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No sex in this one, read it for the plot or just check the summary at the bottom.
Chapter Eight


“So you can remember fucking yourself from both perspectives?” Elena asked as she packed her things into her bags.

“That’s right. I remember fucking myself as Alkandi while I was still just Yavara. I remember having a penis too, I’m jealous that you get to have both.” I replied as I pushed supplies into my bag.

“And after that you transformed? That’s how it happened? Your past-self took over Zander’s body and came inside of you?” she asked.

“Yeah, I basically impregnated myself with a dark spirit, and then I transformed.” I laughed.

“What was that like?”

“At first it was agonizing." I explained, "It felt like they were carving memories into my brain. My whole body felt like it was on fire. Then the feeling stopped and I could feel this…energy burning inside of me. I still feel it now, but it’s not as intense as then. It’s like a beast is inside of me ready to be awakened at any moment.”

“And then you, Zander and Brock came here and Prestira taught you indoctrination.” Elena said.

“Yup, that’s pretty much where we are now.”

“And you turned every lesson into a debauched orgy.” Elena said smiling.

“As often as I could.” I giggled.

Elena was still naked while she packed her bag. Her white-blonde hair was in a braided pony tail that slung over her shoulder. Her tan skin contrasted strikingly with her blue eyes and light hair. Her breasts were large, though not as large as mine, and her ass was supple and well proportioned. My eyes lingered on the flaccid cock that dangled between her legs. She pretended not to notice me gawking, but I could tell she was moving her body to give me the best angle of her assets. I walked behind her and pressed my body against hers. A small gasp sung from her lips as my hands wrapped around her cock, the blood slowly engorging her member as I stroked downward.

“Yavara, we don’t have time.” Elena whispered.

“Then why are you teasing me with this tight little body?” I whispered back, my lips pressing against her neck.

“When we get to the Great Forest, I’m going to do more than tease you with it.” Elena smiled over her shoulder.

“Mmmm, what are you going to do to me, Elena?” I moaned as I gently ran my hand up and down her shaft.

Elena turned around and pressed her mouth to mine. Her cock parted my pussy lips and slid back and forth between them, my juices flowing freely onto her. Elena grabbed a hand full of my ass and teased my sphincter with her index finger, the tip of her digit circling my spokes. I gasped with need into her mouth, pressing my body closer to her, our breasts deforming as they pushed together.

“When we get back to the Great Forest,” Elena smiled as I gyrated around her, “I’m going to fuck this little ass of yours.”

“Can’t you give me something to hold me over until we get there?”

“No Yavara, I want you begging for it once we get there.” Elena pushed her finger into my ass. I gasped in pleasure as she worked it deeper inside of me. Her cock still teased my frothing pussy as she dug her finger deeper, rotating it as she pulled out and pushed in. I closed my eyes and let the woman take me, my mouth twitching with lust as she explored my insides and expanded me. Elena pulled out and put her finger in her mouth, looking me in the eye as she tasted my ass.

“Time to get dressed Yavara.” She said, smiling at my disappointed face.

“You bitch.” I said with a mixture of anger and lust.

“Prestira can teach you magic, by I need to teach you discipline. If you can hold out for a few hours, I’ll make it up to you.”

“Promise?” I said in a girly voice as I pouted my lips. I swayed my hips back forth as I held my hands together behind my back, looking up at Elena like a child trying to cute her way out of trouble.

Elena slapped my ass and brought me to her, our mouths meeting once again in a passionate kiss. She withdrew from me and smiled. “You’re not going to make it easy for me, are you Yavara?”

“I need to teach you discipline.” I said in my baby voice.

“You bitch.” She smiled back.

I put on my black dress and handed Elena a white one. We came to a mutual realization that a dress was not going to work for her anymore, her bulge readily visible for all to see. I wanted her to keep wearing it, as the tight fit complimented her curves nicely, but Elena insisted that she wear something else. I found a long white clock in Zander’s bag and threw it to her. She put it on and pulled the hood up over her head, hiding her pointed ears.

We walked downstairs as Prestira, Brock and Zander were finishing up breakfast. Brock eyed Elena before addressing her.

“You look different.”

