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This is the second chapter of the "God is a Slut" series, where God and Lucifer (Lucy) gamble with a pure girl's soul. I use multiple first-person perspectives, which are marked with CAPITAL NAMES.

“Today, Rachel, we begin the second test.” I said to the mortal, “I just need you to lie on your back and relax.”

We were in a therapist’s office, with cream colored walls, brown carpeting and windows that looked out onto a hellish cityscape below us. I was dressed in a white dress shirt, with a black skirt, black high heels and rectangular glasses. I enjoyed playing the part of the therapist, and was fully committed to the role, though, I did unbutton my shirt low enough to reveal my ample, red cleavage. God was dressed in her usual silk dress with the plunging neckline, and had her golden hair done up in a crowning braid that wrapped around her head, with the rest of her locks flowing freely down her shoulders. Rachel was still in her oversized sweatshirt and jeans, still desperately trying to conceal the curvaceous body she possessed. She had resisted the temptations of the succubi admirably, but this test was a different animal.

Rachel nervously rested her head back on the couch, and God gave her a reassuring smile and squeezed the mortal’s hand.

“I’m going to ask you some questions,” I said to Rachel, “and I want you to answer them honestly. Remember: it is a sin to lie, and God is right there.”

“OK Lucy,” Rachel said, her voice wavering slightly, “I’m ready.”

“Perfect.” I smiled, crossing my legs in a professional manner, “My first question is: when did you first start noticing changes in your body?”

“When I was twelve,” the college freshman said, “I had my first period.”

“And it was around this time that you began to see boys in a different light?” I asked.

“Yes.” Rachel responded.

“And if you can remember, when was the first time you masturbated?” I asked, looking up at her from behind my glasses.

“Uuuuumm” Rachel said, entwining her fingers together nervously, “I think it was when I was fifteen.”

“Wow,” God said, “you held out for a long time.”

“It’s a sin to indulge in your own flesh,” Rachel responded, “forgive me.”

"There's nothing to forgive, sweetheart." God smiled warmly.

“And did you use pornography as an aid, or were you using your imagination?” I asked Rachel, writing nonsense on the clipboard in my lap to keep up the appearance of professionalism.

“I used my imagination.” Rachel said, “Pornography is sinful.”

“It is?” God laughed, “Where in the bible does it say that? I watch porn all the time, Rachel. You humans are so…creative; I get all my new ideas from it.”

“I know you’re still testing me, my lord.” Rachel smiled, “Rest assured, my will is strong.”

“Moving on…” I said as God gave me satisfied smirk. It seemed no matter what God did or said, Rachel would still believe it was an act to test her faith, which meant God had carte blanche to be the shameless slut she truly was, without worry of swaying Rachel to my side. This little bitch was tough, but this test would surely break her.

“What were you imagining during your masturbation?” I asked Rachel.

“I don’t remember,” Rachel said honestly, “it was a long time ago.”

“Justin Bieber, One Direction,” I listed off the typical heart throbs of early teens, “the athletic kids at school, the bad boys, the druggies, the theatre kids…”

“No,” Rachel said, “I don’t think so.”

“Hmmmm,” I pondered, “well, it was a long time ago, so it’s likely you can’t remember it off hand. I’m going to put you in a hypnotic trance, and we’ll extract the memory from there.”

“Why are you so interested?” Rachel asked.

“You’re first sexual fantasy is the origin of your sexuality,” I explained, “your preferences may change, but everything expands outward from that first dirty thought. After I find that little bit of teenage depravity, I can move deeper until I discover your darkest fantasy.”

“My darkest fantasy?” Rachel asked, “How will this play-out in the test?”

“I am going to make it a reality,” I smirked, “and if you still want to hang out with God’s boring ass afterward, then you pass the test. Now, I need you to just relax, Rachel, just lie back, and don’t think about anything.”

I got up from my chair and pulled the pendulum from my pocket. I had the ability to put anyone in a trance with just a touch of my hand, but I was a slave to theatrics, and I’d seen too many movies where hypnosis therapy worked not to try it. I let the pendulum sway back and forth across Rachel’s eyes. She stared blankly at the pendulum, and I grew frustrated with the lack of hypnosis, and pushed her mind from consciousness with a touch of my hand instead.

“Now that she’s knocked out,” God whispered, “we can do whatever we want to her…let’s draw a dick on her face.”

“You’re mature,” I smiled, “I suppose you’d blame it on me once she found out.”

“And she’d believe every word.” God sniggered.

“Let’s find out what kind of dirty things fifteen-year-old Rachel was thinking about.” I said quietly as I leaned down to Rachel’s face.

“She’s so pure and innocent,” God whispered, “I bet it was something like holding hands with a boy in choir.”

“I’m not so sure,” I smiled, “the bible-thumpers often have some perverse fantasies. That’s what happens when you repress sexuality for so long.”

“We’ll see.” God said confidently, “Go on, ask her.”

“Rachel,” I whispered to the entranced girl, “who were you thinking about the first time you touched yourself?”

“Brian.” The entranced Rachel whispered.

“Oh fuck….” God said. I looked up at her and saw the worry in her face. Whoever Brian was, God definitely didn’t want Rachel to be thinking about him.

“And who is Brian?” I asked, smirking at God.

“My brother.”

I bit the inside of my cheeks to keep from bursting out in laughter. God stared down at Rachel, completely mortified.

Her brother?!” I hissed between fits of laughter, “Your perfect little human wants to fuck her brother?!

“She was young and confused!” God insisted through hushed whispers, “It’s like you said: sexual repression leads to weird fantasies; she’s probably over it by now!”

“Rachel,” I whispered, trying to hold it together, “Do you still touch yourself and think about Brian?”

“Yes.” She said whispered.

“Is Brian your darkest fantasy?”

“Yesssss.” She hissed, a small amount of arousal in her voice.

“Lucy,” God said, “don’t do it.”

“Oh, I’m doing it.” I smiled, “We haven’t had a good old fashioned incest fantasy for a loooong time.”

“Lucy, c’mon, the poor girl’s going to be scarred for life.”

