bare her child! Join me, Rachel; I can feel a part of you that wants to.

God, please-

I am your God now! Lucy laughed cruelly in my mind. Lucy roared a terrifying demonic growl and drove her hips forward. God’s back wrenched in an arch, her eyes widening and her gaping mouth shrieking in ecstasy. Lucy’s seed spilled from God’s defiled cunt as the two immortals began to change. Lucy’s hair grew platinum blonde and a fiery halo formed above her horns. A pair of black angel wings grew from her back as her golden eyes glowed with new power. God’s golden aura dimmed until it was gone. Her head sprouted two curved, red horns and her tail bone grew out into a thin, red tail. It was done, it was over. God had fallen, and the devil had won. Evil would reign in heaven and earth, and I unknowingly helped her do it. This was my fault.

God? I prayed pathetically, God?

She can’t hear you, Rachel, Lucy said as she strutted over to me, but I can. What is it you want, child? I will reward you for your part in my triumph.

There is nothing you can give me! I cried as Alex’s cock rammed down my throat, I want nothing from you!

Then you will languish down here! Lucy snarled in my mind, Until you mind is broken like your precious former-God’s, and you beg me to become my slave!

Well, I was going to spend forever getting raped, so I might as well enjoy it. There was no point in pretending I didn’t like this anymore; God had fallen and evil had won. I was free to express the euphoria of my rape; I could be the slut I wanted to be, I just wouldn’t be Lucy’s slut. I shifted my hips back and forth across Ron and Jake as I rotated my lips around Alex. I reached out with both hands and enclosed my fingers around Rick and John. It felt so good to stop holding back and just let myself go. No more tests, no more trials. I could give in now, there was no point in remaining pure anymore. I’m a slut, and I’ll be a slut forever. Rape me. Rape me like I want you to.

“Oh look, the pure girl is starting to like this.” Alex sneered down at me, “Are you going to join your precious God as Lucy’s whore?”

I shook my head, but sucked him harder, showing him how much I appreciated his cock in my throat.

“No?” Alex laughed, “Then why are you sucking my dick like a filthy slut?”

“I’b Bwo bwoba bwooby, bwa I bo bwi bwa bwo bwoby.” I managed to say around his massive girth.

“What was that, whore?” Alex laughed as he pulled his cock from my mouth, strings of spit and precum bridging my defiled lips.

“I’m not joining Lucy,” I moaned in pleasure, “but I do like what you’re doing.”

“Oh,” Alex sneered, “you like getting gangraped?”

“I fucking love it,” I smiled wickedly, “and since you’re (Aaah) going to be (oh fuck!) raping me forever, (right there!) we might as well (HHHnnnggg!) get to (oh shit!) know each other.”

“Do you hear that, guys?” Alex laughed, “The pure girl wants to be our friend!”

“Sure, I’ll be your friend, Rachel!” Ron laughed as he increased his pace in my ass, sending me screaming into an orgasm.

“Oh shit, she’s being very friendly with me!” Jake said as my orgasmic frenzy forced my vaginal muscles to clench around him, driving me further into a chaotic euphoria.

“A real nice girl!” John laughed, my hand stroking his entire length passionately, “One to take home to meet the parents!”

“Truly, a friend you can rely on!” Rick chimed in as my other hand worked his throbbing cock.

“Oh fuck!” I screamed as the orgasm built and built, “I’m just your friendly, little slut! Rape your slut harder!”

Alex shoved his entire cock deep into my throat, and I easily took him. I gagged around him as I stared covetously into his eyes. Ron spread my cheeks and smashed into my ass so hard I thought he’d crack my tailbone. I fucking loved it. Jake grabbed the clamps on my tits and stretched my breasts to agonizing levels as he drove wildly into my ruined cunt. I clenched around him in ardent pleasure and grinded my hips forward in appreciation. The climaxing sensation rose wildly from my nethers. The depth of my penetration was unlike I had ever experienced before, and every little nerve and tender piece of inner flesh was screaming out inside me. I twisted and writhed, my hips driving violently and my back arching. My eyes rolled into the back of my skull as my mouth screamed around the cock violating my throat. The orgasmic wave ascended inside me, and then came crashing down. I shrieked muffled exaltation as my pussy squirted all over Jake.