“You’re a very observant orc, Brock.” Elena replied.

“Oh great,” Brock said as he tore a piece of bacon with his teeth, “another smartass in the group. You and Zander should get along great.”

We finished breakfast and walked out the door. Prestira put her rent money in an envelope and left it in the lock box before we walked down the street. Brock had an extra spring in his step as told me about his tribe.

“Sherok is my wife, you’d like her Yavara. Trenok, he’s my eldest son. He stands up to here on me,” Brock pointed to his forehead as he continued, “He’s still basically a boy, so when he’s fully grown he’ll be at least half a foot taller than me. I put him in charge of the tribe while we were here, I may have to fight the boy to get control back.”

“Would he challenge you for tribe leader?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, ambitious little bastard. I still have strength on him, but not for long. It’ll be the proudest day of my life when he finally kicks my ass.”

“That’s an endearing father-son moment Brock.” Zander replied.

“The tribe is only as strong as its leader, Zander. If we operated like royalty and just passed all the power to a weak little cunt, the orcs would be extinct by now.”

“If you advanced from tribalism and did away with archaic methods of power brokering, the orcs may actually have their own nation. Instead you fight amongst each other for which tribe gets what acreage of forest.” Zander replied coldly.

“That’s what Yavara’s for, Zander. The Dark Queen can unite all tribes of all races into one nation. We won’t have to work for scraps in Ardeni Dreus when we have a powerful empire to unite us.” Brock said, looking fondly down at me.

“That message you sent to you tribe,” Elena cut into the conversation, “I shot that eagle down in the Great Forest, they never got it.”

Brock’s demeanor changed upon hearing the news. “Then we must move quickly. Zander, how far from your portal is The Gorge?”

“A half-day’s ride on horseback.”

“Not if you raft down the river.” Elena said.

“The river cannot be forded.” Brock growled at Elena.

“There is a stream that cuts out at a bend before the rapids. There’s a ranger camp just to the north of it with a boat that can be used.”

“How many can fit into the boat?” Zander asked.

“Three elves at the most. Brock would have to go with me; no one else could fit.”

“I will purchase horses from the nearby town and we will meet you at The Gorge.” Zander replied as we turned the corner to wall. Zander revealed the enchanted door and pulled on the handle. It didn’t budge. He pulled again. Nothing.

“Highland mages!” Prestira hissed as I turned around.

“Zander Fredeon!” roared one of the men. There were five of them, all wearing white and gold cloaks with the highland seal stitched across their chests. Ten rangers followed behind them, their bows drawn and pointed at us.

“I thought you said we had until nightfall!” Zander whispered at Elena.

“They must have used a portal to get here, I didn’t think they’d bring mages!” Elena replied as she reached into her cloak.

“Prestira, unlock this door and get Yavara, Brock and Elena through it. I’ll stall them.” Zander said as he stepped toward the men.

“What can I do for you?” replied Zander.

“Put down your staff and step forward, all of you!” roared the mage.

“We aren’t in The Highlands; you have no jurisdiction here. Is this action approved by King Dreus? Does he know that highland mages are arresting Ardeni citizens within the confines of his walls?”

“Put down your staff, Fredeon!”

“I’ll take that as a no. My party and I refuse your requests until you have a warrant signed by an Ardeni judge.”

“Last warning, Fredeon!”

“If you don’t have a warrant than you can go fuck yourself-”

A bolt of lightning erupted from the mage’s hands. Zander collected the lightning into his hands before redirecting it at the mage. The mage flew into building across the street and evaporated into pink mist. The rangers fired their arrows as the four remaining mages launched their arcane attacks. Zander stopped the arrows mid-flight before redirecting three attacks. A streak of fire shot through Zander’s defenses and hit him squarely in the chest. Zander flew against the wall and smacked his head against the bricks with a sickening crack. I rushed to his side as an arrow flew by my ear. Elena fired two volleys in succession, one of them meeting a ranger’s neck. Brock roared his war cry and charged the elves, his body peppering with arrows as he ran. Prestira frantically cast spells into the lock to no avail, streams of obscenities flowing from her lips with each passing failure. Zander regained his consciousness just in time to cast an arcane shield around Brock. Four blasts of fire engulfed the orc as he charged into one of the mages. He gripped the head of the unfortunate wizard and tore his entire spine from his neck.