“It’s so perverse,” I sneered, “so wrong. Fulfilling a fantasy like this just…burns a spot in the soul. After Rachel gets a taste of her brother, she’s going be begging to join me.”

God didn’t really give a shit that Rachel wanted to fuck her brother; the omnipotent slut often acted out incest fantasies herself. What God was really scared of, was that I was right. Rachel knew her fantasy was depraved, but I was going to make her fulfill it anyway, and once she dabbled in her darker side, she’d turn away from the bullshit path of virtue and have fun with me instead. And the debt God would owe me…let’s just say our lord and savior wasn’t going to be walking right for months. I smirked at God and disappeared in a flash of smoke. It was time to find Brian.


Ramstein played in the background as I packed a bowl of ground bud. I searched my pockets for my lighter and sighed when I realized I’d lost both it, and my cigarettes at the costume party last night. I was bound to have another lighter lying around my apartment somewhere, so I pushed away textbooks and piles of overdo papers looking for one.

“Need a light?” a sultry female voice asked from behind me.

Did I take home a girl last night? I thought, God, I hope it wasn’t Allison again, every time I get too drunk, Allison just swoops in like a fucking vulture.

“Allison, look,” I said as I turned around, “I don’t know what I said to you last night, but-”

This woman was not Allison. This woman was wearing a perfect devil’s cosplay outfit; her skin painted deep red from head to toe, her eyes decorated with golden contacts, her full lips covered in a sheen of black lipstick, and a pair of prosthetic horns protruding from a thick mane of straight black hair. She had a body like I’d never seen curving beneath a…secretary’s outfit? That part was confusing. Either way, I must have hit that last night and been too drunk to remember.

“I’m sorry,” I said, laughing and shaking my head, “I don’t remember your name.”

“Lucy.” she smiled.

“Lucy,” I laughed, “holy shit, you are way out of my league. I don’t know what my blacked-out self said to convince you to sleep with me, but-”

“We didn’t have sex, Brian,” Lucy laughed, “but I’m down for some later if you do me favor.”

“Sure!” I said, a little too eagerly. I must have passed-out before I could seal the deal last night, but Lucy seemed more than willing to give me a second chance. If she needed her laundry picked up or something, I could do her that favor. Shit, I’d damn near do anything to get it in.

“I’m actually a friend of your sister’s,” Lucy said as she sat down on my couch, “and she’s in a rough place right now.”

“I didn’t know Rachel had any friends,” I said, tactfully sitting down next to Lucy, “she’s always calling me from ASU and telling me how lonely she is. Do you go to ASU?”

“I’m done with school, actually,” Lucy said, “can I smoke in here?”


Lucy took out a pack of Marlboro Reds, which surprised me. Most girls who smoke, don’t smoke something that harsh. Lucy was a bad, bad little devil; I was betting on anal. She flicked her thumb up and a flame shot from the tip. I raised my eyebrows at her cool party trick.

“You’ve got to show me how you do that,” I said, “do you keep a match in your palm or something?"

“I can summon the flame of hell-fire at will.” Lucy smiled. It was a little weird that she was staying in character after the party, but I didn’t give a shit. She could extinguish that square on balls if it meant she'd lick them.

“You were talking about Rachel?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Lucy said, blowing out a smoky shape of a woman bending over (how fucking cool was that?), “Rachel is in hell and needs you to have sex with her.”

“What?!” I yelled. Why is it that the hot ones I bring home are always fucking crazy? This is Allison all over again.

“Your sister, Rachel, is in hell with God, in my therapist’s office, waiting for me to bring you over to have sex with her.” Lucy said in a very matter-of-fact way. This bitch was hot, but not hot enough to ignore the red flags flying from every post of my mind.

“Ooooookkkkaaaaay,” I said, getting up, “you need to leave.”

“Oh, you still think I’m a cosplay slut you met at the party last night?” Lucy laughed, “I thought I dropped enough hints, but apparently, I was too subtle. Why don’t you look out your window?”

“Why the fuck-”

Welp, my hyper-religious parents were right all along. Hell was real, I was a sinner, and now I was being punished. Outside my window was a sea of lava, and billions of naked bodies writhing in torturous…wait, no, they’re all fucking; not so bad after all. I didn’t recall dying last night, but given how much alcohol I remember consuming, my death was probably embarrassing as fuck, and posted on LiveLeak by now. I hope I didn’t shit myself. I definitely shit myself.

“Satan,” I said to the beautiful queen of evil, “did I shit myself when I died? Because I have this problem where if I drink too much-”

“You’re not dead, Brian.” Satan laughed, “you’re just visiting, like your sister. And call me Lucy.”

“Right,” I said, snapping my fingers, “you want me to fuck my sister. I’m not doing it.”

“It’ll only be for a little-”

“I. Am. Not. Having. Sex. With. My. Sister!” I yelled. “End of story! Now take me back to my apartment so I can smoke my bowl in peace!”

“Have you ever seen those movies where someone makes a deal with the devil, and then they get everything they want?” Lucy said, standing up and walking seductively to me, “I can give you anything you want.”

“I want you to leave me alone,” I said, “and not ask me to have sex with my sister.”

“I could give you fortune-”

“Not interested.”


“Don’t need it.”

“All the women you could ever desire? I could suck your-”

“I can masturbate.”

“Holy shit,” Lucy grumbled, “you and your sister are the two most stubborn fucking people I’ve ever met. I had my fist eight inches up her ass yesterday-”

“I don’t want to hear about that!” I grimaced. “What are you doing with her anyway?”

“God and I make these bets,” Lucy explained, “where God makes a human of pure spirit, and I try to corrupt them. So far, Rachel has passed the first test. The second test is where I find her deepest, darkest fantasy and make it a reality. And you, Brian, are that fantasy.”

“What the fuck,” I said, “Rachel wants to have sex with me?! She’s a fucking Jesus-freak! She goes to the confession box for just thinking about things!”

“And she’s been thinking about you, and what you have between your legs for quite some time.” Lucy smirked, “I guess she suppresses these thoughts so deeply, she won’t even confess them to a priest. But she confessed them to me, Brian. Your precious little sister wants you balls-deep in her virgin pussy.”

