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100 percent true. Every add I posted she responded to but never
I posted a add again where miss Jane answered.  We only caught up on current events I had no intention of getting my hopes up.
 While walking my dog off the leash as I usually did. on the side walk stood this white girl cute petite, dark eyeliner with a big smile. She spoke to a older man in a truck and I instantly identified her as mis jane. I said hello as I walked right by her in my work uniform. I liked what I saw. Even my dog got a quick sniff. I sent her a text asking her if she moved to this area. Surprised she asked how I knew. When I told her that it was me she said hi to she showed some amazment and she was very happy. She divorced the husband and was moving in the new boyfriend.

 Some time went on and she kicked out the new boyfriend. I had a old craigslist add where I was looking for another married woman that wanted a me to be aggressive and forceful. Jane responded and I kinda told her off. I reminded her that she a fake and a tease. I also reminded her of the times she stood me up. I told her I wanted some action and that if I wanted some disappointment I'd fuck my wife. She stopped texting me.

My search continued to find a side chick but I found a craigslist add for a woman in my town wanting to try the tied up thing with a dominant man. I responded with a picture and questions because it was so vague. And miss Jane replied with " hey sorry it's me again ".

I never replied to her email but I began to text her. She told how she had a fantasy of a man restraining her with ropes, degrading her verbally and she wanted to be choked with a dick. I explained that if she had a man as dominant and forceful as me she would injoy it more. She asked me if I would choke her with my dick and it made me think.

I thought to my self about all the disappointment and how she was such a waste of time. I kinda wanted to scare her away and let her know how forcefull and aggressive I wanted to be. I told her I had a rape fantasy, I wanted to force my self on a woman.  hold a woman down  kicking and screaming and fuck her so silly she gives into the pleasure.  She quickly responded "would you choke me with your dick"?

I replied to her maby. And asked her if she would fight back or just allow a me to fuck her. She said I don't know. I said well I don't want to hurt you we need a safe word like on 50 shades of gray. She said I don't want one I want to be scared and you can do what ever you want. She asked if I could come over tonight.

I said I want you to leave your door un locked, leave your porch light on and mark the door with something and I rushed her to hurry up I had work the next day. She told me she was getting ready for me and asked me what she should wear. I asked her to wear a large pajama shirt and panties that I could possibly ruin. Again I rushed her cuz of my lack of sleep and work ahead. My last response to her was when your ready pretend your asleep and I will barge in And have my way with you.

I fell asleep due to my lack of sleep  and long working hours. I woke up a hour and a half late to work with missed texts from her wich was unusual.  She said she marked the door with a banana and that she was ready and the last message asked if I was coming still.  Omg I can't believe I fell asleep. I jumped out of bed put pants on that I thought I could remove fast and put on a black sweater with a hood. Got in my car and drove by her place to see the porch light still on, and a bandana wrapped around a door knob. I laffed, auto correct changed bandana=banana

I parked around the block. I was soo excited! the sun was about to come up as I put condoms and a flashlight into my pockets. I locked my car with a million what if senarios running thre my head. I turned on my flashlight and covered the escaping light and walked as calm as possible and removed the bandanas from the door knob and threw them to the floor. With a steady firm turn the steel security door opened. I walked in quietly as if I owned the place and let the light escape the flashlight.  A tightly packed living room with items on couches had no rape victims in here. i saw Light at the end of the hall, it  was promising. My adrenaline was full blast like I slammed a red bull. I needed a plan the excitement and adrenaline and lack of sleep left my mind wandering. I took off my sweater in a quick over the head motion and piled it on the items on the couch. I told my self if this is a mix up or a dude is here just run out. I looked down a hall with all doors closed. I thought about the sound of each knob turn and the sounds of a screaming door in the quiet apartment. I quickly talked my self out of opening each door and I noticed at the end of the hall where the light came from was a opened door. In a white room with a lamp casting pink light I saw her asleep and comfortable. Her face showed no sign of anything she was fast asleep. I did not hesitate, I knew what I wanted I knew what I wanted to do.

Her sight didn't make me hesitate at all.  I could hear her a small speaker play n some new boy band music. My sneeky pace changed to a confidant  fast walk as I walked threw her bedroom door. Hearing me did not matter at this point. She didn't wake up. She slept on her right side face n me. The only thing that went threw my mind was grab her. I felt primal and rage but it was Natural with out guilt. My grip went to cover her mouth and and my right hand around her neck.  Kneeled beside her on her bed I lifted her pushed her to center of her bed mostly using her neck cuz it was easy to grip. Not a sound or gasp came from her mouth. She was so light and delicate that turning her head to the side was efertless.  My open mouth and and teeth embraced her exposed neck skin. I took a large hard bite around her neck and licked up to her ear. She was clean without sweat. She didn't wear perfume at my request. if I was a dog I would say she didn't smell of fear at all. My left hand left her mouth to find her right arm.  I held it above her head pressing it down into the bed and squeezed harder on her neck. I stratled her body holding her head to the side. My bite returned to her neck nibbling repetitive in multiple small bites down her neck.  I found her earlobe and sucked and licked and purposely make nasty wet sounds while doing it. I let go of her neck and found her other arm and raised it also above her head. I relived some  weight of her tinny body. I forced a kiss. she met my tongue with hers but the kiss was one sided she did not kiss me back. She tasted like toothpaste and cigarettes.

