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The war is over the battle begins
John's head still hurt from the massive amount of knowledge that had been loaded into it. Mitch did all
he could as did Helen with her healing doctor abilities, but nothing seemed to phase the pain at all.
"Mitch," John started, "I think the Piracarians spoke to me, they said I have been chosen to bring the great
races and justice back to the universe. My god Mitch I'm nothing but a simple farmer trying to survive."

Mitch looked at John a strange look not bad, just strange, "You are far from a simple attendant of plant based
life used to feed your kind."
Ugh! John forgot sometimes that the Miacarians talk like a bunch of highly educated professors that no longer
had lower speaking skills.

Mitch again tried to ease John's pain, again, to no avail, John decided to lay down to nap, maybe the
rest would ease the pain. As the dreamscape took over his sleep he was suddenly greeted by 5 huge beings, he
guessed that's what you call them. They had large heads with no hair, their temples were throbbing, though
their size was intimidating John could feel no anger or threat from them.
<We welcome you human being called John Bowers, you are the first in over 5000 of your years to invoke the all
peace treaty. We are grateful to you, though we thought your mind with its accelerated capacity would be able
to handle the whole treaty at one time.> The first being thought/said.
<Is there anything you can do to minimize the pain? I have a very high threshold for pain but this has far
surpassed it.> John replied.
The 5 beings conferred then reached out to John's forehead, <There the pain is lessened by many degrees, know
that we will in no way cause you more pain or discomfort. Now then, we felt that you have many questions please
by all means proceed.>

Though uncertain at first John quickly formed many questions. <During this conflict, may another
involved in this also participate?>
The 5 conferred again, <Only if they declare themselves an ally to you and possess abilities not unlike yours,
then yes they may. You although, can not tell them this, you may read them the treaty but you can not directly
tell or ask them to do this.>
John nodded his head, <What of my daughter? she possess abilities not unlike mine but she is still young but I
know she also wants to help.>
After conferring the first spoke again, <It still stands, they must of their own free will accept and declare
themselves as allies.>
Again John nodded, this was quite a bit to think about how in the hell was he going to get almost all the way
through the treaty so Mitch and Mica could decide.

<As we said John, you may not directly tell those that want to ally themselves with you, that does not
mean you can't hint at the section that it is contained in,> The second huge being stated.
John thought for a minute, <what of the unborn Micarian? will he know of any of this and if so is he allowed to
say anything?>
The 5 beings began to confer again, for over what seemed to be hours till at last the third spoke up.
<This is unprecedented, though he is inside your container and has more than a 75% probability of learning of
everything that is discussed, it is considered an ally and therefore not bound by the same laws that you the
declarer are. Though it is an ally because it is in you but not truly a part of you, it will also have to
declare it's allegiance to you.>
John had to scratch his head at that one, so Trey, if he knew of the treaty and what part all this information
was contained in, still had to declare his allegiance to John before he could even say a single word about it.

John felt Trey stirring before he heard a new voice in his head <I, Tretyondalivinon of the Miacarian
race declare my allegiance to John Bowers of the Human race from now till such time as my life force ceases to
longer function.>
The 5 Piracarie broke in immediately < Tretyondalivinon of the Miacarian race, we accept you proposed
alliancewith the Human John Bowers. Know that you are bound by the terms of alliance of the all peace treaty,
and all penalties for breaking said treaty.>

Though he seemed to struggle to speak Trey answered <I accept all terms and conditions>.
<Therefore John Bowers, know that no one or planet that you deem to be important or is important can or will be
harmed. If such an occurrence happens the injuring party will cease to exist> the Piracarians finished.
John thought hard, but nothing seemed to come to mind for the moment.

<I thank the Piracarian council for allowing me the time from their busy schedule to answer my
questions. I may be contacting you soon with other allies> John said still at a loss, he knew he had a myriad
of questions more but for the life of him he couldn't think of any more.
All 5 of the Piracarian council slightly bowed, each reaching out to touch John's head before departing.
John awoke more refreshed and almost completely pain free, as he arose from the bed Millie stuck her head in
the door to check on him.
"Feeling better after the nap?" she asked.
"Yes, incredibly so and I think I have the answer to our problems." He replied stretching while Mille admired
how his chest rippled when he did.
Hesitating Millie continued to stand at the door, "uh John?" She asked. "Do you have time to see someone? She
was rather insistent."
John looked up at Millie seeing that she was struggling to get this out, "Ah I see, Ava wants to try again?"