“What the fuck…” I said, sitting down on the couch in shock.

“The origin of this depravity lies somewhere in the pages of your history,” Lucy said as she walked behind me and placed her hands on my shoulders, “let’s take a look, shall we?”

A book appeared in my lap, and Lucy opened it. Her hands were delicate, with long fingers and black nail polish. She paged though the book of empty sheets and then stopped.

“Here….” She hissed, “this is where it all started.”

The page came to life in a screen of moving colors and then focused. It was from the viewpoint of my eyes. I was yelling at my parents, pointing an accusing finger at them, and then gesturing to Rachel sobbing on the floor. She was fifteen at the time, and she’d just been caught texting a boy from school. It was nothing salacious, it was an innocuous “hi,” but it was enough for my parents to come down on her hard. I defended her, I stood up for her and tried to explain reason to my parents. I told them they were ruining her, that she’d never function as an adult if they kept treating her this way. They threw her in the closet and screamed passages from the bible at her. I tore her from the closet and punched my old man in the face when he tried to stop me.

That was the last time we ever saw our parents. Rachel lived with me until she graduated high school and went to ASU. I feared that the damage of her youth was permanent, that she’d never escape from the shell our parents put her in. She prayed every day, she followed the word of God to the letter, and she wore a cross at all times, not even taking it off in the shower. She never had any fun, never made any friends, and she barely talked to anyone but me. All I could do was encourage her to be herself and hope that she’d open up to new experiences. And ever since I had dragged her from that hell-hole of a house, she’d wanted to fuck me. What the fuck.

“That was quite the thing you did for her,” Lucy’s voice whispered in my ear, “no wonder she sees you the way she does. You saved her, Brian, and that night, she touched herself for the first time, thinking about you.”

“Get the fuck away from me!” I growled.

“That’s not how this works,” Lucy whispered, her voice a mix of lust and malice, “you see, Rachel’s stuck here until she either passes my test, or fails it, in which case she’ll willingly join me in hell. God thinks Rachel could be the next messiah, and Rachel really pines for God’s approval. If you don’t help me, Brian, then Rachel can’t pass her test, and she’ll stay down here forever, stuck in my therapist office, waiting for you to save her, once again.”

“Jesus Christ,” I exclaimed, “you really are an evil bitch.”

“I’m not so bad once you get to know me,” Lucy laughed as she massaged my shoulders, “God however, God is a piece of work.”

“He gambles with innocent people’s souls,” I sighed, “he sounds like a real old-testament asshole.”

She, Brian, God is a woman. And she’s not an asshole; she really does try to do good, it’s just…she’s kind of stupid. I mean, she knows everything in the universe, but her judgement is poor, to put it nicely.”

“So, I have to have sex with my sister to save her soul?” I said.

“That’s right,” Lucy replied, “and really put your back into it, Brian; Rachel needs to feel like you’re not just doing her a favor.”

“You are a disgusting person, Lucy.” I said, tilting my head up until our eyes met.

“And once you do what I ask,” Lucy smiled down at me, her hands sliding from my shoulders and tracing down my torso, “you’ll get to see how disgusting I really am.”


I woke up from my trance to see God’s beautiful face smiling down at me.

“What happened?” I asked her.

“You confessed your darkest fantasy to Lucy.” God said, her hand gently petting my hair.

“And?” I asked, “What is it?”

“You…” God said, “You want…to fuck your older brother.”

“What?!” I screamed as I shot up, “No, no, no. No I do not!”

“It’s OK,” God said, putting her calming hands on my shoulders, “it’s a little on the freakier side of things, but it’s not unheard of. I’m not one to judge; I mean, if I had a brother I’d have definitely fucked him by now.”

“It’s unnatural!” I cried, “It’s an abomination, a sin!”

“Hey, honey,” God said, “let’s pump the brakes here, OK? I’m the one who decides what a sin is, and I know you read the bible; there is a ton of incest. I mean, Adam and Eve? How the fuck do you think they got grandkids?!”

“I guess, if the bible says it’s Ok…”

“That’s the spirt!” God said, “For once, telling someone to read the bible was actually a good idea!”

“I know you’re testing my faith-”

“It was a joke, Rachel.” God laughed, “Reading the bible is a terrible idea; I didn’t write that shit.”

“I will remain faithful to your word, even if you try to sway me otherwise.” I smiled.

“Oh,” God beamed and pinched my cheek, “you are just too perfect.”

Lucy and Brian appeared in puff of black smoke. Brian looked more than a little confused, and I hoped Lucy had brought him up to speed on our situation; I didn’t want to be the one to tell him what he needed to do.

“Rachel!” Brian exclaimed when his eyes met me. He embraced me tightly, and I hugged him back.

“Brian,” I said, pressing my face into his chest, “it’s so good to see you!”

“You and mom and dad were right all along,” Brian said as he pulled away, “all of this Jesus bumbo-jumbo is true.”

“Most of it’s actually bullshit.” God said, extending a hand to Brian, “Hi, I’m God.”

“Hi…God.” Brian said, awkwardly shaking the almighty’s hand.

“I take it you’re not a fan?” God chuckled, “Is it because you didn’t believe in me?”

“It mostly has to do with what you and your red friend are asking me to do,” Brian said, scowling at God before turning to me, “Lucy’s full of shit, right? You don’t actually…”

“She’s not,” I said, hanging my head in shame, “I’ve…I’ve always…ever since you…”

“It’s OK,” Brian said, holding me close as I cried into his chest, “Mom and Dad never let you do anything. You were stuck in your room for most of your teen years, when you should have been out with friends and flirting with boys. It only makes sense that you became attracted to the one boy you spent any time with. It’s not your fault, Rachel, it’s not your fault.”

“I’m sorry, Brian,” I sniffed, “I’m sorry you have to do this.”

“It’s alright,” Brian said, pulling my face off his chest, “it’s OK, Rachel. You’re my sister, and I’d do anything for you. I never thought I’d have to do this, but I’ll do it to keep you safe. I love you, Rachel.”