I easily now held her hands above her head with one hand and layed beside her. I was disappointed she did not fight back. My free hand grabbed half of the all you can touch titty buffet. I squeezed way too hard and pinched without a care of her pain or pleasure. I lifted her shirt and did it more on her bare skin while bitting  her on her chest. I let go of her hands and gabbed a hand full of thin blonde hair. I pulled her hair. I molested her tits she did not move. My titty hand moved to her hips and squeezed her innermost thigh. I kissed licked and sucked on her titties. I then said aloud let's see this pussy.

I slowly slid my hand over her panties rubed firmly and pushed them aside with my index finger. when I touched her shaved pussy her body moved. She moved her hands from above her head. My right hand left the surface of her pussy to slap her across her cheek. I grabed her wrist and put it above her head and pulled her Hair hard with a shaking movement . I let go of her wrist to see if she would move again. Nothing,  I was disappointed. I wispered in her ear and released some grip from her hair. I said what no scream, no fight? She moved her arm again to touch my shoulder and I slaped her and followed with a back hand.

She didn't reply to my questions. Slapping her turned me on. I was now fucking raging hard. I slaped her pussy and grabbed into it to find it not as wet as I hoped. I decided to please her at this point as I poked and rubbed my dick on her hips. My hand covered her pussy and I made slow un predictable half circles. I'd slow kiss her unwilling lips only to stop and say mmmmm. I no longer Pulled her Hair but ran my fingers through it. I found her clit and put firm pressure.

I knew what I was doing. Her breathing began to change. She likes it, better change it. I let go of her hair and adjusted my self to grab her neck. I squeezed slowly till I felt her swallow. A lil bit longer and I released the trapped air.  The exterior of her pussy was wet,  i noticed I lost my erection. How could this happen I was so involved in getting her wet I lost my hardness agghh.

Eating pussy always turns me on. My pussy massaging hand began to take off her panties she lifted her legs to help with the task. I stood up and walked to her night light to turn it off. She got her phone and turned off the music and smiled when she caught my gaze. Before I walked back to her she layed back down in the pose I left her in.

. I kneeled beside her on the bed and put both hands on her neck, I picked her up and dragged her little ass accross the bed. I placed her down grabed some hair and slid my hand to her titties. My mouth found the closest nipple. I released her nipple from my mouth and said in a loud voice open your legs. she  did as told and I spread them more by pushing on each  inner thigh. I slapped her across the face again and pulled her hair. My hand went to her belly and slid over and into her pussy. Still wet her pussy let my center fingers go as far as they could. I put pressure with my Palm on her clit and began to massage her g spot. Her back arched as I sucked and lifted my head up from her nipple. I would often push her clit hard with my Palm hard enough her whole body would slide along the bed. I said out loud in a happy voice what a tinny pussy. She gasped for air as I  squeezed her neck. I released the grip on her neck to hear her breath deep. Her pussy was small and her clit was too. Both didn't get big but I assumed I was pleasing her. I couldn't feel any muscle movement inside her tinny pussy.

While working her g spot I demanded her to squeeze my fingers. I stoped wiggling them to feel results. Nothing happened so I squeezed her neck and demanded again with no response. I let her breath.My grip moved to her hair. Once I found my grip I pulled and with pussy juices on my  hand I slaped her across her face. Squeez it I said nicely and pulled her hair again she fliched and said in a small voice I'm trying.

I found her pussy and pushed her lips to the side to get in it. I began to stroke her g spot. Squeez it I said it  like I was getting mad.  I could barely feel a squeeze so I stroked her hard. In her ear I asked what the fuck is wrong with your pussy. You better suck dick real good. I pulled her hair and she fliched assuming I would slap her. After she fliched I slapped her twice I could smell something.

Finding her pussy again I told her to squeeze. She said I am. I said good now push my fingers out. It was time to make her squirt. I was stroking her so hard her lil body was moving. She was moaning so I slapped her and moved my hand from her hair to her throat. I didn't choke her only squeezed firm. Shut the fuck and slapped her with the pussy soaked hand again. Push my fingers out I said as I entered her. My dick was hard I was thinking about how to make her suck my dick. Her clit hardened so my Palm placed pressure as my fingers worked in circles. Push it out I said and began to stroke now. She was moaning and I allowed it. fucking her with my fingers she was vocal with pleasure. As her pussy squirted on the floor I began to choke her and go harder. Good girl I said as i squeezed . Now you're going to love me.
I got up moved her to the edge so her ass hanged off. I grabed her calve muscles with each hand and spread her legs. My hands to her inner thighs I was rough again. I kneeled down and i was reminded of how tinny she was as I spread her legs. I pushed her knees to her head. I pulled one of her legs back down and bit on her innermost thigh. My grip was firm like if she would get away. I bit again closer. I lifted her leg up again and spread her even more and bit where the cute lil ass met the back thigh. Then I smelled her pussy. Stood up told her I was late for work grabbed my stuff went to work. yup it had a odor. un kool so I split.

I told her Her why I left. We spoke a little after but we never met again. I had fun but the odor was too much.


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