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CAPITAL NAMES mean the story is being told from that person's perspective. No dashed lines this time, as the whole chapter is basically all sex. Important plot points are listed at the bottom.
Chapter Twenty-Three


Yavara had me in chains that shackled my hands together behind my back and my feet to the floor, the positioning of my ankle braces forcing my legs to spread. I cried out my need to the inside of my cell, my legs trembling as the hunger in my nethers grew to unbearable heights. I thrashed in my chains trying to touch myself, but it was no use. I pleaded with every guard to fuck me, but they just fed me my food, emptied my chamber pot, injected me with more succubus extract, and left.

On the second day, Yavara came to my cell. She had a tight, black corset, leather boots that clung to her mid-thigh, and a thong that was too small to keep her labia from flowing around it. She caressed my body, her fingertips tracing pleasant fire into my flesh. I purred like a cat and moved instinctively to her touch. She squatted down next to me and slid her hand down my body until her fingers hovered over my slit.

“Hello, April,” she whispered to me, “I’m going to start our brainwashing sessions today.”

“Yes, my queen.” I said compliantly to her.

“I want you to call me ‘mistress’ from now on.” Yavara smiled.

“Yes mistress.”

“Do you know I’m doing this to you?” Yavara asked as her fingertips gently traced my slit.

“No mistress.” I moaned.

“My sister,” Yavara said as she positioned herself on her knees between my legs, “tortured my friend like this; depriving her of release until it broke her. Your boyfriend used my broken friend to capture my lover so that my sister could torture her. That is why this happening to you.”

“I deserve it, mistress!” I cried in need, the feeling of Yavara’s fingertips teasing my opening was driving me insane.

“No,” Yavara smiled, “you probably don’t, but I don’t care.”

Yavara’s fingers sunk into my frothing slit. My oversensitive body reacting violently to the intrusion, my hips dropping and my back wrenching in an arch. I sobbed my pleasure to the ceiling as my mistress slowly ran her fingers along the roof of my cunt.

“Thank you, mistress!” I screamed.

“You’re welcome, April,” Yavara giggled, “but I’m going to stop now.”

“NO!” I cried as Yavara pulled her hand out of me. The feeling of emptiness inside me was excruciating.

“What my sister did to my friend was a temporary thing; like putting a trap in someone’s mind,” Yavara said between licks of her fingers, “I’m going to do a complete psychological overhaul in this head of yours. Now, I’m not a scientist, but I have a theory that brainwashing is best done in a Pavlovian manner; meaning I will introduce positive stimulus congruently with the subject I want you to react to. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

I shook my head.

“Do you remember what I said your fate would be?” Yavara asked.

“To be Brock Terdini’s fuck-toy.” I said.

“That’s right,” Yavara smiled, “and he’ll be here in three days, which means we have today, tomorrow, and the day after that to train you to be his little fuck-toy. Does that excite you?”

“Yes mistress.” I said, my bushy fox tail wagging behind me.

“That’s good.” Yavara smiled, “Now, the first lesson is blowjobs. You know how to give blowjobs, right?”

“Yes mistress.”

“But I bet you’ve never given head to an orc before.”

“No mistress.”

“Well,” Yavara said, “unfortunately, I don’t have any orcs with me, but I have the next best thing.” Yavara turned to the door, “Zander!” she called.

Zander Fredeon stepped through the cell door. He pulled off his cloak and then immediately transformed into the biggest orc I’d ever seen. He was over eight feet tall, with thick dreads flowing from his scalp. His muscles bulged with cuts and veins, and most of his body was either tattooed or branded. Hanging between his legs was the biggest cock I’d ever seen. My mouth watered.

“This is what Brock will look like when we present you to him.” Yavara said, gazing hungrily at Brock’s cock.

Brock stepped forward until the head of his dangling cock was inches from my face. Yavara grinned up at him and wrapped a hand around it. I stared in astonishment as Brock’s member engorged with blood and grew hard in her hand, it’s girth so thick her fingers couldn’t fully wrap around it.

“Doesn’t it look delicious?” Yavara said as gazed at it.

“Yes mistress.” I said, my voice shaking with desire. There was no way that thing was fitting in my mouth, but I wanted so badly to try.

“I’m going to show you how you should please him,” Yavara said as she stroked Brock’s length, “and then you’ll get your turn. Watch carefully and learn.”

I watched like an avid student as Yavara brought her face down to Brock’s balls. She placed a heavy nut in her mouth and sensually sucked, her lips drawing the flesh of his scrotum into her. She stayed there for a while, gently kissing them and caressing them with her fingers before moving her tongue between them and up the underside of his shaft. I watched, studying every movement of her lips and tongue as she kissed and licked him all the way to the head. Yavara turned around and gave me a smile before opening her mouth wide and wrapping her lips around the tip.