“Oh, my god,” God sniffed as she wiped away a tear, “that was so beautiful!”

“Alright!” Lucy said, clapping her hands, “Enough with the boring shit; let’s get the show started!”

“Can we have some privacy?!” Brian yelled at God and Lucy, “I agreed to do this; I did not agree to a fucking audience!”

“Fine,” Lucy grumbled, “C’mon God, we’ll watch it in my theater-room.”

“Ooooo,” God said in glee, “Can you make popcorn?”

“Yeah,” Lucy smiled, “but soft drinks are seven bucks for a small, and no refills!”

The two disappeared in a cloud of black and gold smoke, leaving Brian and I alone.

“Ok…” Brian said as he looked me over, “I guess…I guess we should start. I wish we weren’t in a shitty therapist’s office but-”

We were immediately transported into a dark room. Purple velvet drapes hung from a circular ceiling that spiraled up to peak, with a heart-shaped red light in the center that illuminated the room in a passionate color. All around us were velvet cloths and pillows, and the floor was nothing but a giant, purple mattress.

“Whoa.” Brian said as he looked around the soft room, “This looks like something I’d see in the Playboy Mansion.”

“You have no more excuses, Brian!” Lucy’s voice yelled from nowhere.

“Goddamn it.” Brian growled.


“I’m sorry, Rachel,” Brian smiled, “gosh-darn-it.”

“I’ve never…” I said sheepishly, “I’ve never done anything with a man before.”

“It sounded like you had some lesbian fun,” Brian smirked, “you lucky girl, you. I’ll guide you through it, and I’ll be gentle. First thing we should do is get each other ready.”

“Like, kissing and touching each other?” I asked.

“Yeah…” Brian said, looking very uncomfortable, “Lucy, I need wine! Lots and lots of wine!”

“Try not to shit yourself, Brian!” Lucy’s voice laughed as two bottles of really expensive French wine appeared next to us.

“What did she mean by that?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about it.” Brian grumbled as he read the label, “Holy shit, this stuff is worth more than our old house!”

“I’ve never drank wine except for communion.” I said as Brian poured me a glass.

“Well, drink a lot of it,” Brian said, “because that’s the only way I’m going to be able to look past the fact that I’m about to take my sister’s virginity, in hell, because God and Satan like to gamble.”

“Cheers.” I said, and we clinked glasses.

We sat awkwardly on the bed and drank more and more wine. I began to feel really chatty as I drank, and I talked the ear off my poor brother as he somberly drank up his courage. Soon, both wine bottles were empty, and my inhibitions were lowered.

“…and so God, she tested my faith again by transforming into a succubus, and she was so pretty, Brian, and she kept telling me: ‘it’s Ok, Rachel, you can give in, Rachel,’ but I didn’t. I did not give in, and I passed the first test!”

“That is...” Brian said, “one hell of a story, Rachel. I’m glad that all those years of faith have been rewarded. Now…we’re drunk and we’re in a bed; this is usually where things start to happen.”

“What kind of things?” I giggled as I parted my legs.

Our clothes magically transformed as my legs spread. My baggy sweat shirt and jeans were replaced with a skimpy translucent gown, with a bodice that revealed almost all my ample cleavage, and a skirt that stopped just below my ass. Brian was wearing nothing but a pair of silk boxers. His tan body was rippled with lean muscle, and covered in tattoos. His brown beard was trimmed down to stubble, and his curly hair was a mess of delightful locks.

“Ok,” Brian said as he took a deep breath, “I think I’m drunk enough; let’s do this.”


There was no denying that Rachel was beautiful. She had perfectly shaped c-cup tits, a thick, juicy ass, and unblemished pale skin that gleamed red in the color of the light-bulb above us. Her brown hair was wavy and framed her beautiful face perfectly. She was the hottest girl I’d ever be with. Still, I could not look past the fact that she was my sister. Even after all that wine, I still didn’t know if I could do this, and my body was not cooperating.

You’re not losing your nerve, are you Brian? Lucy’s voice teased in my mind.

You’re the queen of sin, give me some fucking help here! I yelled back.

Certainly, Lucy laughed, All you had to do was ask.

My dick curved upward in the hardest erection I ever had. It throbbed painfully and pressed against the seam of my boxers. Rachel looked at it with a mixture of desire and fear, and I started to like the way she was gazing at me.

Goddamn it.

Brian, Lucy sneered, I think you want to fuck your sister! You little degenerate.

No I don’t, I growled, You just gave me a skin-splitting hard-on, and I have only one place to put it.


“Brian,” Rachel whispered lustfully, “Come over here and kiss me.”

I crawled over to my beautiful little sister. She lied on her back and placed her arms beside her head, waiting for me to initiate. I crawled on top of her, hovering over her until our faces were just inches from each other. Her lips were luscious and parted slightly, her porcelain cheeks were flushed with amorous red, and her eyes were half-mast in expectant bliss, pining for me to fulfill a fantasy she kept locked away for years. And I wanted to. I hated myself for wanting to do this, but I couldn’t deny it anymore.

I lowered my face and touched our lips. She parted her mouth and waited for me to continue. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I gave in to her, and pushed our mouths together. Her tongue reached out for mine, and I accepted it. I kissed my little sister with the burning desire of a man. I pressed my face hard against her own, and sent every emotion I had; the guilt, the shame, and the overwhelming need, into our kiss. She was an inexperienced kisser, an innocent girl who never felt the touch of a man before. She was apprehensive and shy, but I was controlling. She loved it; she hummed a moan of need between my lips, and grinded her thighs together below me. Her pathetic tones of vulnerable femininity awakened the dark part of myself.

I possessively ran my tongue down my sister’s neck. She whimpered and arched her back from the bed, her body begging me to take her. I licked my way to her cleavage, and tore her dress down the middle. She cried out in fear and passion as her naked body was exposed to me. God, she was fucking beautiful. Her pale, full breasts were adorned with perfect, small, perky nipples, and they bounced from her torn bodice in a delicious ripple. I hungrily took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked greedily, pulling the flesh of her bosom between my lips. Rachel moaned and whimpered with gratitude, her hands pushing on the back of my head, willing me to draw from her. I pressed my face forward until the supple flesh of her tit was deformed against my nose and mouth, and I sucked as though I was nursing from her breast.