Jake grabbed my throat and pounded into me until he blew his spunk into my womb. I lurched forward in pleasure and cried out again as I felt my rectal skin come out of my body around Ron’s girth. Ron gripped my rippling, pale glutes and spread me wide as he unloaded his seed into my rectum. When he filled me to capacity, he ripped his cock out with a vicious pull, forcing my ass to prolapse. I screamed out in delight and held my ruined gape open as I felt the hot cum drip from it and run down my taint. Alex’s cock was throbbing wildly in my throat. I smiled up at him as best I could around his girth, and slowly drew up his length, my lips sealed so tightly they stretched from my mouth. Alex growled and grabbed my head, forcing my face against his pelvis as he blew his load down my throat. I screamed a constricted squeal of glee as his nectar gushed down my esophagus. He held me against him, forcing me to swallow every drop. I greedily drank him, but I wanted to be showered with cum. I jerked the demons off on either side of me with ardent ferocity. Alex let go of my head, and I gave him a devilish grin before taking Rick deep into my mouth and sucking him dry. He blew into my throat, and I pulled out and giggled in delight as he covered me with his seed. John’s cock throbbed in my other hand, and I attended to him with my mouth before making him rain is spunk all over me as well.

I was dripping from all parts of my body, exchanging laughs with my new friends as I rocked back and forth. They didn’t know it yet, but I was in control now. I’d never again be the apprehensive girl who let things happen to her; never again would I be taken advantage of. I couldn’t be raped, because I’d revel in their futile attempts to subdue me. They could have their perception of power, but it would be me, not them, that was directing the action. All I had to do was be more depraved than they were, and I had an eternity to see how depraved I could become.

“Rachel…” a meek voice moaned to me. I turned around to see God bent over, her arms straining against her body weight, her legs spread and her back arched. Dorian was slamming his thick cock deep into her ass, violently lurching her body forward as ripples of flesh permeated down her backside from the force of his aggressive impacts.

“God,” I whispered hoarsely as I directed Ron to switched spots with Alex and Jake to switch with Rick, “I’m sorry this happened to you; it’s my fault.”

“It’s OK, Rachel,” God smiled as Homer slid beneath her and shoved his cock into her pussy, “we can be together forever, all you have to do is join Lucy.”

“I can’t.” I said through a gasp of pleasure as my ass and pussy were filled with new cocks.

“There’s…oh fuck me, Homer…there’s (Ah) no need to stay pure and righteous,” God said through increasing moans, “there are no (ooooh) more tests for you.”

“I know,” I cried out as my rectal skin was pulled beautifully from my gaping rim, “I just…I just can’t do it.”

“Doesn’t it feel so good to just give in to your desires?” God moaned, a string of saliva descending from her mouth, “Isn’t better to abandon purity and just be a slut?”

“It is!” I cried out as I grinded back and forth on the two new cocks I had to play with, “it’s so much better to be a shameless whore!”

“We can be little whores together,” God said, her eyes welling tears from her pleasure, “we can (Aaah!) be lovers, Rachel. We can be together and enjoy each other for eternity.”

“I want to!” I screamed out as I felt another orgasm building. I slammed my ass down on Alex and clenched my sphincter around him. He moaned a deep masculine tone and slapped my ass. I purred with burning desire as my back arched from the sweet pain.

“Then just join Lucy,” God sobbed as her body flailed and jiggled in fervent lust, “and it can be so.”

“I’m sorry!” I shrieked, my body oscillating wildly as I shifted my weight forward and flexed my vaginal muscles around Rick, “I can’t! I can never join Lucy!”

“Hey, Rachel,” Ron growled to me with a slap across the face, “you have duties to attend to.”

I looked up at the cock that had just been in my ass. I licked my lips and smiled at Ron. He thought I wouldn’t want to do it, he still thought I was the pure little girl he had in chains before. I lowered my lips to him, opening my mouth and teasing his oozing urethra with my tongue. I stayed there, my eyes hungry and my mouth hovering, waiting for him to get tired of my playing and take me. A strong hand gripped the back of my head. Fuck yeah.

My lips sealed around his shaft as he forced my head all the way down. I gagged on him has my nose squished against his pelvis, the sweet stink of lions wafting into my nostrils as his balls rested on my chin. I closed my throat around him and rotated my lips, humming a moan of lechery as I gazed longingly into his eyes. I covetously ran my tongue along his underside and tasted my ass on his cock. Mmmmmm, I was delicious.

You think you’re the one in control, Ron? I thought as I watched him fall prey to my pleasure, You’ll be calling me ‘ma’am’ by the end of the week, and ‘mistress’ by the end of the month.

My, my, haven’t we fallen from grace? Lucy’s voice teased as Ron began to drive beautifully into my whorish mouth, Are you planning on becoming their pack leader? Are you the alpha female, Rachel?

There’s no point in staying pure anymore, I mentally responded as I rocked my hips back and forth on the men driving into my holes, but just because I’m a slut now, doesn’t mean I’ll be your slut. I’ll have these boys wrapped around my finger in no time, and then I’ll have an eternity to play with them.

You would rather spend an eternity down here, then join me? Lucy asked as she walked over to me.