My jaw dropped in amazement. Yavara took Brock in slowly, but steadily, her lips sealed tightly and her mouth opened painfully wide. She took him in half way, stopping there to rotate her lips, prompting muffled moans to hum from her oral seal. And then she went deeper. I stared in shock as Yavara’s throat deformed around him, a thick bulge protruding from her neck and traveling down as she took more in. Lewd gagging sounds permeated from her throat, and her eyes welled with strained tears, but she kept going. The entire length of her neck was deformed with Brock’s girth by the time her lips met his base. She peaked at me out of the corner of her eye and then slowly withdrew, her saliva shining across Brock’s shaft as it was revealed.

“That’s how you do it,” Yavara said after the head came out of her, “any questions?”

“No mistress.”

“Are you ready to try?”

“Yes mistress!” I nodded eagerly, my tail wagging and my fox ears perked up.

Brock moved from Yavara to me. The tip of his throbbing cock stood inches from my mouth. Yavara put a gentle hand on the back of my head and guided me forward. I struggled to open my mouth wide enough, but I managed to do it. My jaw was aching under the strain, but the arousal of finally having a dick inside me drove me to endure it. Yavara tapped me on the head. I looked at her from the corner of my eye to see her pointing to her lips. I got the message, sealing my lips around him like she did and keeping my teeth out of it. Yavara smiled and guided my head forward. I savored the taste of him as the underside of his shaft slid along my wet, warm tongue. I got about six-inches deep before his tip pushed uncomfortably against the back of my throat. There was no way I could take him deeper. Yavara pushed harder on the back of my head, and guided me forward into pleasurable agony.

My throat stretched to excruciating levels. Tears formed in my eyes as I gagged, which only made it tighter for him. Yavara stopped and waited for me to grow accustomed to this depth. I struggled to retain my composure and focus on the task at hand. I felt Yavara’s fingers caressing my slit, her voicing singing soft, melodic words of encouragement.

“You’re doing so well, April,” Yavara whispered as her fingers slid between the lips of my slit, “you just need to relax and give in.”

I relaxed my throat and accepted him, the pain slowly subsiding. Yavara guided me another three inches down, this time pushing harder as the agony forced my body rigid. Tears streaked down my face. I gagged and coughed around the girth breaking my throat open. I tried to pull back, but Yavara’s hand held me firmly in place. She whispered the same words of encouragement and drove her fingers a little deeper into me. I felt her press against my inner spot and grind along it, sending twinges of pleasure up my pelvis. The arousal she gave me ignited my inner slut, and my lips resumed sucking instinctively while my throat relaxed. Yavara giggled in delight as a moan leaked from around my oral defilement. She was such a good mistress.

“Just a little bit further, April, you got this!” Yavara said softy as her whole hand pushed inside me.

She took her other hand off the back of my head and let me finish the job myself. I slowly took the last few inches of Brock inside me, a feeling of great accomplishment washing over me when my nose pressed against his pelvis. I did it.

“Good job, April!” Yavara said as she stroked my hair, “Now, Brock is a…passionate lover, so we’ll need to train you for how he likes his blowjobs. Just keep your throat relaxed, and everything will feel so good.”

Brock grabbed the back of my head and pulled me almost all the way out. My lips sealed around the space between his head and shaft, and then he violently pushed me forward. I didn’t have time to react, and I let out a gagged scream as my throat was ravaged painfully. My face pressed in a suffocating manner against Brock’s groin, tears streaking down my cheeks and saliva flowing from the corners of my mouth. I strained against my restraints, my eyes looking up in fear, begging Brock to stop. He just sneered and did it again. The pain was terrible, but every thrust by the orc became easier and easier to handle. Yavara’s hand dug into me deeper, my pussy wrapping around her wrist and flowing down her arm. My hair flailed frantically with the speed of my oral penetration, spit flying from my mouth and onto the ground. It stopped hurting about a minute in, and gradually, with each thrust, I began to enjoy it. Brock groaned in pleasure as my face smashed repeatedly against his groin. His masculine, lustful tenors excited me even more, and I greedily took him in, flexing my throat to make it tighter for him.