“Oh, God I want you, Brian!” Rachel cried.

I released her breasts and licked my way down the lines of her abdomen until I got to her pelvis. I traced my fingers through the creases of her thighs as I lowered my head to her depths. Her tight pussy was soaked with need, frothing with her delectable juices and red with passion. Everything else I’d done could be forgiven; the kissing, the nursing, but this, what I was about to do, there was no turning back from this.

Do it… Lucy’s voice whispered lustfully in my mind, Taste the nectar of your sweet, little sister. She wants you to, Brian. She’s practically begging for it.

Lucy’s words were doing something to my head. Every time she spoke, my carnal urges roared inside of me. My inhibitions left me. I lowered my face to my sister’s virgin slit and ran my tongue through it. Rachel shuttered and whimpered above me. She tasted so good. I parted her pedals with my tongue and slid upward until I found her clit. Rachel’s thighs trembled. I licked around her spot, teasing her, bringing her arousal to new heights, until she was begging me to touch her where she wanted.

“Please, Brian!” Rachel cried, “Please lick my clit!”

I ran my tongue flat against her bump, sending a spasm shooting up Rachel’s pelvis. She let out a soft cry and brought her thighs together against the sides of my head. I licked her back and forth, slowly sliding my tongue over her clit in sensual, gradual motions. My fingers moved beneath my chin and traced through her soft, wet pedals. I wrapped my lips around her clit, and pushed three fingers inside her.

Rachel’s body tensed up, her thighs clamping down hard on my head. I rotated my lips and sucked her clit as my fingers pushed deeper. I turned my palm upward and curled my digits until they pressed against her vaginal ceiling, and then I rubbed along her until I got the reaction I wanted. Rachel cried out and gushed her juices into my mouth. I massaged her inner spot as I sucked ardently from her clit, pulling the soft flesh of her nethers outward from her body, sending delightful spasms through her insides. She clenched around my fingers and let out a scream. She came in my mouth, a flowing squirt of sweet feminine juice that tasted of her desire. Her legs quivered and her back arched as a stream of pathetic tones flowed from her virgin mouth. She was ready for me.

I got to my knees and looked over Rachel. She was on her back, her body gyrating in a dance of need; her spine arching slightly, pushing her full, pale breasts outward, her hips swaying and grinding against the bed. Her eyes looked down at my throbbing cock, her expression full of hunger, her teeth biting her lower lip. Her hands pressed against her breasts and ran down the curves of her body, outlining herself for me, presenting me with the bends of her femininity.

“I’m ready…” Rachel whispered.

But I wasn’t. There was still a part of me that resisted, that told me there was still a chance to go back from this. Lucy felt the resistance of my mind, and hissed her venom into my ears.

Look at her, Brian. the devil’s sultry voice whispered in my mind, Look how beautiful she is. Look at the curves of her body, the bust of her chest and the thickness of her ass. Look how she wants you; have you ever seen a girl want you so?

She’s my sister…

Yes she is, Lucy whispered, her voice filled with arousal, and she’s so innocent, so pure, so full of love and devotion to you. You’re her guardian angel, you’re her savior and protector. She’d do anything for her strong older brother.


You both want thissss Lucy hissed, It’s Rachel’s darkest desire to have you; why not make it true for her? Why not take her and make her your own? We could change her, Brian. We could strip away the layers of righteousness and purity, until all that’s left is the whore she wants to be; your personal little slut. Your own sister, Brian, on her knees for you, smiling up with an adoring expression, and gratefully excepting you inside of her. You thought Rachel was perverted for wanting to fuck her brother, but I can read the pages of your mind. You want her too, but you don’t just want to fuck her. All those years you protected her have made you possessive. You want to own her, Brian, and she wants you to own her. Take her. Make her yours. Transform her sexuality to your liking. Give in to me.

Yes, I said as I surrendered my soul to the devil, I want her for myself. I want her begging for me every day.

Fuck her, Lucy moaned as though she were touching herself, Fuck your little sister, and make her your slut. Join her with me in hell, and have her for eternity.

I looked down at my beautiful little sister. She was lying on her back, smiling up at me with eyes full of love. All the tenderness and warmth left me. I grabbed Rachel’s hips, squeezing the supple flesh of her backside, and grinned possessively down at her. Her eyes widened in fear, and I drove my cock all the way in. Rachel screamed out as I took her virginity in a forceful thrust. Her soft, warm insides contracted around me, resisting me for every inch. God, she was tight. Her back wrenched in a painful arch as my balls slapped against her taint. Her head pushed against the bed and her face tilted as her neck strained in agony.

“Brian!” she screamed, “You’re hurting me!”

“I don’t care!” I sneered.

“Stop!” Rachel screamed, her body twisting to get away. I just gripped her hips and kept driving. This is what she wanted; Lucy told me so.


Brian was breaking me open from the inside. I thrashed and squirmed in agony, trying to get away. He was so tender and gentle before, but something changed. All of the sudden, his expression grew dark, and his loving motions gave way to primal brutality. My insides felt like they were going to tear; every inch of my pussy was being stretched and parted forcefully. I dug my heels into the mattress to push myself away, but Brian just grabbed my calves and spread my legs into the splits. I was completely under his control, with no escape. I screamed out for God to help me.

Shhhhhh Lucy’s voice whispered in my mind, God can’t help you here, Rachel, but I can. Is Brian hurting you, sweetheart?

Yes! I cried, Make him stop!

Why would you want him to stop? Lucy laughed, He’s doing exactly what you wanted. The only reason it’s hurting is because you’re scared, and your body is resisting him. Just relax and surrender to him, Rachel. Let him stretch you open, and soon, he’ll feel so good. The reason he’s so passionate is because he wants you, Rachel. He wants you like you want him, and he couldn’t help himself. Accept him, move your body to him, and love him. He’s yours, Rachel, yours forever.