It’s not such a terrible fate. I sniggered as I clenched my rim around Alex and let him pull my ass skin out of me. God, that feels fucking good.

You could be my messiah, Lucy whispered in my mind, You wouldn’t have to pass any of the bullshit tests your former god wanted you to. You could marry my new son, and rule over earth.

Mmmmm, no. I replied, I think I’ll stay here.

I could reunite you with Caitlyn and Brian, Lucy said as she lowered face right next to mine, You could be the beautiful queen of the hermaphrodites and take your brother as your husband

My mind will break soon, I replied, and then I’ll just be an empty vessel. I won’t have any aspirations, and I won’t have romantic interests. I’ll just be a mindless whore, with one desire, and an infinite amount of time to fulfill it. I’ll forget all about Brian and Caitlyn, and spend eternity as mistress of the demons.

What about your precious god? Lucy asked, She’ll leave here with me when the day is out.

She’s not god anymore, you are. I replied as I felt another orgasm quaking inside me, And I reject you, Lucy; you’re no god of mine.

Then you’re an atheist, Lucy said, a heretic, a nonbeliever.

I’m a polytheist now, I smirked back, My new gods are Alex, Ron, Jake, Rick and John, and they’ll serve me far better than you ever could.

The rumblings of my climax tremored within my depths. the rapturous feeling coursing through my mind and compelling my body to act impulsively. I dug my heels into the floor and began squatting enthusiastically on the cocks desecrating my nethers. My hips dropped and my ass clapped as I hopped up and down while the demons drove mercilessly through me. My hair flailed and tears of ecstasy ran down my cheeks. I sobbed a shriek of pleasure around Ron, choking around his cock to make it better for him. The rumbling rose to a spine-shaking quake, and the ballooning felicitous pressure began to expand from my pelvis. I lifted my body until only the heads of the cocks were still inside me, and then dropped down, relishing the deep and sudden penetration of the two cocks spearing my tender depths. I felt them pulsating and throbbing wildly inside me. I clenched around all of them, my throat, my pussy and my ass, tightening my inner muscles to milk the sweet nectar from their loins. The pressure kept building, sending molten bouts of electricity coursing through my twisting body. My mind went numb and my instincts took over. I shifted ardently back and forth, keeping my inner muscles tight and constricting as spasms blasted through me. The feeling reached its peak, and all five demons blew at once. I was covered in their hot seed from head to toe. It seeped warmly into my flesh and scorched through my insides. My own climax came crashing down on me in wave of release, sending my body into manic, trembling fits of ecstasy. I writhed on the cocks erupting inside me, my spine arching, my hips driving ardently, and my mouth sucking so hard my lips were being pulled from my face. I kept my passionate pace through my diminishing climax, eagerly awaiting the demons to continue their violation, and bring me more pleasure.

This is your last chance, Rachel. Lucy whispered in my mind, a hint of desperation in her voice, Join me.

No. I replied coldly, Leave me in peace with my new gods.

“Alright, that’s a wrap!” Lucy yelled.

The demons pulled out of me, their cum draining from my gaping holes and onto the floor. They gently lifted me up and undid my shackles as I stared in shocked confusion. A film crew appeared from behind Lucy’s throne, and stagehands hurriedly bustled over to the demons to give them bottles of water. A boom mic I hadn’t noticed before was raised right above my head.

“You did it!” God exclaimed excitedly, embracing me as the cum on her body mixed with cum on mine.

“Wut.” I responded.

“You passed the fourth test!” God laughed, her demonic features fading and her golden aura returning to her.

“Th-th-this was a test?” I stammered, “Why are there cameras and microphones everywhere? What the fuck is going on?!”

“The cameras and mics are for the movie,” Lucy said as she transformed back into her normal self, “we couldn’t just write a screenplay and then not film it.”

“A movie?!” I screamed, “What the fuck is-”

God touched my head, and memories came flying back to me. Holy shit, we did a lot of takes. God fucked up her lines worse than Tommy Wiseau. During the climax of the movie, when God conceded her power to Lucy, she forgot the line “yes, master,” burst out laughing, and turned into a hippopotamus. Three demons had quit and walked off set, and Alex had a mental breakdown and I had to console and reassure him that he was just as good as James Dean.

“Wow,” I said, “we’ve been down here for a long time.”

“No thanks to our supporting actress,” Lucy grimaced at God, “who couldn’t remember a SINGLE FUCKING LINE!”

“Hey,” God giggled, “we got enough material for a final cut.”

“Barely,” Lucy sighed, “the outtakes reel is going to be longer than the feature film. You did a good job, though.” Lucy said, gesturing to me.

“Well,” I growled, “how could I not do a good job?! I actually thought I was being raped!”

“Don’t be so melodramatic,” Lucy smiled, “you didn’t seem to mind toward the end there.”