Elena shot another arrow into the eye of a ranger before she was struck in the arm. She fell shrieking to the ground, the arrow protruding from shoulder, blood leaking from the wound. I reached into the mind of the assailant and made him stab one of his brethren in the back. I bull rushed one of the mages and threw him to the ground, stabbing down toward his heart. The mage disintegrated my blade before setting my surrogate aflame. I released control of the ranger as his pain became unbearable to me. Zander was locked in combat with the remaining three mages, countering their spells as he flung his own attacks from his hand and staff. Zander gained the upper hand, killing two mages with a disintegration spell and forcing the last mage to the ground. A ranger fired an arrow into Zander’s thigh before the wizard could finish off his victim. Zander grunted loudly as he collapsed to a knee, blood spurting from his wound. Brock threw his spear at the ranger, pinning the elf to the wall as the missile carried him ten feet into the air. Brock picked up a screaming ranger and used him as a shield as he ran back toward us. The mage shot a spell that sent Brock flying against the wall, the ranger beneath him splattering against it. Prestira finally unlocked the door and pushed me inside. I ran out and threw Elena through the door as Brock barreled through it. The mage sent a spell that exploded the wall behind us, debris covering our bodies as we splayed across the ground.

My ears were ringing loudly as the remaining elves approached us. The mage lifted the unconscious Zander off the ground as the rangers bound Prestira’s hands together behind her back, forcing her fingers together so that she couldn’t cast a spell. Ranger Adarian stepped over me and pulled me off my feet.

“Are you Yavara Tiadoa?” he asked.

I shook my head.

Adarian pressed against my cheeks and forced my mouth open. He reached to his belt and pulled out a satchel. I shot into his mind and took control of him. I reached down with his hand and grasped his blade before a voice roared into my ears.

“All of you on the ground!”

Forty armed humans encircled the eight of us. The rangers put down their arms and raised their hands before getting to their knees. I let go of Adarian’s mind as I collapsed in surrender. Adarian’s body wavered before he was violently tackled by a guard. He stared daggers into my eyes as he was dragged off. I felt my hands and legs being bound together as the humans roughly picked me up and threw me into the back of a caged carriage. Zander and Prestira were thrown in next to me before the caged door slammed shut behind us.

Zander was still unconscious and bleeding heavily from his wound. Prestira frantically screamed at the guards to help him but they ignored her. I shot my mind into the wizard’s brain and woke him up. I left his conscience so that he could cast a healing spell on his leg. A fist shot through the bars and slammed into Zander’s jaw as the guard saw the man cast a spell. They opened the cart and dragged him out, beating him while they restrained his arms and legs behind him. Zander didn’t fight back, taking the beating while he yelled: “I am Zander Fredeon and I demand to see King Dreus!”

The captain of the guard whipped his head around at the mention of Zander’s name.

“Stop!” he roared. The men stood back from Zander as the captain approached him.

“You are Zander Fredeon?”

“Yes.” Zander said as spat out a tooth.

The captain leaned down and extended a hand to the beaten wizard. Zander took it and the captain pulled him up.

“Why are highlanders attacking one of their closest allies?” inquired the captain.

“I have no idea.” Replied Zander.

“You are charged with the kidnapping of princess Yavara Tiadoa, Fredeon! You know why we are here!” roared the last mage as the guards pushed him into a caged-carriage.

“Is this true, Fredeon?” asked the captain.

“I’d think you would have heard something from The Highlands if it were true, captain. Surely Highlanders would have informed the city guard of such an accusation before they barged into the human capital and attacked her citizens. I take it you were not informed of this apprehension attempt?”

“I was not.”

“Well then, it appears to me that they’ve acted illegally. They attacked us unprovoked, wounded three of us, two of my friends were forced to escape through a portal and into the Great Forest. I think the maximum punishment should be levied against these aggressors.”

“Not for me to decide, Fredeon. This goes way over my pay grade.”