The idea that Brian wanted me like I wanted him made me so happy. Brian wanted me so bad, he couldn’t contain himself any longer. He didn’t want to hurt me, he was just too infatuated with me to resist. I gazed at Brian’s domineering expression, and my heart filled with love. I let myself go, and stopped trying to get away. I relaxed my inner muscles and grimaced through the agony; gritting my teeth as heaves of pained gasps shot through my lips. Tears streaked down my face, and my body trembled, but I stayed in place, waiting for the pain to leave me.

And then it did. The painful stretching of my insides dissipated with each forceful thrust. My womanhood began to soak once again, allowing Brian to slide into me with ease. The agonized tones that burned from my chest fell to soft whimpers. And then it began to feel good, just like Lucy promised. Brian’s cock expanded me beautifully, sending tingles of pleasure though my tender depths. His length reached deep inside me, stimulating the sensitive skin within. His girth rubbed against my clit with each thrust, sending micro-spasms of felicitous electricity into my pelvis. My whimpers rose to moans, and my legs flexed against Brian’s hands. He looked at me, realizing I was no longer resisting him. He smiled, and let me wrap my legs around his waist.

“Oh my god, Brian,” I whispered, “you feel so good!”

“So do you!” Brian gasped, “I’ve never been with a woman like you, Rachel.”

“Keep going!” I cried, “Harder! Break me!”

Brian fulfilled my needs. He stood up, dragging my lower body up with him, and pounded me mercilessly from above. I laid helplessly on my back, gazing up at him driving into my elevated pelvis, my moans of pleasure turning into cries of delight. The brutality of his movements no longer hurt me, but drove my pussy into a chaotic frenzy, sending sharp spasms and jolts of contracting pleasure scorching through my insides. My body lurched up and down as I dangled, my upper back and head pressing into the mattress. I looked up in aroused fascination as Brian’s full length disappeared inside of me, his girth spreading my tender pedals in brutal repetition. Brian moved forward until my hips were above my face. I spread my legs into lateral splits to give him the best angle, and let him drive into my desecrated pussy with wanton abandon. My torso flexed and my breasts smacked against my face with each thrust. My pussy ached with delectable fullness, every drive ruining the sensitive flesh inside me. Our pelvises met in forceful slaps, colliding in a brutal rhythm of lust. Brian’s face was fixed in a concentrative fervor, gazing down at me with possessive desire. I screamed out my pathetic tones, my mouth gaping and my eyes wide in pleasure. Brian was so controlling, so domineering. He was taking me and making me his own; he wanted me like I wanted him! And everything he was doing was making me feel so good.

“Brian!” I screamed, “Take me like a bitch!”

I was shocked that those words came out of my mouth, and said a silent prayer for forgiveness. Brian grinned down at me and dropped to his knees. I spun around on him, smirking devilishly back at him as I bent over and got on all fours. I was amazed at how quickly I’d become sexually devious. In the succubus lair, I’d was helpless and vulnerable, but with Brian, I was becoming enthusiastic and willing.

Brian grabbed my ass and pumped into me from behind, his balls clapping against my clit with each thrust. I backed my ass onto him, shifting my weight to take him as he advanced, and pulling away as he retreated. We met in the middle with a forceful slap, sending ripples of flesh waving from the fat of my ass. The power of our collision drove his cock further inside me, parting my inner folds with brutal drives, sending aching bouts of pleasure through the center of my depths. I screamed in delight with each violent thrust, reveling in the animalistic violence of it. Brian released his grip on my ass and slapped me hard across it. My head jolted up as my back arched. I purred a passionate groan as the sweet sting mingled with the delicious burn of my penetration. I looked back at my brother with eyes half-mast in lust, a mess of bangs covering half my face.

“Hit me again.” I moaned with need.

Brian sneered back at me and brought his hand down again and again. My brow furrowed and my eyes widened. My mouth sobbed a pathetic tone of thanks as I ardently backed into my driving brother. He beat me to the rhythm of our lust, the sting of his blows mixing beautifully with the brutality of my inner-defilement. I cried out again and again, my voice desperate and begging, my whorish tones completely unrecognizable to me. I knew I was falling into Lucy’s temptation, I knew I was moving from the light of God. Brian was my brother, and what we were doing was so wrong, but it felt so good. This could break me, this could make me join the devil in hell.


I’d never seen Rachel like this before. She was moaning and crying as she backed into me like a whore. Her ass was red with my hand prints, and every time I slapped her, I felt her clench around me in pleasure. She loved me hitting her, she loved me fucking her from behind. My pure, precious, innocent little sister was turning into a slut before my eyes. My slut. My own little slut.

I wondered what depths she’d go to for me, what perversions I could introduce to her. We were in hell, she had no place to run, and by the sound of her voice, she’d probably let me do anything.. If only I had my sex toys with me…

I got you, bro. Lucy’s voice said, and a box of toys appeared right next to me.

I pulled out a butt-plug that was probably too big for Rachel. She looked back at it without a hint of fear, she just smiled and perked her ass up as I drove into her cunt.

“I had a fist inside me yesterday,” Rachel laughed through her moans, “I think I can take it.”

“Get it wet for me.” I demanded, holding the plug out to Rachel. She took it in her hand and put the whole thing in her mouth, sucking on it and moving it back and forth as she moaned to the pleasure of my cock. My bible-thumping, confession-box-going, perfect little sister, was sucking a butt-plug for me to put in her ass. Not only that, but her eyes were practically begging me to do it. She pulled the plug from her mouth, a string of saliva shining from her lips. She grinned back at me and handed me the plug, before spreading her ass with one hand. I stared into her puckered, pink little sphincter and pushed the plug in. She shuttered as her rim expanded around it. I watched in amazement and her asshole stretched thin, and then engulfed the plug at the base. She smiled back at me, as if waiting for my approval. I gave her another slap on the ass in response, and grinned back. God, she was a whore.

“Move it in and out of me,” Rachel said through strained gasps, “stretch me open for you.”

I acquiesced her request, and grabbed the plug by its base. I felt her rectum twitching in delight from the other side of her pussy as I pulled the plug out, and then pushed it in. Rachel moaned lecherously, her mouth gaping and her eyes half-closed in pleasure. She backed into me with each advance, keeping her ass perked up for me, clenching around the plug so that is was so tight.