“And she was so good!” God beamed, “What was that line you said? ‘I reject you Lucy; you’re no god of mine.’ That should be on the poster!”

“That would give away the ending,” Lucy said, “I think the poster line should be me saying: ‘I am your god now!’ and then the poster is of me, standing over a terrified Rachel as she’s double penetrated.”

“Where am I on this poster?” God said indignantly, “I’m the second role!”

“You’ll be in the bottom-left corner, obscured by the demons gangbanging you.” Lucy smirked.

“Na-ah,” God said, “I’m talking to Frank.”

“Mr. Capra is the director, but I’m the producer,” Lucy said, “and I get the final say.”

“Frank Capra directed a smut film?” I asked incredulously.

“That’s right,” Lucy smiled, “in fact, down here, that’s mostly what he directs.”

“Ooooo, the trailer’s already on youtube,” God said as she held out her phone, “let’s take a look.”


(Panning shot of me walking through a field of wheat as a pleasant violin plays in the background.)

“Rachel was just a god-fearing Christian with a heart of gold…” said the stereotypical movie trailer voice-over guy.

(Close-up of me kissing my crucifix and looking to the sky)

“She prayed every day and always went to church…”

(Side shot of me confessing to a priest that I had dirty thoughts about a boy in school.)

“…but now, her faith will be tested.”

(Close up of me clutching my crucifix in the confession box.)

“From the director of the timeless classics: It’s A Wonderful Life, and Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, comes a tale of a young woman, seeking the light of God...”

(Side-shot of me raising my face to reveal Lucy in the confession box next to me. The pleasant violin tune changes to earie screeching sound.)

“…in hell!”

(Death metal music, flashing shots of me getting gangraped, close-up shot of my double-penetration, close up of me choking on a dick, overhead shot of me lurching back and forth as I scream in pleasure and terror.)

“Now Rachel is forced to make a decision…”

(Shot of me looking at the transformed Lucy looming over me. “Join me, I am your God now!” she laughs manically as she fucks God from behind.)

“…between joining the devil…”

(“Join Lucy,” God moans as she’s brutally anally fucked, “and we can be her whores together!”)

“…or getting gangraped for eternity!”

(“Do you like getting gangraped?” Alex asks me as I moan with cum dripping down my chin. “I fucking love it.” I respond with a wicked smile.)

“Rachel Johnson stars in…”

(Close up of me, shrieking “I’m just your friendly little slut! Rape your slut harder!” to the ceiling.)

“…The Corruption of the Pure Child.”

(guitars ring out a last chord to a shot of me spreading my ass as cum leaks from my gaping, prolapsed hole.)

“Rated G.”


“Rated G?!” I screamed, mortified at what I just saw.

“As far as smut films in hell go,” Lucy smiled, “this one is pretty tame.”

“No scat, pissing, vomit, mutilation, bestiality, or incest,” God said, “any of those would have bumped it up to PG.”

“Of course,” Lucy smiled, “If you wanted to, we could do some re-shoots and-”

“No!” I said firmly, “No, I think I’ve had enough, thank you!”

"Fine," Lucy grumbled, "but they never give Oscars to G-rated movies."

“Alright,” Frank Capra said as he walked to the three of us, “we’ve got enough money in the budget for the sequel-”

“I’m not shooting a second movie!” I screamed.

“Oh, don’t worry, Honey,” God laughed, “you’re not the star of the sequel.”

“I am.” Lucy murmured, “It’s my debt.”

“And this one,” God smiled wickedly as put her arm threateningly around Lucy’s shoulders, “is going to be rated R.”

“Any alterations to the script you’d like to make?” Capra asked me as he handed me the screenplay.

I paged through it, my smile growing wider with each word.

“No,” I said to the dead director, “I think it’s perfect.”

“There’s a role open for you, if you want it.” God said.

“Sure,” I replied as I looked through the script, “I’ll play…the dog breeder. Looks like I have a rabid pitbull that needs a bitch to breed with. I wonder who’s playing that part?” I smiled at Lucy.

“Woof.” Lucy said with a scared smile. She had a lot of making up to do before I forgave her for this test.


2017-11-29 19:04:56
This is by FAR one of the best series of stories I've read on this site...the sex is different (chapter 3 was VERY weird for me), but the story is just so griping I can't stop reading... definitely worth a higher rating than 91%


2017-08-13 00:17:55
I never see a lot of reviews, so I just wanted to take the time to say that I am really enjoying this series. It's not just smut (which is really well-written, descriptive, and imaginative), but truly a cohesive story with well developed characters. It's a breath of fresh air on this site and I really hope you keep going.


2017-07-28 22:54:50
I have greatly enjoyed your work,I do hope that you will add more of God is a slut tales.
your slut fan

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