Yavara’s hand danced expertly within me, reacting to every spasm and convulsion. Lecherous hums of lust seeped from my lips as my eyes rolled up in my head. The succubus extract was working its magic on me, and I was becoming a slave to my own body. My mind left me, and my instincts took over. I sealed my lips so tightly around Brock that my cheeks were pulled taught every time he withdrew. I gazed lustfully into his eyes, his pleasure-stricken face arousing me. I was making him feel so good, and that made me feel good. Yavara began to breath heavily with excitement, getting off to my violation. The movements of her hand were working me into a frenzy, and my body began to twist and convulse in pleasure as my mouth was raped violently. I felt Brock’s member throbbing and pulsating like never before. He drove into me faster and harder, his hands gripping my fox ears and pulling me forward. Sobs of ecstasy rose from my chest and contractions blasted from my pelvis. I tensed against my restraints and screamed my muffled delight as my climax ripped through me. Brock forced my head all the way down, my cheeks puffing with his girth, my chin wet with my saliva, and my eyes watering with strain and elation. He blew his hot load inside of me, his molten seed burning delectably down my throat and into my stomach. The last throes of my orgasm wracked me, and Yavara immediately plunged another syringe into my nipple.

I didn’t get a chance to recover from the last orgasm before the desperate need took me over once again. Brock pulled out of my throat, his cum leaking from my lips. I cried out for him to come back, but he just smiled and transformed back into Zander before leaving.

“Tomorrow,” Yavara said with a pet of my hair, “Zander’s going to fuck your pussy. And the day after that, your ass.”

“Mistress!” I screamed, “I need his cock now!”

Yavara leaned in until our eyes were level. “I want you thinking about nothing but Brock’s cock in your pussy all night,” she smiled, “I want you to remember how good he felt in your mouth. Remember, April: Brock’s cock did that to you. Brock’s cock made you feel that good. You would do anything to get that cock back inside of you.”

Yavara kissed me on the lips, her tongue tasting Brock’s cum in my mouth, before she smiled down and left me alone in the cell. That night, all I could think about was Brock’s cock.

They’d given me injections every hour throughout the night. I was screaming and writhing on the ground by the time Yavara and Zander came in. They undid the shackles on my legs, but kept my wrists bound together behind my back so that I wouldn’t touch myself. Yavara slipped a leash around my neck, and I wagged my tail like a good little bitch. Zander transformed into Brock again, and my pussy immediately gushed at the sight of him. I was becoming trained to his cock.

“Today,” Yavara said as she guided me by the leash to him, “you’re going to take his cock in your pussy. We’ll start out slow like we did last time, and then move our way up.”

I nodded submissively to my mistress and impatiently awaited Brock to fuck me. Yavara guided me to a chain hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room. She quickly undid the shackles on my wrist and then re-shackled them in front of me. She clipped my handcuffs to the chain and pulled until I was dangling painfully from my arms. Brock walked over to me, his rock-hard member swaying from side to side. My fox ears perked up and my bushy tail wagged. I bit my lower lip in excitement. Brock grabbed my legs and hoisted me up, allowing some of the tension in my arms to subside. He spread my legs wide, forcing them to stretch until I was doing lateral splits in the air. He ran his thick cock between the frothing pedals of my cunt, wetting his shaft before he violated me. I moaned as I felt my pussy lips part around him, my erogenous womanhood throbbing and aching to be filled. When he was satisfied that I’d vocalized my need enough, he put the head of his cock to my entrance, and slowly pushed in.

I’d never had something this wide inside of me before. The initial stretch was more pleasurable than it was painful, but as he burrowed deeper, it began to hurt.

“Slowly,” Yavara said to Brock, “we need to ease her into it.”

Brock rolled his eyes and stopped about five inches in, allowing me relax and adjust to his width. My legs strained and flexed against his hands, but he held them in the splits. As Yavara said, pretty soon I got used to him at this depth, and I began to moan and whimper in pleasure.

“Deeper.” I whispered through a strained gasp. Brock pushed in another two inches and stopped when body lurched in pain. He thrust gently in and out, my pussy lips stretching from me with each retreat. My chest heaved in reaction to the intensity of the feeling, but soon my pained breaths began to subside. Once again, my pleas of mercy turned to whorish begs for more. Brock smiled down and pushed deeper. I cried out for him to stop, but he just kept going this time.

“Zander!” Yavara smiled, “That wasn’t very nice!”

“Sorry, Yavara,” Brock grinned, “but I got impatient.”

I felt Brock’s head push against my cervix. I screamed out in agony, thrashing against my binds. He didn’t stop. I felt the last of my resistances strain against him, and then break. My head flung back, my eyes rolled in my sockets. A scream erupted from my lips as tears streaked down my face.

“There, there,” Yavara said, caressing my breasts, “it will all feel so good soon; I’m actually jealous of you now.”