“Do you want to fuck my ass?” Rachel asked. It was fucking surreal to hear my sister say those words. She never cussed, but now she was asking me to put it in her ass. And yes, yes I did want to put it in my little sister’s ass.


I couldn’t believe I just said that. I wanted Brian to think I could be dirty. I knew he was sexually experienced, and I wanted to show him that I could be adventurous too. Still, ‘fuck’ and ‘ass’ were words I shouldn’t use.

Forgive me, God, for the lewdness of my words. I prayed silently.

It’s only me, Rachel, Lucy laughed, and you don’t have to ask for my forgiveness. You’re just being honest anyway, and God loves honesty. I guess you liked my fist yesterday; you little anal slut.

You sure seemed to like mine, I smirked, so I guess it takes one to know one.

I can’t wait to have you on my side, Lucy said lustfully, all the things we’ll do to each other…

I’m not joining you!

We’ll see.

My mental conversation was interrupted by Brian pulling the plug out of my ass. His cock was still driving into my pussy, and it was making me feel better and better every second. I was disappointed that he’d be vacating it, but there was a whole box of toys to keep it occupied while he took me from the wrong hole. Sodomy was a sin according to the bible, but God said it didn’t matter what I did, as long as I resisted Lucy’s temptation afterwards. Besides, I really did like Lucy’s fist in my ass yesterday, and I was curious about what a cock would feel like.

“You ready?” Brian asked as her pulled out of my pussy and pressed his head against my rim.

“Yes!” I cried in need, desperately wanted to be filled again.

“Rachel,” Brian laughed, “I can’t believe this is you.”

“Just fuck my ass!” I begged. Forgive me, God, for the lewdness of my words.

A satisfied smile crept across my lips as I felt Brian’s hardness breaking through the resistances of my rim. I moaned a soft cry that intensified the deeper he went. I was so tight there, and feeling him part my tender insides with his warm rigidity was driving me crazy. I reached back for a toy to pleasure myself with. Brian handed me a vibrator and smiled as he guided my hand between my legs. I smiled back at him and clenched my ass around his cock. He jerked forward in response, letting out a pleasured groan. I lurched with his violent movement and giggled at his reaction. I was making him feel so good, and it was turning me on like nothing else. After this, Brian would always see me as the girl who loved him as a man, and not just his little sister.

I pressed the button on the vibrator as Brian began to thrust back and forth inside me. I pushed the toy hard against me and backed my ass into my brother, my body demanding to be filled as often as possible. Brian groaned and gripped my cheeks firmly, before driving into me with increasing force. The pleasant twitches in my rectum began to grow to delightful shocks of pain and pleasure. He plowed into me with wanton desire, not caring that he was hurting me. I didn’t want him to stop hurting me. The electric pain was mixing with the burning pleasure inside of me, and I could barely keep myself supported upright on my one hand. Anal made me feel so full and stretched, and the mixture of suffering and delight was sending my pelvis into a series of ferocious contractions. I pushed the vibrating toy inside me and rocked back and forth on my knees and supporting hand. Brian brought both palms down on my ass in a synchronized slap, forcing a scream from my gaping mouth, and sending a blast of beautiful stings into my body. I collapsed on my face, helpless to the growing pleasure. My cheek grinded back and forth to the whims of our bodily rhythm, my hands now both driving the vibrator desperately inside of me. I pushed the toy against my vaginal floor and screamed in tearful pleasure as I felt Brian press against it from the other side of me.

“Brian!” I gasped, “I’m coming!”


Goddamn, Rachel was tight back here. She clenched around me with every thrust, as though her asshole were hugging my dick from the inside. And the way she sounded…the screams and pathetic cries were driving me insane. I gripped her thick cheeks with both hands and drove into her at a frenetic pace. I didn’t care that it hurt her, and she didn’t either. In fact, she seemed to love it even more. Her ass jiggled with ripples of fat as I blasted against her, and her pelvic floor stretched and spasmed with each pull outward. Her spine arched and her head rose from the mattress, her mouth screaming a fluctuating stream of lust. I slapped both hands on her ass and spread her wide, and I felt her spasm violently in response. Her pale skin glistened with a sheen of sweat that highlighted every twitching muscle in her back. She squirmed as she lurched with my thrusts; her ass gyrating and grinding down my length as her spine wrenched in chaotic curves. I could feel the convulsions inside her telling me she was close.

Come inside her pussy. Lucy whispered in my mind, That’s where she wants it. She wants to feel your seed soak into her womb.


Oh my god, the feeling was driving me insane. Every time Brian pulled out of my ass, I felt my pelvic floor stretch from my body, sending a burst of felicitous spasms screaming through my taint and into pelvis. I pushed the vibrator deeper inside of me, until my fingers were soaked with the juices of my womanhood. I sobbed my pleasure as I felt the rumblings of my orgasm build within me. They rose, and rose, quaking until my insides were churning with scorching ecstasy. Brian grabbed my hand and pulled the vibrator out of me. I was to possessed with my pleasure to stop him, nor did I care to. He pulled out of my ass and rammed his cock through my wet pussy, driving his filthy member into my tender depths. The quaking intensified. My legs trembled and my heat raced. I pushed my hands against the mattress and arched my back, my body acting instinctively to the crescendo of euphoria coursing through it. Brian slammed into me, his pelvis smashing against my ass and lurching me forward with each thrust. I looked back at him with tearful eyes as my gaping mouth quivered and yielded a breathless croak. My eyes trembled and my chest heaved. The feeling built, and built, and then came crashing down on me. I finally found my voice, and all I could do was shriek in euphoric catharsis. The orgasmic wave washed through me, sending an exalted release through every part of my body. I collapsed and panted as Brian thrust one last time, and then blew his hot seed deep inside me. I whimpered pathetically as I felt his nectar seep delectably into my womb. Brian roared his final bouts of lust, and then collapsed on top of me. I savored his smell and the warmth and weight of his body. His seed leaked out from my defiled pussy and pooled between my legs. I relished the feeling of his hot liquid burning pleasantly inside and outside of me. I didn’t know what heaven was like, but I didn’t think it could be better than this.