Millie's eyes opened wide, "how did you know? Did you see it in my mind?"
"No my love, the last time you were this uncertain and unsure was when you told me that your sister's wanted a
baby by me. I figured she'd been bugging you to get her second chance as I am sure is Elly she'd whispered that
she wanted to have 2 more turns whether this worked or not." John said, watching as Millie smiled wide.
"I told you I'd heard stories and from what I saw she was a handful," Millie replied, the smile never leaving
her face.
"You know I was worried when you and your sisters approached me with this idea, now I know I love you even more
for being as wonderful and understanding as you are." John stated, causing Millie to smile even broader.

"Hon, it's not understanding as much as I know how frustrating it is to love someone but you can't have them.
Me and my sisters have been feeling that when we each saw you working your fields one day a year and a half
ago. I know you love me first and always, but I also know you need sex far more than I can provide." Millie
replied matter of factly.

It was John's turn to be wide eyed, "Wait, all of you have wanted me for longer than the Miacarians
have been here? But I thought that none of you had noticed till after they were here."
A sly, sexy smile crept across Millie's face, "oh no John," Millie reached out to touch John's chest lovingly
caressing it. "I've wanted to meet you for much longer, it was finally seeing you naked, that caused me to want
you bad enough to actually act on it."
John could only stare at Millie the look of love on her face, finally convincing him that she was telling the
"Mica and I are going to see her Grandfather and Aunts, Ava should be here any time," Millie said, then in a
whispered voice she added, "Please be careful hon, she's been driving everyone crazy complaining that she
hasn't gotten her second chance." Kissing John Millie started to leave then turned and shyly added, "I know how
she feels I was the same way before I came over that first time."

John was about to ask Mitch and Helen if they could make another excuse to leave, when Mitch and Helen
both broke into his thoughts. <Yes John, we heard as soon as the female comes, we will make our way out> Helen
said causing John to twitch for the first time in almost a month.
<John? Do you really have time for this? I know it is of the upmost importance that you impregnate this female
but we do have pressing calamities,> Mitch added sounding a bit worried.
John realized that they were both worried but he'd read the entire treaty, knew every nuance and facet of it,
but damn it he was at a loss to tell them, at least till Trey was "born".
Not more than a minute after his wife and child left Ava came bounding through the door.
Leaning close to John she whispered, "It's about time I got my next turn, and this time I am at the right time
so I shouldn't have any trouble getting pregnant"
John smiled at her eagerness, looking at Mitch John told him, <Don't fear Mitch, I know all the treaty, the
Triacarian doesn't, he is already close to 5 violations, so yes we have time.>

Helen knew she had to provide another cover, speaking up she looked at both Ava and John. "We have to
remove to the fields to test the positive effects of the last chemical test."
Ava's eyes grew wide as an almost pained look took over her face, "we should be returning in a few hours Mr.
John," Helen continued. Ava's face now, was an almost look of desperation, grabbing John's arm she almost
picked him up over her shoulder to carry him to the bed room, surprising not only John but Ava her self.
Quickly disrobing her foot tapped the floor as she thought John was taking way too long to get naked.
Finally Ava, not wanting to wait any longer, threw his clothes every where as she quickly shed him of the rest.

"Finally," she screamed as she sank the entire length of his 9 inches, "I've been waiting for weeks! This time
I'm not leaving till you fill me at least twice! I want your baby, damn it!"
John was a little shocked but as before she was a lot dirtier talking than the rest of the sisters being the

Driving her self almost to a frenzy, John lost count of her orgasms, "Come on John, fuck me! I want
your seed in me, fill me till I can't hold any more!" As she screamed through another orgasm.
The rapid friction of her ministrations plus her dirty talk was fast exciting John to the point that he was
about to lose control. Finally, John flipped her on her back driving his cock as deep as he could, this
eliciting another screaming orgasm from her. Still surprisingly tight as the first time, John was hard pressed
not to come quicker than he wanted, but at last he felt her vagina muscles massaging his shaft.
With a satisfying grunt John pushed as deep as he could, pumping his seed deep in her bathing her cervix with a
warm flood of his semen.
Screaming Ava felt cum deep inside, "that's it you fucker, fill me that's it!"
John watched her eyes flutter thinking she'd passed out again, started to lay her down to get out of bed.