Yavara squeezed hard with both hands, deforming my supple, tan breasts between her fingers. Brock held his depth inside me, his pulsating cock expanding my tight insides further open than ever. He was ruining me, and I felt everything. Every vein and bump was pressing against my tender insides, forcing them wide. I felt myself adjust to him, morph to his size, change so that I accommodated him. I was being turned into his personal fuck-toy, and it was starting to feel so good.

My scream of pain retained its volume, but changed its tone. The shrill screech of agony left my soprano note, and instead was replaced by a tone of immeasurable satisfaction. I’d never been penetrated this deeply before, I never knew the kind of pleasure it could bring me. To have my womb violated, to have the essence of my womanhood desecrated, gave me so much delight it was unbearable. My lips trembled, but managed to form a single phrase:

“Fuck me.” I gasped breathlessly.

Brock pulled out until only his head was still inside, and then pushed forward all the way. My body lurched backward, swaying in the air as I dangled helplessly from the chain. My head stayed tilted back and looking at the ceiling, as if my body was stuck in a pleasure-induced paralysis. All I could do in my pathetic state was scream out my elation. Yavara laughed and squeezed my tits even harder, her mouth wrapping around a nipple and sucking greedily. Brock pulled out and then pushed in again. And again. And again. Ripples of flesh ran in waves up my body with the impact of his thrusts, my ass and breasts jiggling wildly with impassioned oscillations. I felt the inner skin of pussy clinging to his shaft as it left me, forcing pings of burning pleasure to sear up my abdomen. My torso flexed involuntarily and my tan skin glistened. My pussy gushed around Brock, the lewd fluid of my defilement running down my taint and dripping to the floor.

Yavara ravenously sucked from my nipple, her lips pulling the delicate flesh of my areola from my breast. My screams of pleasure were interrupted only by my need to breath. Brock deprived me of the need with pull of my leash, closing my windpipe and suffocating me. It made it so much better. The desperation of failing lungs and the burning carnal desire to be used and abused took over me. I wrenched violently in the air, part of me straining for breath, but most of me simply reacting to the pleasure. Tears streaked down my face as I rose in climax. I’d never felt this good before. I never knew I could even feel this good. My mind left me easily, as though my conscious being was simply getting out of the way to my primal self. Brock dropped the leash and my body simultaneously gasped for air while heaving in orgasm. The pressure built and built. Yavara desperately nursed from me while Brock frantically broke me wide open. My back arched and my hips shot forward. I shrieked to the ceiling, my eyes writhing frantically, my entire body trembling. I blasted a fountain of my juices as I climaxed violently, convulsions twisting my body into painful curves. Brock kept my legs stretched in the splits and pulled out, hosing me down with a thick stream of hot cum. Yavara squealed in delight and licked it off me. She pressed her lips to mine and passed the load into my mouth. I gratefully accepted her gift, making sure Brock was watching me as I swallowed. I felt the orgasm subsiding, and Yavara plunged another needle into my breast.

“We were a bit rougher with you today,” Yavara said as she pulled me down from the chain, “but that’s because Brock likes it that way.”

“I like it too, mistress,” I said, “please keep going!”

“Sorry April,” Yavara smiled as she put me back in my ankle restraints, “I want you begging for it tomorrow. Remember,” Yavara said as she clamped my wrists together behind my back, “all you should think about is Brock’s cock. Brock made you feel that good today, and Brock’s going to make you feel even better tomorrow. You want to be his slave, you want to submit to him and do whatever he tells you.”

“Yes mistress,” I gasped with need, “I do want that.”

Yavara leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I gratefully kissed my mistress back, following up with her as she pulled out of it. She smiled and scratched me behind my fox ears, and then left with Zander.

I was alone again, covered in Zander’s semen and screaming out to be filled. The guards came in and cleaned me, fed me, and injected me with more extract, but none touched me. I lost my mind that night. I was no longer April, I was simply a beast of lust. All the years of my life faded in memory, my mother, father, siblings, even Adarian left my mind. All I could think about, was Brock’s cock.

The next day Yavara walked in alone. She had a bulbous bag with a long tube that came out of it.

“We’re going to flush out your system today,” Yavara said as she pressed one end of the tube against my sphincter, “I’ve filled this bag with succubus extract; it should make everything Zander does to you feel so good.”

Yavara pushed the tube into my ass. I let out a pathetic whimper as I felt the aphrodisiac rush into my colon and seep into my inner skin. Every part of my rectum tingled delectably, the sensitive nerves electrifying and the flesh wetting and throbbing.

“This should open you up nicely,” Yavara smiled as she whispered in my ear, “do you feel yourself relaxing? Are your anal muscles unclenching and surrendering?”