I looked into the other cart as Zander tried to negotiate our release. Adarian and the mage were staring right at me. Adarian whispered something into mage. The mage turned back to me and glared into my eyes intently.

“Captain!” yelled the mage, “Captain, that human woman there, she’s under a spell! Make Zander remove it!”

The captain turned toward Zander. “Zander, is this true? Is that woman under one of your spells?”

“A perception spell, yes. She insecure about some of her features.”

“You’re going to have to remove it Zander. We’ll make her swallow powder if you don’t.”

“Captain, is that really necessary?”

“Sorry Zander, we can’t let you go until we know the whole story. Having a woman under any kind of spell discredits you, and we’re going to have to put you in chains.”

Should I take control of his mind? I telepathically asked Zander.

No Yavara, I have a better idea. We can use this situation to our advantage, but you’re going to have to trust me.

What are you going to do?

It’s time to reveal yourself to the world.

I felt the perception spell leave my face. I quickly ducked down, trying to stay hidden from the elves in the other cart.

There’s no hiding anymore, Yavara. Time to come out. Prestira’s kind voice echoed in my head as she smiled down at me. Zander cast a spell that cut through my binds. I shakenly stepped out of the carriage and revealed myself to the world. The mid-morning sunlight illuminated my naked face as I walked toward the captain. His expression grew more and more perplexed as he gazed into my eyes. I stopped before him and addressed everyone within ear shot.

“I am Yavara Tiadoa, princess of The Highlands. I am also Yavara Alkandi, born ruler of Alkandra and heir to the Black Throne,” I spoke with my most confident tone, “These men were sent by my father to kill me. I am a dark elf refugee seeking asylum. I claim sanctuary and the protection of King Dreus.”

I smiled as the faces of the captured high elves fell in shock. The captain of the guard looked at me with an equally stunned expression before bowing his head to me. Spectators began to emerge from their houses. Murmurs began to rise from the growing crowd. A gang of orcs walked to the perimeter and bent down to me. A massive troll took the load off his back and knelt, the ground shaking as he did so. More and more people flocked to the scene. Humans and dwarves chattered amongst themselves as the beasts dropped to their knees at the sight of me.

“Queen Yavara,” said the captain of the guard, still shaken but what had just transpired, “You are entitled to diplomatic protections. I will dispatch twenty guards to escort you directly to the palace.”

“I thank you for your consideration, captain, but my friends are wounded and in need. The portal they escaped in has been destroyed, and I must make haste to the Great Forest to come to their aid.”

“I cannot allow that,” the captain said firmly, “You are a diplomat under my protection. These men were sent to assassinate you, and there will no doubt be more of them. I must escort you to the palace immediately.”

“We were not sent as assassin we were sent as rescuers!” screamed the elven mage from the back of the cart.

“Rescuers?” Zander laughed, “That was quite the rescue mission, gentlemen. Did you plan on reviving Queen Yavara after your burnt her to a crisp?”

“Captain,” I continued, “I really need to go-”

Zander’s voice cut into my mind before I could object. I’ll go back for Elena and Brock, Yavara. You and Prestira go the palace. You have a golden opportunity to strike a deal with the king, you will never be a more sympathetic character than you are now.

“Captain,” Zander said, “I will need access to your temple’s portals. I will go and aid our wounded friends while the queen is under your protection.”

“Of course, Zander.”

“My queen,” the booming voice of the troll startled me, “I would be honored to carry you on your procession to the palace. The beasts of this city must see your face.”

I looked at the captain of the guard, who shrugged his shoulder. “It would be safer than riding at street-level.”

Prestira and I climbed onto the platform that was strapped to the trolls back. I grasped the handle bars as the great hairy beast stood upward, lifting us twenty feet in the air. The troll followed the twenty guards as they rode on horseback toward the palace. News of my reveal must have spread fast, for every street we crossed grew busier by the second, crowds forming on both sides of the road. People began to cheer my name, beasts of all races knelt before me. I looked at Prestira in shock.

“Why do so many of them love me? I was always taught Alkandra was the most hated empire in the world?”