Grabbing his arm, John look down at Ava, hoarsely she said, "I told you I want you twice I want your
baby damn it!"
A little shocked John got a cool rag to wipe her sweat covered face, drawing a smile from her. Climbing back on
top of him Ava began a slower rhythm feeling her vaginal muscles rippling around his still hard shaft.
"Ugh! John you feel better than I remember this has to work we all want you children so badly." Ava said as she
slowly began to increase the speed of her plunging down on his cock.
John was surprised that not only was his cock still hard, but his balls were already starting to churn again
after only 20 minutes.
Ava didn't seem to be in any hurry this time though, John could see she was fighting fatigue.
A full 20 minutes later John knew he wasn't going to last any longer, Ava could sense it and began to plunge
Finally John's balls began to blast another load deep within her, Ava screamed as her pussy clamped down," Yes!
that's it! Fill me again John give me that baby!" This time Ava finally fell forward on his chest.

Laying her down John found he was also a little exhausted, washing her off the best he could John
dressed and headed to the kitchen. Not accustomed to having to rest a bit John knew that Trey wasn't to far
from emerging. An hour later Ava almost stumbled out of the bed room, seeing the food on the table she sat and
at like a starving woman.
Finally sated, she got up, kissed John whispering, "I know that did it this time, thank you John, I've never
been this satisfied and I don't think I will be again."
With that she seemed to almost float out the door.
<Helen, has the impregnation of Ava worked this time?> John asked.
<At present, it is still an hour time unit too soon to exact a correct prognosis> Helen replied.
Sighing John wished for once they talked a little simpler than they did.
<But John, to facilitate my speech at a lower level would mean losing part of my cerebellum> Helen broke in.
Closing his thoughts John had forgotten that unless he stayed closed he was broadcasting to the others.

John had just sat back down when he heard <control, emergence of the Micarian, Tretyondalivinon is
Almost in a panic John reached out to Helen and suddenly she was there! What the hell was going on? Helen was
as shocked as John. "That's the first time I've ever been over ridden and brought some where without my
knowledge, fascinating!"
"Helen, it's time, Trey is about to emerge." John quickly told her.
Laying down Helen began to monitor, John's abdomen opened again no pain, no blood they both watched as Trey
floated up and out, again his abdomen closed John sat up suddenly full of energy.
Trey looked at Helen, "Salutations Helemathitalitic, I expect my container is operating at full capacity?"
"Salutations Tretyondalivinon, it appears all biological functions are properly in sync, though I am detecting
a 20% amount of non-control at present." Helen replied.
"I see," Trey said a little shaken, "Your estimate till full capacity of container at present parameters?"
"I postulate at least 2 of this planets week cycles," Helen replied.

"Unfortunate, with the coming battle I was planning to be at full capacity in the next day cycle." Trey said a
little disappointed.
Helen's eyes grew wide for a moment, "the coming battle? What information have you gleaned to facilitate this
necessity to interact in such an expeditious process?"
Trey only shook his small head, "I must rest, soon we must discuss that, which John can not."
This time Helen could only stare at both John and Trey, she knew a good portion of the treaty but even she
who'd studied it for years as a scientist and doctor didn't remember any thing about not being able to talk
about certain aspects of a battle.
Mitch had appeared a few minutes before, he too was surprised by what John had done, as far as he knew there
had only one other being that had the power that had been shown by John.

John in the mean time, had gone out the door after his wife and daughter, though they weren't allowed
to harm anyone close to John, he still had no trust that the Triacariae wouldn't try something.
<Millie I'm coming to your father's to get you and Mica,> John thought right before he wished he was there,
then just as suddenly was standing on the front porch. John breathed a sigh of relief that there'd been no one
out there when he appeared. Thank god he'd allowed Ava time to get home before he thought shifted his way over here.
Hmmm? Thought shift? Damn that ought to be a good name for it, then again, it was a little strange to be here one second
then where he was thinking the next. He'd have to ask Mitch and Helen when they got back home.

<John,> came Mitch's thoughts, <we have much to discuss when you arrive back at your primary domicile.>
<Oh course,> John thought, funny he could almost sense tension in Mitch's thoughts, <we should be home in less
than an hour.>
Knocking on his neighbor's door John looked around impressed by what he saw. Though they had no micro tech to
help, they had a damn good looking farm, their fields made his own look sick in comparison.
A moment later by a younger version of Millie, looking straight into his eyes she gasped and squealed, "Your...
your Millie's husband! I remember you from last year!" Leaning close she whispered in John's ear, "Remember
when I turn 16 next year it's my turn!"
John's mouth hung agape causing the teen to start giggling. "I am sorry I don't remember all your names," John
said slightly hanging his head.