“Yes mistress!” I moaned with a lecherous gasp. My ass felt like it was covered with billions of nerves, every one of my receptors begging for stimulus. My stomach began to bulge slightly as the last bit of liquid rushed through my insides.

“Just hold it in,” Yavara said, “let it work into your blood.”

She pulled the tube out and pressed her hand flat against my ass. I clenched tightly, trying to keep all the extract inside. It all slowly seeped into me, making my heart beat faster and my need grow. I whimpered and cried in desperation, begging Yavara to give me release, but she just smiled.

“I think you’ve held in long enough,” she said, “you can let it out.”

I unclenched my ass and cried out as the extract flushed out of me and onto the floor. The pressure of it inside me was relieved, but the unbearable need remained.

“Please, mistress!” I screamed and thrashed, “please give me release!”

“Zander!” Yavara called to the door, “She’s ready for you!”

Zander walked in and transformed into Brock. I struggled desperately against my binds to crawl to him, to feel him inside me. Yavara unshackled my legs, but held me in place when I tried to run over to him. She firmly guided me to my knees. I rested my face on the floor, my hands still cuffed together behind my back, keeping me from pleasuring myself. Yavara spread my cheeks wide and spit into my ass, sending a shutter up my body as I felt it drip to my rim. I looked over my shoulder to see Brock walking over to me, his hand stroking his cock hard. I licked my lips and swayed my hips, my fox tail curling up and wagging excitedly.

“Brock was my first anal experience,” Yavara whispered as she grabbed his cock and guided it forward, “and I’ve been an anal slut ever since. I’m going to turn you into Brock’s little anal slave. Are you ready?”

“YES MISTRESS!” I screamed, “Make my Brock’s little anal whore!”

I felt Brock’s thick tip press against my rim. He pushed slowly, gently expanding me. I whimpered in excitement, groaning between breaths as I pushed back against him.

“Zander,” I heard Yavara say, “I prepped her earlier; you don’t need to be gentle.”

Brock’s hands came down on my ass cheeks and squeezed. I barely had time to react before he thrust powerfully, all the way in. My back wrenched in concave bow, my head flung up, my eyes opened wide and quivered, my mouth fell agape and trembled. No sound came from my lips. My heart beat rapidly in my chest, its cadence drumming in my ears and throbbing in my skull. It was painful, more painful than anything I’d ever felt, but there was something else too. All those receptors in my ass that had been overloaded with extract screamed out their joy inside me. A sudden and intense blast of unbelievable pleasure rocketed from my colon and send vicious arcs of delight through my body. I remained in stricken static, my body consumed in shock. I heard Yavara giggle in delight and clap her hands at my reaction.

“That was the exact face I made, the first time I took it in the ass.” Yavara laughed.

Brock slowly withdrew, my tight insides coming out with him, creating a condom of ass-skin around his cock. My innards pulled out about three inches before they began to recede, and form a prolapse outside of me. Brock pulled all the way out, and then pushed his head against my rose-bud-anus. I finally found my voice, and all it could scream was: “more.”

Brock pushed again, forcing my prolapse back inside of me. My spine curved with the depth of his penetration, rising upward as my pelvis dropped. When he was all the way inside, my back was pressing against his abdomen. I looked up at him, my eyes grateful and full of love. This was my master, he was doing such nice things to me. I would be his slave forever. Brock grabbed my tits and forced my body to stay upright. He pumped into me with increasing force, his cock forming a bulge in my lower abdomen with each push. I stared down in fascination as my body was deformed by his cock.

I’m his little whore-slave, and he’s breaking me in. He’s training my body to suit his needs.

I moaned as he retreaded and screamed as he advanced. Yavara undid the shackles around my wrists and I immediately reached backward to embrace my master. My hands held onto his shoulders as I tried to press myself as close as possible, to feel his body warmth and to deepen my sodomy. Yavara knelt in front of me and pressed her body against my own. Our tits squished together and our glistening torsos met. She smiled at me as one of her hands caressed my cheek while the other slid down between us. She reached inside my unoccupied womanhood, her entire hand entering with ease. My labia closed around her, gripping her wrist, holding her inside. She giggled at the lewdness of my whore-body and softly gripped Brock from the other side of my vaginal floor. I shrieked into her face, sobs of ecstasy pathetically droning from my slutty mouth.

“Thank you, mistress!” I managed to squeak out.