Prestira smiled and put an arm around me. “Alkandra was a beacon of hope for all the beasts of the world. The elves would teach you that it was a menace, but it was truly an open place. It does not surprise me that a thousand years after its downfall, generation after generation of beasts praising Alkandra’s worth has taken effect on Ardeni. Go on Yavara, raise your hand to your people.”

I raised my hand in the air and waved to the spectators. Prestira laughed and brought it down. “Not like a princess, Yavara. Raise your hand like a ruler.”

I closed my fingers and shot my fist into the air. The crowd erupted at the sight of the Dark Queen riding a troll through the streets of the greatest city in the world, her fist raised defiantly. A smile crept across my face as I felt the power of the populous scorching through me. I looked over at Prestira, who laughed at my crazed expression. We rode through the streets as the crowds grew more and more immense, my name being chanted from every mouth in sight. Yavara, Yavara, Yavara.

The troll knelt at the palace steps. Prestira and I dismounted the beast and walked up the stairs, the crowd at my back growing louder as I ascended them. Speech, speech, speech, they cried. I turned around, looking in wonder at the sea of people that had come to see me, and now wanted me to speak. Prestira pressed a finger to my throat, casting a projecting spell upon me. I raised a hand to silence the crowd before speaking.

“Good people of Ardeni Dreus, I thank you for your hospitality. This is truly the greatest city on earth!” The crowd roared its approval as I shamelessly pandered to them. “I will always consider the people of this city to be a great friend and ally of mine. In the coming years, I will build an empire from the ashes of Alkandra, greater and more glorious than before, and in doing so, I will once again call for the help of your wonderful people. Together, Ardeni Dreus and Alkandra will forge a friendship more powerful than the world has ever seen!”

The crowd erupted as my voice rose with each passing phrase. I looked over at Prestira and smirked.

Do you think that might force the king’s hand into supporting me?

Almost, it sounds a little too authoritarian. People want peace, Yavara, sell them peace.

I raised my hand and quieted the crowd again. “Many of you may have heard about the attempt on my life. The rumors you have heard are true: men of The Highlands tried to take my life today. Though I am saddened that my own father’s soldiers were sent to assassinate me, I bear no ill will to my former people. I will offer peace to The Highlands, in the hope that we may come to a mutual understanding. I believe that in time, our two peoples may prosper together. But I will not stand by while elven rangers raid our homes and kill our children! I will not stand by while the lords of The Highlands seek to divide us! I will not stand by while King Tiadoa rains terror upon my people! I offer you peace, father, but I will not hesitate to defend my people until my dying breath! May god shine her light upon the people of Ardeni Dreus and Alkandra, and may we unite against the tyranny that has oppressed so many for so long!”

The crowd roared as Prestira and I turned our backs and continued our ascent up the steps.

How was that?

Did you just make that up, or did you practice it in front of a mirror?

A little of both. I smiled as we entered the great hall of the palace. The room was incredibly extravagant, adorned with statues and chandeliers all the way down it’s immense length. King Dreus sat atop a throne at the very end. He was guarded by at least twenty mages and a hundred soldiers, all standing at attention as I walked by them. I stood at the foot of his throne and bowed my head.

“So it seems the Dark Queen has returned!” exclaimed King Dreus. “You can cease your prostration, Queen Yavara, it’s unbefitting for someone of your stature.”

I looked up as King Dreus descended from his throne. He was a man in his early forties, a large blonde beard wrapping around his cheeks, his body slim and tall. He was handsome and confident, and I began to wonder what was hiding underneath his clothes.

“Queen Yavara, that was quite the entrance!” laughed King Dreus, “My father and grandfather have had the privilege of knowing some of your past selves, but none of them drew attention to themselves quite like you just did. That was a risky move, and it appears it paid off. I have no choice but to recognize your claim to Alkandra now, especially with your talk of peace despite such egregious actions taken by The Highlands.”

“I am glad to hear it, King Dreus.” I responded.

“Ha!” roared the king, “You’ve got some balls not addressing me as ‘my lord’ or ‘my king.’ No land and no army and you’re already talking to me as an equal! I like it, Queen Yavara.”

“I aim to please.” I smiled back.

King Dreus took me by the shoulder and walked me down the hall. “Is it true that Prestira let every patron in her bar fuck her ass?” The king said slyly as he glanced over at Prestira’s mortified face.