“Ooooooh fuck!” God screamed as she came. I panted the last throes of my own orgasm and kissed the almighty passionately. Our clits rubbed together for a few more moments, before I dismounted her and collapsed on the bed beside her.

Rachel and Brian were sloppily making out on the projector screen. God and I had gotten way to hot and bothered watching the siblings, so we decided to fuck each other while we witnessed their depravity. God’s chest heaved in a few more heavy breaths, her magnificent tits rising and falling as she laid in satisfaction.

“I wish I had a brother,” God sighed, “watching those two give in to their bodies, knowing what they were doing was wrong…it’s so taboo, so depraved. I love it.”

“I’m glad you got something out of this whole experience,” I giggled, “because there’s no way Rachel’s hanging out with you anymore.”

“Don’t be so sure, Lucy.” God smiled, “I don’t think you have her yet.”

“Oh, I’ve got her,” I sneered, “and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got planned for your payment.”

“I’m kind of excited,” God said, biting her lip, “last time I lost…the things you did to me…”

“I swear you lose on purpose,” I laughed, “it’s the only explanation for my two-thousand-year winning streak.”

“I really do try,” God insisted, “and I still think Rachel’s not done with you yet.”

“We’ll see.”


“That was,” Lucy said as she appeared in a puff of smoke, “a wonderful performance; bravo.”

“Hi Lucy.” I smiled to the mother of sin.

“Hey Rachel,” she smiled back, “ready to come chill with me for eternity?”

I didn’t answer. Brian was spooning with me on the bed, his cock nestled between my cheeks and his body pressed against mine. His hands gently tickled my breasts and torso as he lazily lied behind me. It felt so good to feel him like this; next to me, loving me. I didn’t want to leave.

“Why would you want to go to heaven, Rachel,” Lucy said gently as she sat cross-legged next to my face, “when you could be here with your brother forever?”

“Stay with me, Rachel,” Brian whispered behind me, “stay with me forever.”

My heart ached with the desire to give in, to join Brian and Lucy in hell. There was just one thing that was holding me back.

“Lucy,” I said to the devil, “I want to join you, but I have one question to ask you first.”

“What?” Lucy asked as she gently caressed my face.

“What did you do to my brother?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I saw him change,” I responded, “I saw him start to act differently. Did he decide to love me by himself, or did you corrupt him?”

“I spoke the desires of his mind,” Lucy whispered softly, “I guided him to temptation.”

“So, did he really do those things to me?” I asked as I felt tears forming in my eyes, “Or was it you?”

“He wanted to do those things, Rachel.” Lucy spoke gently as she ran a hand through my hair, “But he needed some help along the way. He really did want you; I’m not making that up.”

“He gave in to your temptation,” I whispered, “not mine. This is all a fantasy; my darkest fantasy come to life.”

“But it doesn’t have to be!” Lucy said, her eyes full of love and promise, “It can be real, Rachel. That’s really Brian next to you, the brother you love. He loves you and wants you as a woman.”

“But it’s still a lie,” I cried, “it’s not really real. He’s your prisoner here, even if he likes it. Brian may have given in to your temptation, but I won’t!”

“Rachel,” Lucy whispered, “on earth, this relationship you have could never last. People would find out, they’d chastise you and break you down. Here, with me, you can live out your heart’s desires without fear of judgement. So what if Brian has fallen from grace? Fall with him, Rachel, and let yourself be truly happy.”

“I can’t!” I cried, “I want to, but if Brian doesn’t choose me by himself, I can’t force him to stay with me like this!”

“You know when I release him from here,” Lucy said, “he won’t feel the same about you.”

“Wipe his memory,” I sobbed, “don’t make him live the rest of his life with this on his conscience.”

“OK Rachel,” Lucy said, petting my hair as she gazed down at me with an admiring smile, “I can do that for you. God was right: you really are special.”

I felt Brian’s warmth leave me as he vanished in a puff of smoke. I cried into the mattress, realizing that I would never again feel his love like I had. Lucy tenderly traced her hands on my cheeks, whispering loving tones into my ear. She picked me up and held me in her arms, rocking back and forth as I sobbed.

“I know these tests can be cruel, Rachel,” Lucy whispered, “but you’re a strong woman. You’ll bounce back from this, and be ready for the next challenge tomorrow. And Rachel,” Lucy said, tipping my head up so our gazes met, “if you fall into my temptation, I will bring Brian back for you.”

“Don’t!” I cried.

“Oh,” Lucy smiled, “you’ll be singing a different tune if you ever decide to join me. If I ever corrupt this pure soul of yours, you will ask me to bring him back, and I promise you, I will.”

“You’ll never get to me.” I smiled through my tears.

“Maybe not,” Lucy said, crinkling her nose as she smirked, “but I’m going to try.”

“Now that you’ve lost this round,” I said, “what do you owe God?”

“Our wonderful and savior has this caged mechanism she’s wants to test out,” Lucy grimaced, “and I will be her lab rat in this experiment. There’s like, ten dildos on corkscrews; it’s going to be painful.”

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” I sneered, “I can’t wait to see you inside it.”

“Actually,” God’s angelic voice interrupted us as she appeared, “I have a different proposal for Lucy.”


Ramstein played in the background as I packed a bowl of ground bud. I searched my pockets for my lighter and sighed when I realized I’d lost both it, and my cigarettes at the costume party last night. I was bound to have another lighter lying around my apartment somewhere, so I pushed away textbooks and piles of overdo papers looking for one.

“Need a light?” a sultry female voice asked from behind me.

Did I take home a girl last night? I thought, God, I hope it wasn’t Allison again, every time I get too drunk, Allison just swoops in like a fucking vulture.

“Allison, look,” I said as I turned around, “I don’t know what I said to you last night, but-”

“I’m not Allison,” the cosplaying devil whispered as she pressed her body to mine, “my name’s Lucy, and you were too drunk to fuck me last night. I’m sexually frustrated, down for anything, and I want you inside me now.”


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