Brock’s hands grabbed me by my thighs and hoisted me into the air. He spread my legs wide as I leaned back against him. Yavara stood up and kept her hand inside me, jerking off Brock from the other side. Brock pulled my legs up until my knees were on either side of my face. The angle deepened the penetration even more, sending shots of rippling spasms from my taint to my chest. My pelvic floor stretched from my body with each pull, making the retreat almost as pleasurable as the advance. This was paradise, the was heaven. I could feel like this forever and be the happiest girl in the world. I loved being Brock’s slave, I loved being his little fuck-toy. I was nothing but a set of holes to be filled. I wasn’t April, I wasn’t even a person. I wanted nothing more in this world than to used and abused by Brock Terdini.

The familiar low rumble of orgasm began to stir in my nethers. My mouth yielded animalistic sounds I’d never made before. The rumble rose inside of me, starting in my gaping ass and defiled pussy and growing.

“Are you coming, April?” Yavara smiled up at me. All I could do was stare down at her as covetous tones of ecstasy flowed from my lips. She reached deeper inside of me, pushing almost to the elbow. My head shot back and I screamed.

Brock’s cock was punishing every inch of rectum, breaking me wide open from the inside. Yavara gripped his cock firmly, stroking him with my inner skin. The orgasm continued its ascent, forcing my back to arch, my deforming abdomen stretching outward as my shoulder blades pressed into Brock’s abs. All I could do was scream, scream my elation to the ceiling. The rumble grew into a frantic, churning quake. It expanded outward from my desecrated holes. I screamed louder and higher, my mind long gone and my body taking over. My back continued to curve until it felt like it would break. My head tilted back far enough to see Brock sneering down at me. I stared gratefully up at my master, mouthing breathless tones as my voice gave out. The quaking orgasm rose to a frenetic spasm that willed my entire being to bend to its whim. My legs trembled and my body writhed and twisted. The orgasm reached its climax, and I blasted a stream of my juices all over Yavara. My voice came back to me, yielding screams that subsided to cries, the fell to final moans. Yavara didn’t inject me this time, and simply watched in rapt attention at how I would react. Brock let me down on my knees, pulling out and prolapsing me. I stayed there, recovering from the ecstasy with heaving breaths as I felt the extract’s effects leave me.

I remembered who I was. I was April, a kitsune, and Adarian’s lover. But I was something else now. I was Brock’s fuck-toy, her permanent slave. Yavara’s brainwashing had worked; I wanted nothing more than to please Brock Terdini.

“April?” Yavara asked.

“Yes, mistress?”

“What are you, April?”

I looked up and gave my mistress an evil smile.

“I’m Brock’s little whore.”


I was chained to a chair and made to watch the ceremony. First, Yavara declared Brock Terdini lord of Castle Thorum. The chieftains of The Ten applauded with the rest of Brock’s new clans. Next, Yavara declared Brock to be her candidate for Froktora. Brock had gotten over five thousand orcs on his side in less than a week, and the combination of his numbers and Castle Thorum made him the most powerful orc in the Great Forest. The chieftains elected him unanimously, with no deliberation or argument. Yavara had her army.

The nymph males and females hadn’t stopped fucking since Arbor arrived at Castle Thorum with her new sons. They laid about the castle, watching the orc ceremony as they moaned and cried their lust. Arbor, who I always thought was just spirit in a tree, had gained a body for herself, and spent most of her time lying with her sons and daughters. I was left alone, for the most part. Zander had healed my wounds, but that was the only interaction I had. Yavara hadn’t even come by to talk to me since she finished her torture. I had been left alone in a cell for five days, and then brought out here in chains. And now I knew why.

Yavara presented Brock with her gift: April. She was dressed in the outfit she wore for me on special occasions. It was a mesh fish-net one-piece that “covered” her entire body from toe to neck, leaving a hole in the bottom for her slit, asshole and tail to come out. The crowd jeered and applauded as April crawled on all fours behind Yavara. Yavara held up a hand in silence.

“This man,” Yavara said, pointing at me, “killed Brock’s beloved wife, Sherok, in a cowardly raid on The Gorge. Brock has vowed to have his revenge, and I have given him the gift of it. Being a merciful queen, it seems only fair that the life of one spouse be paid for with the life of another.”

The crowd cheered Yavara’s sick rendition of justice. She waited until they quieted, and continued.

“This kitsune, named April, is Adarian’s concubine. She loves him with all her heart, but she may love something else even more. April, I give you a choice: go to Adarian, and I will free you both, or go to Brock, and become his slave.”

April looked over at me. Her expression was one of sorrow and pity.

“April,” I sobbed, “please…”

“I’m sorry Adarian,” April said as she turned away from me, “but I belong to Brock now. I want nothing more in this world than to have his cock inside me.”

“April!” I shouted as she walked away. She knelt before Brock and the other chieftains, who were sitting in a circle with her in the center. Brock got up and took off his clothes.