The teen's mouth hung open, he really was that polite, "I think I just fell more in love with you, I'm
Ora remember that when I come to see you next year, ok?"
John just nodded feeling a little sheepish he still wasn't that too comfortable around people he didn't know
that well. Walking in behind the teen John got his first real look at the house, the soft colors everywhere
confirmed what he thought he already knew, this was definitely a house of many females.
Ora almost bounced into the drawing room announcing John's presence, "Millie! Your stud is here!" John could
hear numerous giggles and laughs coming from the next room.

"John! Daddy!" he heard as he came within sight of everyone in the room.
Millie came to him to hug him fiercely, "Thank you, Ava's been walking around with the biggest smile on her
face I've never seen her so happy!" She whispered in his ear. "Now then let me introduce you to every one, As
you know this is Ava, Canella, Elly, Gloria, Ida, and Kelly. Ah! I see you've met Ora! Over here we have Qamra
(pronounced camra) little Sadie and finally the youngest, our twin sisters Ullana and Willana."

A tall man well muscled man walked up to John grasping his hand in a vice like grip, "Glad to finally
meet you in person, you've done damn good on that, sorry to say, piss poor piece of land you got. I'm Benjamin
John's respect level rose several levels, to have raised this many girls and still remained sane? "Yes sir, I
was sorry to hear about the passing of your wife 2 years ago."
"It's alright son, after what you've done for my family, I can forgive you almost anything," leaning close he
whispered, "especially with Millie I thought she'd never get interested in boys."
Across the room they heard Millie speak up, "I heard that Papa!" This caused most of the females in the room to
laugh and giggle.
"Mille informed me that you've had a couple of grand harvests, frankly I was hoping for your advise on those
damn leech ferns," the tall man said.
Again John's respect level rose even more damn it! It would really be hard to dislike this man.
After thanking everyone (and of course the three pregnant sisters hugging and thanking him) they were about to
leave when Canella whispered in his ear, "I heard what Ava did, I want the same. I want a baby from you but
like her, I'll make sure I am at my highest point in my fertile cycle." John's eyes grew wide as Canella kissed
him on the cheek as she walked away, behind him he could hear Millie laughing.

Back at the house both Mitch and Helen were waiting their return.
"Thank you for meeting with us so soon," Mitch started, "We've had a chance to talk to Trey."
Immediately they heard Mitch state, <To the Piracarian council, I Michokelithompatin of the Miacarian Race, do
ally my self with the human John Bowers. By my declaration, I also declare myself second to him against a
common enemy, I here by will abide by all accords and regulations of the treaty. I will stand with him in the
ending battle. Know as his second I will take his place should he fall>

John's mouth hung agape he knew everything that Mitch was declaring he was basically going to end the battle if
John couldn't.
There was a great explosion of sound just before the council broke into all their thoughts.
<Michokelithompatin of the Miacarian race, we the Piracarian council accept your declaration of alliance. We of
the council also concede you as second to the Human John Bowers know that you, like John can not discuss this
with anyone not allied with you under the articles of the all peace treaty. Said violation of the articles will
result in the violator ceasing to exist.>

With that all was quiet, then both John and Mitch heard <In a week of your time units John Bowers,
Michokelithompatin, you both will meet the one labeled the sun killer in a dream scape battle field. Know this
any injuries suffered there will also be suffered in the non-dream scape world. Do you both agree to meet the
one labeled the sun killer there?>

<Yes, I and my second accept the terms of the end battle.> John thought after Mitch had shaken his head
<Very well, the one labeled the sun killer do you have a second you wish to accompany you to this battle? and
if not do you accept the terms and conditions of the ensuing battle in one weeks time?> The council said to
someone far away.
<I do not need a second in order to secure a victory over these weaklings, you said dream scape? Good, then yes
I do accept, I will be here impregnating more of these slaves I've captured. I look forward to crushing your
pathetic skull John Bowers. In fact I relish the coming battle with you.> The sun killer snapped out before he
was cut off.
<Pre declaration is finished, the combatants are set. We will notify you an hour unit of your time before you
are to enter the battle scape.>
John looked at Mitch, "I hope you know what this entails, now neither of us can talk about it."
"I trust you more than you think John, you know the treaty as does Trey, well 80% of it." Mitch replied
Sighing John thought yeah, got my work cut out for me, a toddler and a 16 year old great just fucking great.


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