“That’s your first question?” I laughed as I walked by the king’s side.

“Diplomacy and trade agreements are boring, you’re the Dark Queen! Every time you come here I want to hear of the depravity of your court. Is it true?”

“Yes!” I laughed as Prestira glared at me.

“And is it also true that you disguised yourself as a human and partook in this affair?” Dreus asked me as he eyed me down.

I leaned into the king’s ear and whispered, “Maybe.”

“Ohhh you are trouble, Queen Yavara. If I didn’t have a wife I’d disguise myself as a peasant and sprint down to Prestira’s bar the next time you feel like putting on a show.”

“Your wife can join us.” I teased the king as I placed a hand on his hip.

“Queen Yavara, if you keep that up, I’m going to address my people with an accusing third-arm pointing at all of them.”

“Are we going to address you people now?”

“Rule number one of being a ruler: never let a massive crowd disperse without shoving your face into them.”

“That’s interesting. Where else would you like me to shove my face?”

“Goddamn it girl, if you don’t stop this I’m gonna bend you over and fuck you in front of the whole kingdom.”

“You know I’d like it.”

“I bet you would.”

The crowd roared as King Dreus took my hand in his and raised both our arms to the sky. He stayed there for a while, basking in our glory before turning around and guiding me back into the hall.

“No speech?” I asked as the doors shut behind us.

“Every time I open my mouth, I make a fool of myself,” he replied, “I do not have your oration skills.”

The king left my side and paced away from me before turning back around.

“So, Queen Yavara, what do you intend to do now?”

“I’m not sure I follow.”

“How are you going to raise an army to defend your borders, get builders to construct your kingdom, and avoid assassination all with only a few coins to your name?”

“I think you know the answer to that.” I replied.

“You want me to back your kingdom. That whole show out there wasn’t just for my diplomatic support; it was for my financial support as well.”

“Call it a loan.”

King Dreus walked to me, smiling down at his feet before looking me in the eyes. “It would take you one hundred years to pay back the investment. Now, Alkandi lived for five hundred years, and I suspect you may live a good long time yourself, but I will not. What can you offer me in return for my investment? Don’t say sex, Queen Yavara.”

I paced around King Dreus as I pondered. “Your city has a crime problem, King Dreus. The docks are owned by criminals, most of whom are beasts. You grant them amnesty for your crimes, and I’ll take them into my army.”

“That’s an interesting proposition, but how do you plan on convincing a gang of raiders and drug dealers to join an army?”

“With your gold.”

“They’ll just steal it from your corpse.”

“And my persuasion methods.”

“You can’t fuck your way out of every situation.”

“It’s worked for me so far.”

“Ha!” laughed the king, “Well, I won’t stop you Queen Yavara, but I must warn you: these are not the kind of beasts that lined your procession this morning, they are savage to the core. The leader of the underworld goes by the name of Titus. From what I hear, he’s a smart but brutal individual. He will not will not hesitate to kill you if he feels it would benefit him. I suggest that you offer him something else besides your body. Perhaps land and titles once your kingdom is established.”

“So you will give me what I need?”

“If you can convince Titus to leave, you will have your price.”

I reached out a hand. King Dreus grasped it and shook. “I see a great future for the both of us, Queen Yavara.”

I smiled back. “As do I, King Dreus.”


Highland mages and rangers staging a rescue operation and attack the group unexpectedly.

Elena and Brock escape to the Great Forest, but the portal is destroyed before Zander, Prestira and Yavara can leave. Elena and Brock are both wounded.

Zander, Prestira, Yavara and the remaining rescuers are put under arrest by Ardeni police.

Yavara uses the situation to her political advantage and reveals herself to the world, but not before spinning the botched rescue mission as a covert assassination attempt.

Yavara and Prestira parade down the streets, thousands of supporters line their procession.

Yavara speaks to the crowd, saying she will have peace with the Highlands if they will accept it.

King Drues, the ruler of Ardeni, agrees to give Yavara a loan if she can rid the city docks of gang activity.

Yavara decides the next course of action is get the gang leader, the mysterious Titus, on her side.
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