“Adarian!” Brock laughed, “I want you to watch. Come, my fellow chieftains, let us enjoy the gift our queen has given us!”

Brock walked over to April. She didn’t wait for him to come to her, and instead crawled over to him, her hips swaying lustfully behind her, her pussy leaking with need. She knelt before him, and Brock pushed his cock all the way into her mouth. I watched in horror as she easily took him in, her eyes staring gratefully up as her neck deformed with his bulge. Brock smirked at me as he face-fucked the love of my life. She gagged and squirmed in delight, her ass shaking sluttily for more orcs to fill her. One orc slipped beneath her and rammed his full length into her pussy, while a third orc squatted behind her and shoved his entire cock into her ass. She took them all with ease and grace, her body shifting to accommodate the cocks she loved so much. Two more orcs came to her sides, and she enthusiastically jerked them off. I could hear her moaning around Brock, lascivious sounds she had never made when she was with me. She was feeling more pleasure than I’d ever given her. She’d never come back to me. She was a slave to Brock’s cock.

“Don’t feel so bad, Adarian,” Yavara’s sultry voice said from behind me, “she’s clearly happy; don’t you want her to be happy?”

“I will kill you,” I hissed, “I will-”

“You will do no such thing,” Yavara laughed as she walked in front of me, “you will make love to me, Adarian, and you will join me as a hybrid or die in prison. Who knows?” Yavara said as she pulled my pants down, “maybe Brock will let you visit his new whore.”

Yavara looked down at me as she took off her clothes. I felt my cock twitch slightly at the sight of the beautiful dark elf. Her orange eyes smiled when she saw me react, and she lowered her curvaceous bronze body until her lips were hovering just above my manhood. She blew gently across it, looking up at me with mirthful eyes. She wrapped a cool hand around my shaft and slowly stroked. I turned away and closed my eyes. Yavara’s telekinetic powers forced them open and to look at her. She kept stroking me, my cock not quite hard yet. She lowered her lips to my head and took my full length into her mouth.

Her lips were soft and warm, and her tongue wet and promising. I couldn’t stop it. My cock grew in girth and length, filling with blood until it was completely engorged. Yavara smiled at her victory and closed her lips around me, humming lecherous moans as she slowly sucked. She pressed her mouth to my base, her throat constricting perfectly about my tip, and then she gradually drew upward, slurping sounds emitting from her lips. My head popped out of her mouth, and strings of precum and saliva bridged my tip and her lips.

“Mmmm, Adarian, you’re delicious,” she smiled, licking her lips, “I want to taste my ass on your cock.”

Yavara sat down on my lap. She laid across me, her head resting on my shoulder, her eyes laughing at me as she watched my jaw twitch in hatred.

“You don’t want to fuck my ass?” Yavara giggled, “Well, at least you’re pretending not to want to. This little guy,” Yavara said as she grabbed my hard cock, “definitely wants to be inside my filthy, slutty asshole.”

Yavara shifted her hips until the head of my cock was pressing against her sphincter. Her brow furrowed and her mouth opened to yield a low moan as she slowly took me in. Her shit-hole was so fucking tight. It gripped me like a vice, embracing me from all sides and slowly giving in to my length. She slid down, her mouth moaning all the way until her violated rim pushed against my pelvis. I couldn’t stop the groan of pleasure that seeped from my mouth. She felt so fucking good around me.

“That’s it, Adarian,” Yavara whispered lustfully, “give in to me. Fuck me, Adarian, take me; I’m your whore-queen.”

Yavara looked into my eyes as her face twisted in perversion. She slowly gyrated her hips, her full, perfect ass squishing delectably against my pelvis, her tight rim squeezing around my cock. Her beautiful bronze body glistened in the torch light, her pink nipples erect in arousal. I struggled to maintain my composure, to not react to the beautiful woman that was raping me. Her tongue snaked playfully from my mouth and licked my pointed ear. She giggled girlishly as I tried to move my head away from her, but her telekinetic powers kept me in place. One of her hands played with my hair while the other slid down her toned abdomen and curled its fingers into her frothing slit.

“Look at April,” Yavara moaned, “look how I’ve changed her. Look how your beloved moans like a whore for orc cock.”

April was in the air, sandwiched between Brock and another orc. Her tongue was hanging from her mouth, her cries of pleasure ringing out from her. Her body convulsed and writhed as she orgasmed, Brock shooting his cum into her ass before letting another orc take his place. She looked over at me, not a hint of guilt in her pleasure-warped eyes. She was gone.

“Don’t you want to hurt me?” Yavara whispered, “Don’t you want to punish me for what I did to her? Fuck my ass, Adarian, make me pay for turning your precious kitsune into a begging slut.”

My hips pushed up against Yavara. I gave into her, the feeling of her tight shit-hole wrapped around my cock too great to deny. Yavara grinned at me as a low growl escaped her lips. She had me. I thrust up into her with increasing speed. She pushed back against me, grinding her ass into me, willing me to force my way deeper. I gritted my teeth and gave her what she wanted. Her smiling mouth fell open and her half-closed eyes widened. She panted her pleasure into my face, her back arching from my torso, her tits bouncing in the torchlight. She curled her fingers inside her cunt until her knuckles were white. Her hips swayed to a sensual rhythm, her hand gripped my hair and pulled in fervent lust.

“That’s it!” Yavara cried out, “Fuck me like you hate me!”

I watched as April bent over and spread herself wide. Orc after orc pumped into her gaping ass and unloaded their seed into her belly. She moaned out gratefully with each load, her hips swaying and begging for more. Brock pulled her up by the fox-ears and made him clean her ass off his cock. She devotedly did so.

Yavara’s movements became more impassioned. With a pull of my hair, she forced me face her and drove her tongue into my mouth. I tried to bite if off, but she held by jaw locked open with her mind. Her tender lips sucked sensually on my own, and her tongue playfully teased me. I gave in, again. I reciprocated her kiss, embracing her mouth and entangling my tongue. She moaned with a sense of urgency. I felt her body began to react with increasing sensitively. I drove faster and harder, forcing Yavara’s body to jiggle and writhe. She squirmed in a lustful dance, her pelvis rising and dropping as she grinded has ass against me. Microspams twitched from her rectum and burned their way deeper. She broke from the kiss, her eyes fixed in concentration, her mouth agape and crying out. I cried out with her as she titled her head in orgasm. Her eyes rolled back slightly and her neck strained to vocalize her ascension. She squirted all over herself, her legs coming together and twitching. I felt the pressure in my groin grow past the point of no return. Yavara slid off my body and took my throbbing cock into her mouth, sliding her lips down until they met by base. Her eyes opened wide and she gagged. I shot my hot cum, thrusting violently between the Dark Queen’s lips as I came.

Yavara pulled my cock from her mouth and watched in fascination as I transformed. My pale skin turned bronze like hers, but my platinum-blonde hair remained. I felt the stubble on my cheeks vanish, and the bones and muscles in my face begin to shift. My chest began to heave and twitch. I stared in horror as my masculine pecs grew into large, supple breasts. My hips widened and my ass grew. My body hair shed itself, leaving unblemished, smooth skin. My pelvic floor twitched, and then opened, a new slit growing just above my asshole. I screamed a feminine cry in horror as my cock and balls shrank. My testicles vanished completely, but my cock shrank and moved down until it was just a little clit at the top of my new pussy.

“Oh my!” Yavara giggled with a hand over her mouth, “Adarian, I turned you into a woman!”

I looked down in horror at my beautiful feminine body. I didn’t even get to keep my penis, like Elena.

“This is very interesting,” Yavara said as she looked me over, “I’d wondered why Elena grew a cock when she transformed, and it appears we have our answer: the female high elves turn into hermaphrodite hybrids, and the males turn completely into female hybrids. Arbor said Elena’s seed didn’t bear fruit, but I bet Elena could get you pregnant.”

Yavara leaned forward and slid her hand along my taint. I shuttered in involuntary pleasure.

“Of course,” Yavara smiled wickedly, “dark elves can be impregnated by monsters, and seeing as you’re half dark elf now…”

“No!” I screamed.

“If you don’t want Brock’s cock filling your womb,” Yavara said threateningly, “you will bow before me and submit yourself to my rule.”

Yavara unlocked my chains. I collapsed on my knees in front of her and kissed her foot. She was my queen now.

“That’s good girl,” Yavara hissed, “we’ll have to find a high elf female to transform for you. There’s only two of your kind in the entire world, and one of them is dying in Bentius because of you. You need to propagate your race, Adarian; you’re an endangered species.”

My mind wandered to Elena. An aching, empty feeling grew in my nethers at the thought of her cock. My brain had been completely rewired; I was a woman who wanted dick now.


Yavara brainwashes April into being Brock's personal slut.

Brock becomes lord of Castle Thorum and Froktora, leader of all orcs.

Adarian is forced to watch as April chooses Brock over him, and is gangbanged by orcs.

Yavara rapes Adarian. Adarian turns into a high elf/dark elf hybrid woman. Yavara speculates that her power transforms male high elves into females, and female high elves into hermaphrodites.

Adarian submits to Yavara's rule.
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